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willjay <> wrote:
>I did a ps -ef and found the following process.
>sendmail x.x.x.x(dns) cmd read.
>sendmail I know what that is but what was following it I'm not sure.
>x.x.x.x was an ip address from a foreign country, I believe
>.ca.. It would not go away. No telling how long it was there
>intitally. I killed the process and it did not come back.
We .ca isn't really that foreign - it's Canada.

But you will see those messages when any other site is connecting
to you attempting to send mail to or through your system.

When you say you killed the process I'm assuming the one associated
with the .ca address - those get started for each new connection.

I just checked one of the servers I maintain and I see 65 with
various addresses. The process would eventually go away as things
timed out.

Bill Vermillion - bv wjv . com