Most likely the DFS folder is ted to several machines. Some
machines might have shadow copy enabled, others no.

This might explain why you see the Previous Versions randomly - only
when the active node is the one with Shadow Copies enabled then you
see the list.

Thanks, Adi

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"Steven Soo" <> wrote in message news:<u8IVTJBREHA.3744TK2MSFTNGP10.phx.gbl>...
> I have a strange problem that I'm beginning to notice. I have a Win2003
> Server with shadow copy enabled, and connecting to the server with WinXP
> pro. I have a domain DFS connection to one of the folders on the Win2003
> Server. Sometimes if I click on properties I will see the "Previous
> Versions" tab, but sometimes I won't. This is even when I check properties
> on the exact same folder twice within a few seconds of each check. If I
> connect to the folder via \\servername\share as opposed to \\domaindfs\share
> I can see the Previous Versions tab every time. Anyone out there having
> this same problem? Thanks!