I'm a network admin handing a file server upgrade project for a large

I have a store of about 100Gb of graphics file - a large proportion of
those were created using Illustrator.

Most of the files have links back to a comprehensive library of stock
held on the same server in a central directory. After moving the files
to the new server none of the links now work - even after recreating
the same network share and remapping to the same local drive.

Investigating the problem showed that the original files store the
servername/sharename as part of the link !

Therefore unless the file is called from the server it was created
from the link will fail. It would seem that although the user believed
link was made to
Z:\images\filename... it's stored as \\server\share\images\filename.

Would somebody please tell me I am wrong.

Manually relinking 100Gb of store is not an option and I cannot plan
my network around Adobe's file linking strategy.