hi all,

i know this is not really a security thing, so if someone could tell me
where the correct place to ask is... i would really appreciate it...

but for the question now (this could be interesting for a lot of people
i think):

we have some 100+ servers here(linux, aix, (sadly enough) win), and we
would like to make an inventory of all the servers. each server has a
service tag etc... all servers have one or more services running on it.

the idea is: we would like everything (config, static information,
dynamic info,...) on a central server in a secure intranet.
the first problem:
how do you collect the data, how do you store it,what software do you
use to get info out of a server (static info as wel as dynamic info).
^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^
a script? snmp
second problem:
what soft can you use for pushing the config to the servers and
restarting servers, without having to log in to each one individually
(something like rdist?) sshkeys?

all has to be as easy as possible off course

at first i was thinking of a wiki and rdist, but wiki is not the best
way to go for doentation i think, and rdist is ... well... old
(latest news: 23/10/2001)

anyone some ideas?

1. for operational status checks, we use nagios, for graphs: cacti
2. and sorry for the off-topicness, i really don't know where else to ask
3. it HAS to run on LINUX or aix... preferrably linux...
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