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When a photo has what appears to be a hand-written signature IN the print (not ON it) is it likely that a PS layer containing a scanned original signature was used to accomplish the result?...

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    When a photo has what appears to be a hand-written signature IN the print (not ON it) is it likely that a PS layer containing a scanned original signature was used to accomplish the result?
    Howard D. Cutter Guest

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    In a word, YES. Or, perhaps the signature was done in vector and symbol font, which would make the signature look like standard text when printed. Or, since many people use tablets, it's also possible that with practice, the signature could be in it's own layer created with a brush stroke on a tablet (Wacom or similar device). Good hand eye coordination makes it possible for some to do it with a mouse (after much practice).

    BobHill Guest

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    Another possibility could be a font such as Lucidia Handwriting or some other script type font was used unless you know that the signiture is genuine.

    Chris Rankin Guest

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    Is there a way to add a signature to a picture? Guest

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    Hi John,

    The easiest way would be with a graphics tablet/stylus.

    I'd create a separate image or maybe two or three, with differing "ink" colours and transparent backgrounds, for differing contrast and then store them for adding to other images later. Then you could also play with the exact size and angle etc.


    Kyle Guest

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    I think you can also use your mouse and sign your name on a new file and create a custom brush from this. Then just use the custom brush to place your sig on each photo. Maybe someone else knows a better way.

    I hope this helps.

    Beep Beep,
    Darby :-) Guest

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    Darby, ya that's the way to go if you aren't in a tablet frame of mind...such as myself. I like my mouse ;) I just used ' french script' type for my signature and made a custom brush from's alot less sloppy than my actual signature :) Guest

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    What about scanning in a real signature? I've never gotten a mouse signature to work very well. Maybe it only works for Mickey. Guest

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    Hi John,

    Here's what I did:

    With a felt tipped black pen, I wrote three lines with space in between on a piece of paper as follows:

    J.R. Collins '03

    J.R. Collins '04


    I scanned the page 3 times, selecting each "year" and exported the files as jpgs into my picture file folder.

    When I need to sign a picture, I open the signature file, copy and paste it onto a new layer over my picture.

    On that layer, I then ues the wand to select the white part and cut it. I then select the signature (contiguous deselected) and change its color to one that is close to the background so that it is not too intrusive.

    Hope this helps,

    John Guest

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    I always sign my images by hand. Of course this is not an answer to your question at all, but in my opinion a handwritten signature is a little more genuine. Buyers will know the "artist" really took the trouble to sign it for them personally.
    Moreover, I use two different signatures; one, decipherable, on my images and another one for my credit card etc.

    When I want my name really big on the image, I type it under the image inside an added border and nevertheless I still sign it by hand inside the image.

    Leen Guest

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    Once you have scanned, stylused or moused your name in it is very easy to
    change it to a brush. Then you can simply added it to any picture at will.
    If anyone wants to know how to do this send me a request by email and I will
    send you off a pdf on how to accomplish this.

    g. Guest

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    Your idea of scanning a signature is excellent. Wish I had thought of that. thanks

    Shan Guest

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    Glad it could help. Like most things, it was an accident. Ten years ago I was testing fax software that came with OS/2 (IBM, not Apple). I faxed from a regular fax machine but there were no doents around to test, so I just scribbled some stuff on a piece of paper and signed my name. When I got the fax (it worked), I thought BINGO! I saved it and used it as a signature to "sign" my faxes. Just goes to show you how absurd it is that companies won't accept e-mail but they will accept a fax for a signed doent--every doent I've ever "signed" on a fax is, well, fake--computer manipulated. You'd think they'd be suspicious when every doent is signed exactly the same way. :-) Guest

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    Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.

    I've tried several ways to create a signature.

    1. I typed my name on a new file with a blank background. Click Edit> Define Brush and there you have it. Just select the brush when you want the name to appear on your picture.

    2. I scanned in a written signature and deleted the background. When I click Edit, Define brush is "grayed out". I would prefer to use the handwritten signature it at all possible, but can't figure out what I need to do to get Define brush to accept it.

    John Schinner Guest

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