"Linda Rathgeber" <lightlysc.rr.com> wrote in message
> On 7/17/2003 5:20 AM, mike wrote:
> > Is there a filter or plugin that can duplicate photoshops "sharpen
> > filter? I'm using fireworks MX
> I have no idea how Photoshop's "sharpen Edges" works, but Fireworks
> Unsharp Mask sharpens the edges of an image.
Well, "Sharpen edges" is very simple filter. It is somewhat different from
regular "Sharpen" or UM; it is like finding the edges first, then using the
result as a mask for sharpening. All in all, it's only a matter of changing
one short line of code in the algorithm. That's why I personally preferred
to assemble all such a filters into one single plugin - "Convolution
shaman". From the developer's point of view, the slowest part of the
algorithm is collecting the data from surrounding pixels. This part requires
some decent optimization. Once this job is done, turning "blur" into
"sharpen" is merely an issue of changing "plus" to "minus". Having multiple
functionality that seem to be *absolutely* different to the user only takes
one "case" operator containing one or two lines of code (with VERY fast
arithmetics) for each case; no more that half an hour job total. Creating
well optimized "main" part of code is much more tricky. That's why I have
decided to create one single plugin that suggests a variety of "blur",
"sharpen", "find edges", "sharpen edges", "highpass" etc. functions with as
many options as possible - it simplifies optimizing code for speed to me,
and reduces the file size to the user because the "main" part of the filter
is the same for all effects.

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