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>Why Unix s, my take:
>stop bit) standard. Thus, no attachments. Thus UUE. Present, defend, shed
>blood, Code Warriors, Elitists, Aristocrats, you are defending outmoded,
>anachronistic standards, thus, not standards, but infantile egoism.
>* While UNIX is the definition of snobbishness, to be spoken of in hushed
>terms, only by the inner circle of the many-ringed cult, those who possess
>multiple doctorates in computer science, Windows is a system of, by and for
Yes, Unix was created by people who know CS and programming concepts.
Don't you think an OS created by such people will be better than a knock-off
of the MAC OS, that when you look under the hood is a beastly mutation
of a 16-bit CP/M derivative? Smell the coffee, man.

Also, MAC OS itself has BSD Unix purring under its hood. Apple, the people
who make the most user-friendly OS around, recognize the power of Unix.

Unix is the foundation for technical computing and networking that made
the internet, pro/e, nastran, and scores of other codes possible.

Unix scales from desktop PC's through to supercomputers, and your code
compiles and runs on these platforms. No problems, as long as the code
was written properly.

The people that choose to stay with Windows are the eunuchs, cause they
don't want to learn an operating system that enables the civilized world
to do all the things that enable people to get things done.
>* The VI editor (don't swoon, now, gnurus) ~ need I say more! (I can you
>know, much more!)
vi is a text editor, not a word processor. But vi is used for basic
text editing, right through to preparing text for typesetting. vi is
a small program that is spectacularly efficient... if you spend the time
to learn its command set. You can find, change, and manipulate text more
powerfully than any comparable Windows-based editor. Any editor that runs
on Windows that even competes is usually a port of an editor such as emacs
which itself came from Unix.
>I could go on, it's a very long list, but I tire of this vituperative
I'm tiring of this nonsense too...

Don't blame Unix for PRO/E's design/usability flaws.


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