I just upgraded from 432 to 433. Along with this came Sendmail8.9.3.
I have changed the new sendmail.cf file with the same changes as the
previous config file. I have Dw, Dm, DS, and DM configured as the
previous release. But now when the emails reach the Lotus Notes relay
server it shows the 'SMTP Originator' value as
[email]whoeverhost.domain.com[/email]. I want to eliminate the host name from the
domain name (host.domain.com should be domain.com). The user sees
the email as coming from [email]whoeverdomain.com[/email] but if their server does a
reverse lookup it will reject the email because host.domain.com is
not a valid domian. I have seen several older postings on this but
have had no luck with 8.9.3.