Hi all,

I want to share data between two frames. My object should be a php script
(if possible).
The object should know (using a session variable) which id is currently
displayed in each frame.
This way, the object can decide if the frame should be refreshed or not,
because it knows what ID already is being displayed.
Are there any examples on how to do this? Am I looking in the wrong
direction? Is there another solution?


From the [url]www.w3.org[/url] specification on

Sharing data among frames

Authors may share data among several frames by including this data via an
OBJECT element. Authors should include the OBJECT element in the HEAD
element of a frameset doent and name it with the id attribute. Any
doent that is the contents of a frame in the frameset may refer to this
The following example illustrates how a script might refer to an OBJECT
element defined for an entire frameset:
<TITLE>This is a frameset with OBJECT in the HEAD</TITLE>
<!-- This OBJECT is not rendered! -->
<OBJECT id="myobject" data="data.bar"></OBJECT>
<FRAME src="bianca.html" name="bianca">

<!-- In bianca.html -->
<TITLE>Bianca's page</TITLE>
...the beginning of the doent...
<SCRIPT type="text/javascript">
...the rest of the doent...