I need to send variables to an online form and I do not want the variables displayed in the URL.
I have no trouble at all using LoadVars to send variables but the information that I have only returns
data to me. I wish to send the data to the online page and have the page open.
This is some code that I have used to send data online and return a variable to my flash program.
function getVar(){
locData = new LoadVars();
locData.sendAndLoad("http://www.URLlocation.cfm", locData, POST);
locData.onLoad = function(){
if (this.validate>="1"){
gotoAndPlay (2);
else {
gotoandPlay (3)}
As I mentioned I have no problem sending variables through the URL but I want these variables to be sent and received as if someone has pressed a submit button on a html form page.
Does anyone know who to do this.
I have checked through the general discussion forum and flash forum on this website for the words
form, form variable, form submit but I did not find anything.