Hi, I'm using .NET 1.1 and Visual Studio 2003. I just
want understand something on setting the SOAP headers in
a client app. At...


It states the following on how set the username/password
in client aspx.

Dim h As New HeaderService
Dim myHeader As New AuthHeader
myHeader.Username = "JohnDoe"
myHeader.Password = "password"
h.AuthHeader = myHeader
Dim result As String = h.SecureMethod()

However, when followed this example the h.AuthHeader
wasn't available. Instead the h.sHeader (the public
variable declared as type AuthHeader in the Web Service)
was available instead.

It still worked but I've seen other examples that
reference the actual SOAP Header class name instead of
the variable name or even a property
called "AuthHeaderValue" in ASP.NET Unleashed and on
MSDN. Are these typos, changes in .NET versions, or am
I not seeing something?