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  1. Hey Experts! PeoplePlacesThings
  2. COUnting Distinct Rows
  3. Select no duplicate value in a column
  4. User-defined function slows down the view
  5. SQL - difference between 2 rows??
  6. Join Tables Real Quick - I cant get the syntax rigth.
  7. How to make the Database avalible at home?
  8. subcontraction
  9. Tricky Update
  10. Query to find the starting of new contact
  11. Quizzical Query
  12. results in text
  13. Primary Key. Is it really always necessary?
  14. Newbie question
  15. how do i properly delete the last column??
  16. LQQLY: how do I put this exactly??
  17. Msg 8163: image data type cannot be selected as DISTINCT
  18. How to programmatically access the result of xp_cmdshell?
  19. Help on output display
  20. Does anyone outsource DBA?
  21. Date data type
  22. how do you say 'and' or &?
  23. Union
  24. Does SQL Server 2000 Import Data feature ever work?
  25. Alter system SPs
  26. create YTD and YEAR totals from months
  27. A cursor can't be closed
  28. Retrieving Coulmns in an Index from System Tables
  29. CREATE TRIGGER syntax
  30. Dynamic Parameters in SP
  31. Foreign key constraint against primary keys in two different table.
  32. use an aliased column in a WHERE clause?
  33. How can I use case statement in my case, if I can??
  34. Delete Millions of Duplicate Records
  35. Quick Question on Indexing
  36. Count number of records
  37. how to optimize this simple query/proc
  38. Backing up files
  39. Help with Recursive SPROC (please!)
  40. select count(distinct col1, col2) from table
  41. Error 170 (T-SQL syntax) in procedure
  42. Need a good query for calculating ulative totals
  43. help with query
  44. Transfer Data from one table to another
  45. programming restore database with "share deny" poblem
  46. create new table with description
  47. is it difficult to call a script from a program??
  48. Adding a column to a table breaks my SP
  49. how to script the text file output from stored procedure?
  50. return rows when Item not in source data?
  51. Where is <long text> stored?
  52. opening an sql server table in MS ACCESS
  53. Combing 2 SQL Statements into 1
  54. SELECT TOP sub query Stored PROC
  55. How do I error check with multiple BULK INSERTs
  56. Top N within Group
  57. Stored Procedures - extremely slow
  58. Reviewing #temp table datatypes
  59. how to tell what users are logged into database
  60. Setting a value on a subform
  61. -2147217864: Optimistic concurrency check failed. The row was modified outside of this cursor.
  62. JOIN clause slows things down?
  63. Getting 1 row with SELECT - SQL 6.5
  64. What's the right size datatype?
  66. Should I use temporary table?
  67. How to return just one row using SELECT MAX ()
  68. Access Upsize to SQL Query Problem
  69. unique constraints with null values
  70. How to retrieve a sepecific row from a query?
  71. Count(Alias.*) - Is it possible?
  72. T-SQL Question
  73. INSERT...EXEC with multiple results sets
  74. Newbie date convertion question
  75. IPS Sendero
  76. Using a "dynamic top" statement with a cursor
  77. debugger issue
  78. one table - no dups in one column
  79. convert string to date in sql server
  80. SOS
  81. Memory Settings
  82. cursors and schema chage error -- Msg 16943
  83. how to keep sum() from rounding
  84. select from partitioned view, all member tables are accessed
  85. drop all user tables in a user database?
  86. Efficient Select Statement
  87. Select using a string array
  88. switching between IN and NOT IN statements
  89. How many times has a UDF been called?
  90. IsEmptyString
  91. Create default help
  92. question with Highest occurrences
  93. Full Text Indexing
  94. pass sql statement to store procedure
  95. Two database cooperate
  96. Service Pack 3 AHHHHHH
  97. UPDATE problem...
  98. Simple Select Statement
  99. Executing DTS based on the results of a query.
  100. how to pivot data in sql?
  101. ISNUMERIC bug SQL2000 sp3 ??
  102. Optimize this query...
  103. using a variable for text
  104. Insert into same table pulling one column from another table
  105. Switching between "IN" &"NOT IN" statements
  106. SQL Server develper edition
  107. Return zero with Count and a Where filter?
  108. Strange error message
  109. Enterprise Manager shows Many-to-Many
  110. GROUP BY
  111. log
  112. what join to emulate Not In clause?
  113. use execute command or sp_executesql or direct sql ?
  114. Optimizing SQL queries
  115. convert hexadecimal to string
  116. Unix Time Problem
  117. Performance question
  118. HELP!! read text file in sql
  119. Forcing SQL to use a certain Index
  120. partitioned view doesn't work!
