Hi all,

I am doing a project involving a C++ program I developed in Visual
studio 6.0. Essentially, I am extracting financial data from a
Bloomberg terminal using their API calls and trying to insert it into
an existing database table. I don't need fancy dynamic querying
power. I just need to do a loop of simple reads and writes to the

Everything I've seen hinges on the AppWizard. Though this makes for a
sleek user-friendly program, the reality is that this is likely going
to run once and never be used again.

So I need the bare-bones code for creating a new entry in an existing
table and adding data in each field. Essentially, i don't even need
to read the DB, though it might help for debugging.

I created a program via appwizard that could read the DB OK but
crapped out on the write. So we're committed to scrapping use of the
AppWizard and just using the minimum snippets of code that can be
looped through to fill a database table.

Any insight, ideas, or pointers to sample code would be much
appreciated. Again, no user interface or fancy menu/visual options
are required.

Dom at hedge fund