I came home from the local Linux users meeting, started my Ruby
script that downloads mails that are not identified as unwanted and
was very irritated to see an awful lot of them filed into the
ruby-lang folder. I was sure it could not be the Windows Worm of the
Day (TM) because today's worm is about 100 KB and does therefore
qualify as unwanted. My next thought was: So the
Mail-to-News-and-vice-versa gateway is running berserk. I was
prepared to see lots of identical messages.

I was not prepared to face lots of noise meathreads. If that is going
to become common I'll consider switching back to news mode because
newsreaders are better suited for noisy groups with lots of messages
you want to ignore.


Josef 'Jupp' Schugt
N'attribuez jamais à la malice ce que l'incompétence explique !
-- Napoléon