Here's one for the sendmail gurus:

I have a FreeBSD 4.11-STABLE #0 box with sendmail 8.13.1 built from
source. I've hacked on the file a bit, adding delay_checks, a
few DNSBLs, and a config for authenticated relaying. I also have a
largish access database, a few domains in local-host-names, and a

Everything works for authenticated relaying and local delivery, but
email that is generated on the local system (daily reports, for
example) destined for local or SMTP delivery gets bit-bucketed with
"Data format error" and "Losing <qfilename> savemail panic" in the

But, if I add the user that's generating the mail to the virtusertable,
everything works fine. I've never had to do this on a box running 8.12
or earlier. Any hints?