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  1. sp_executeSQL Performance in a Proc(?)
  2. accounting for daylight savings time
  3. Max worker threads
  4. Getting rid of the time part
  5. Trigger question ...
  6. script to show last change date for stored procedures and tables?
  7. HELP: Associated statement is not prepared - SQL Agent
  8. Obtain user email from ModUserList
  9. Converting Strings to SmallMoney Data Type
  10. Problem with sp
  11. Partial Index
  12. TransactSQL problem
  13. Problem Retrieving data from an SQL Query in ASP
  14. [OT] My message wasn't posted
  15. CmdExec: Multiple Commands
  16. ADOMD question in VB.NET
  17. cascade update non-primary key field
  18. SP Questions...
  19. swap values between records
  20. is primary key implicitly included in an index?
  21. Trigger key
  22. Select From SubQuery
  23. Colum names.
  24. Commit inner transaction rollback outer
  25. Sub-queries kludge
  26. SQL2K Trigger problem
  27. create a % growth formula
  28. Homework on tough Running Total, this one needs an expert
  29. Merging 200 tables
  30. Locking a single row - what type of a cursor to use?
  31. Pad strings/concatenate columns to simulate data columns in ASP select box with SQL Server 2K
  32. BCP query out executed by xp_cmdshell works fine from query yzer but fails from VB Component
  33. Stored-ProceduConstruct Where stmt dynamically, how?
  34. Select rows where other related rows don't exist
  35. Call SP from command line
  36. SQL Server Group By Total not Date
  37. Any way to set NULLvalue using DB-Library?
  38. Best practices for primary key (GUID VS Identity)
  39. linked server performance
  40. How to drop all trhe data in a database?
  41. OLE automation issue
  42. Indexed view vs. Check constraint?
  43. breaking up one column into two columns
  44. How to deal with huge table?
  45. StoredProcedure and View
  46. Import .MDF file
  47. cleanup the tempdb
  48. Trigger with a function (how to)
  49. Do triggers use *lazy* OR ?
  50. How to program order entry with input dependent filters
  51. Wildcard and DTS..?
  52. heavy population of db
  53. What data type to use?
  54. Errors with SELECT INTO
  55. Council to make an sp.
  56. simple query....
  57. if statement within if boolean expression
  58. Getting source code for system UDFs
  59. disabling recompilation
  60. filegroup
  61. Query- Count how many occurances of certain text in a column
  62. I reach this message : "Could not continue scan with NOLOCK due to data movement
  63. xp_cmdshell doesn't run with the logged in user account...
  64. adding single quotes around string
  65. Fairly Complex Query
  66. urgent: Delete log file MS SQL
  67. Capturing Result Set
  68. Efficient query without using NOT IN clause
  69. DTS and Diagrams Backup
  70. Begining and Ending of Year
  71. Merge name from many records
  72. Excel Sheet Export
  73. XML EXPLICIT sorting question
  74. format currency
  75. Month(x) vs Between(x and y)
  76. Question about optimizer with (big) temp tables
  77. How to mark a transaction not for tion
  78. Problem with IDENTITY and ORDER BY in a INSERT statement
  79. How can I do this (modified) without a cursor
  80. can't attach mdf to sql server
  81. Truncate Access
  82. Best practice to optimise big updates (repost, rewritten with example)
  83. Dynamic columns creation
  84. Calling master..xp_cmdshell 'textcopy'
  85. Passing arrays to a stored procedure
  86. Transact-SQL syntax question
  87. Frequency on a table
  88. trigger question
  89. Truncate or Shrink Log files URGENT!!!
  90. two queries into one recordset
  91. Database design help required
  92. Are Cursors in Triggers really bad?
  93. String Find Function
  94. IIF/Format equivalent in TSQL
  95. Delete from one table with matching records in another table
  96. Trace flag 1024
  97. A complex query
  98. Orphaned rows in the sysprocesses table.
  99. Performence
  100. !!!! Associated statement is not prepared - SQL Agent !!!!
  101. DateDiff and Format
  102. SQL 7.0 missing functionallity?
  103. Compile store procedures
  104. Storing compressed string
  105. MAX but one value ?
  106. Lock a table
  107. example for using sql variant
  108. Sql Query for new users in the system.....Help Needed
  109. SQL 6.5 Problem
  110. Stored Procedure with Image Output
  111. SELECT statement
  112. MS Access and SQL Server
  113. SHA function usage - sql server
  114. Conditionally show columns in SQL
  115. Max number table in the union statement
  116. Database design/optimization question
  117. Not able to Export data from data file
  118. Best way to create this constraint?
  119. General Help in SQL Statement
  120. get yesterday's date
  121. Good Web development book with SQL as Backend
  122. find file size,last modified date thru SQL
  123. generating random numbers
  124. Does sql allow us to find out when a table has been changed?
  125. avoid writing to log file on insert
  126. retrieving the DAY from the datetime value i.e. "monday", "tuesday" ....
