Andrew Mueller wrote:
> I have a test delivery engine called gnut that can deliver trivia or
> any other test subject matter to a user. It has a study mode, a
> practice mode, it supports per-question tester comments (after the
> user answers a question) based on 3 factors, allows for 5 different
> levels of difficulty in the qustions and produces a nice after-test
> report. You can even limit the number of questions delivered based on
> question level or chapter number (or both). The questions can be
> delivered in order or randomized, but the answers are always
> randomized.
> The reason I'm posting to these groups is because the first test
> written for it is a SCSA for Solaris 8 test. This test consists of 339
> questions covering all 29 test objectives (as listed on the Sun
> website).
> Here's the link to the test engine (gnut) source:
> [url][/url]
> Here's the Solaris 8 test:
> [url][/url]
> Here's the Solaris 8 test (split up by chapter):
> [url][/url]
> I encourage anyone who has some spare time to create a set of test
> questions (the format is easy) and submit a test to the general pool.
> Any comments, suggestions or enhancements welcome, but I may not be
> able to work on the software after Aug 15th 2003 due to "conflict of
> interest" issues. !##%#! lawyers...
> -Andrew Mueller
> [url][/url]
Why not put it under the GPL and put on sourceforge ?

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