  121. Limiting the result set
  122. BCP & BULK INSERT dates
  123. Mysterious table problem...
  124. debugging store procedure in C# application
  125. can't get past ExecuteNonQuery()
  126. Dynamic like clause
  127. syntax to dynamically create field names in an Update Query
  128. Query to find table name?
  129. why does "group by" slow down my query
  130. Create Table Using Passed Variables to SP
  131. interesting table matrix problem
  132. FoxPro to SQL
  133. nsqlprep and C++.NET compiler
  134. TempDB annoyance
  135. Central Database Design
  136. Query trouble
  137. Anybody use proc # with CREATE PROC?
  138. simultaneous stored procedures
  139. Money data type
  140. Modify updated data in a trigger?
  141. TRuncating Transaction Log
  142. can I pass table variables to sprocs?
  143. Bulk Insert Error
  144. String Concatenation in Stored Procedures
  145. grab the time out of a smalldatetime
  146. did I break something
  147. Case Syntax Problem
  148. Is there any way to loop a temp table or table variable without cursor?
  149. Recompiling SPs? Why so often? Help!
  150. Same parent table prohibits creating relationship
  151. Invalid report schema question
  152. Update a column ...
  153. Inserting data from Oracle to SQL Server 2000
  154. insert into with select problem
  155. Is it true??
  156. crystal reports logon problems
  157. search for stored procedures with certain text
  158. Normalization causing cursor nightmare.
  159. Error when executing UDF
  160. No blocking, but simple queries run slow
  161. sp_lock
  162. This command don't work 'bulk insert'
  163. datetime values
  164. How to add a constraint
  165. How to insert count
  166. Saving query results to Excel
  167. Packed BCD to Binary
  168. Enumerating Meta Information
  169. Not in
  170. stored procedure that run asynch.
  171. String Date v DateTime
  172. script to lock out users
  173. How to get the number of days in a month?
  174. Help on a VERY BAD Stored procedure
  175. System date without the time part
  176. calling one SQL script from another
  177. Programmatic BEGIN TRAN, ROLLBACK and COMMIT
  178. extended procedure xp_fileexist
  179. Email Validation Trigger
  180. Can I lock only Column?
  181. truncate ntext field using LEFT
  182. Using IF and temporary tables problem
  183. Database Representation of Undirected Graph (Peer Nodes)
  184. Bad performance of a distributed stored procedure
  185. Import huge data quickly...DTS/ Asynch stored proc....
  186. Problem converting Date to dd/mm/yyyy
  187. Best method for obtaining unique values?
  188. Convert Exec (SQL) to Exec sp_executesql 'SQL'
  189. Currency Symbols,,
  190. Calculating a unique hash on 4 columns in T-SQL?
  191. BulkCopy Import question
  192. Full Text Search: How useful is it?
  193. Store/retrive a string array to SQL Server
  194. Collation Problem
  195. Next SQL2K command runs ok 50-100 times... and then returns no records.
  196. violation constraint
  197. Funtions With Multiple Parameters
  198. VERY Slow contains search in a subquery using 'or'
  199. table var index?
  200. when / then syntax
  201. SQL Version
  202. SQLDMO programming
  203. Another Q abt Information_schema.routines
  205. Newbie question - Trigger on Update
  206. !! I need getdate for midnight
  207. Information_schema.routines Q
  208. Returning the newly create PK
  209. N macro
  210. newbie question about "first"
  211. query yzer
  212. Help! What is the correct way to insert without dups...(see msg)
  213. Variable in stored procedure
  214. Importing Web Query From Excel
  215. multiuser safe IDENT_CURRENT(...)
  216. split the string by using the cursor
  217. which performance is better
  218. Inserting data into tables with relations
  219. Order by based on a variable
  220. FileSystem
  221. difficult sproc
  222. Inserting records into related Tables using a SPROC
  223. SQL Mailer Problem
  224. sp_helptext
  225. If statement in TSQL affecting Recordset EOF/BOF value?
  226. case Q
  227. user controlled synchronization?
  228. How to import ORACLE BLOB data into SQL 2K
  229. ADO
  230. Temporary Table Question?
  231. Oracle TO_CHAR function written in T-SQL
  232. Query Challenge - Help Appreciated
  233. Question on REPLACE
  234. striping char from field
  235. Convert function error
  236. clustered index does not appear to be sorted
  237. Convert / Decimal / Float
  238. calculating the difference between two rows
  239. Query with 0.01% of Query cost occupies 80% on time of a stored procedure...
  240. pass a column ID as string to a stored procedure
  241. Counting in three different queries or one?
  242. Creating a 'View'
  243. datetime problem for sql gurus
  244. Error : The cursor is READ ONLY.
  245. how to safely shrink log file?
  246. OLE DB Error
  247. UDF Q
  248. BCP using queryout
  249. Strange things with query execution
  250. Trigger example to send inserted to printer