  127. Meta Data Services Custom Automation Server
  128. Can trigger return an identity value
  129. How to exit a Cursor
  130. How to unload processes when constraint errors happen
  131. factoring out a query result to reuse it in a loop
  132. Extended Stored Procedures accepting Real Parameters
  133. How to Pass stored procedure parameters inside trigger
  134. Question on EXEC ()
  135. Dynamic SQL
  136. Specifying "do not update" values in "additive" UPDATE sprocs
  137. Returning results where the match is not always there!!!
  138. REPLACE with regular expressions?
  139. How create simple cursor?
  140. Converting Access to SQL Server
  141. Dynamic Proc Parameters
  142. SQL workflow doubt
  143. Status Table for Cursor
  144. Default Value in a Table on SQL7
  145. accessing current written record
  146. Valid Trigger??
  147. VB book
  148. Date/Time Format?
  149. Stored procedure help, makes server jump to 100%
  150. add column between two existing columns with ALTER statement
  151. Raw Column Data to Fields
  152. Need more help on how to pass parameters from stored procedure into trigger
  153. Using DatePart and DateDiff together in a query
  154. Custom replacement function
  155. using DatabaseName.dbo.TableName
  156. Query Plans
  157. Passing contents of a flat file to an internal variable
  158. viewing triggers?
  159. Problem query
  160. counting duplicates
  161. Regular Expressions in SELECT statement?
  162. Insert into <table w/ text column> select distinct ...
  163. execute DTS package
  164. GUID as a parameter
  165. Working with time
  166. How get number of occurrences in a variable?
  167. Have server get value for column on Insert?
  168. xp_send mail requires user?
  169. Trusted connection from FoxPro 5.0
  170. Server Explorer in VS.Net
  171. Which is the best column to insert index...
  172. Varchar (8000)...long XML String??
  173. to get the nth record meeting the query requirement
  174. Insert Statement help
  175. books recommendation
  176. 2 Instances vs 2 DB's in SQL 2K
  177. Importing lots of data
  178. Tracking Changes to Records
  179. MaxDate
  180. Another user has modified the contents of this table or view; the database row you are modifying no longer exists in the database;
  181. Optimistic concurrency ... failed. The row was modified outside of this cursor
  182. How to optimise many updates on 1Mio rows?
  183. IF statment wont work
  184. Copy file to database
  185. SQL Query Help needed.....
  186. Rebuild index in SQL server ??
  187. Trigger to update another data source
  188. Is Total SQL Statistics the only stats package available?
  189. How to insert a space after each Manager Starts.
  190. Full-Text Change Tracking and Updates via BCP.
  191. Partitioned Views: Partitioning column the only collumn in the primary key?
  192. Insert 100 rows in just one statement
  193. Dataset and table names.....
  194. Please improve this TSQL algorithm ..
  195. Debugging SQL server SPs
  196. cursor or 2 selects
  197. An odd question!!
  198. Overriding a default error message in SQL Server
  199. Ugent need help or piece of Code
  200. stored proc and tcp/ip
  201. Performance of Data retrieval
  202. Why do PRINT results not appear in QA?
  203. How to insert line breaks using SQL
  204. subquery with more than 1 fields
  205. Do looping on Stored procedure
  206. How to catch errors
  207. Using IF and IsNull statements in SELECT
  208. newB question: related tables question
  209. How to declare TinyInt constant numbers?
  210. Whats wrong with this code?
  211. Using Instead Of Insert on EM View
  212. How to store Images in SQL Table
  213. IronGrid's IronEye SQL 1.1 - with Ant Task Integration
  214. Record retrieval problem
  215. Use 'Like' with a field name instead os a string
  216. Sample Database for Creating an Invoice Application
  217. SELECT DISTINCT + ORDER BY gives ERROR 145: ORDER BY items mustappear in the select list if SELECT DISTINCT is specified.
  218. SELECT DISTINCT + ORDER BY gives ERROR 145: ORDER BY items must appear in the select list if SELECT DISTINCT is specified.
  219. Problem with VB6 App & SQL 2000 (Locking & lost transactions)
  220. need help with query
  221. advanced: Transaction-logging Trigger
  222. Problem pulling data from oracle
  223. Disadvantages of the implementation of explicit subtypes on MS SQL 7 and Oracle8i/9i