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  1. Foreign Keys - advantage ?
  2. Problem with very large tables in phpMyadmin
  3. using max() and returning the corresponding rows...
  4. Mac OS X Newbie - Having difficulty setting a pw for root
  5. How to write self referential sql query to fetch the bosses(direct and indirect) for a given employee?
  6. date comparaison in SELECT IF(), not working
  7. getting the current date/time
  8. Full Outer Join, Merge Result
  9. MS-ACCESS Relationships = SQL Views, right ?
  10. performance issue while using select
  11. replacing a programming loop with the correct JOIN
  12. phpMyadmin
  13. Find result that matches ALL values in array?
  14. Simple import of comma delimited files
  15. Obviously using the wrong command
  16. Problem with create procedure
  17. Foreign key constraint fails
  18. Syntax validation
  19. JOIN count query dilemma
  20. About Raw Mysql Data
  21. insert if not exist and delete old rows
  22. how to store and still search special characters in Python and MySql
  23. Typical length of first name, last name, address field in the US?
  24. Where is mysql data stored?
  25. Query result very long, how do I enumerate displayed results?
  26. Query results long, how do I pause the screen?
  27. Returning values which don't match values in table
  28. how to write mysql recursive query for following condition
  29. SELECT errors out saying a column doesn't exist that SHOW COLUMNS thinks does exist
  30. How would I construct this query
  31. need help: Mysql Time format problem
  32. load data local infile
  33. replace query
  34. String length?
  35. Can I determine the index (value) of an auto-increment field
  36. Daylight Savings Time - update?
  37. Why is this that complicated?
  38. Unit Hours of Activity vs. Unit Hours Scheduled
  39. optimizing where clauses
  40. mySQL date querying
  41. Duplicate Records
  42. Large number of random rows
  43. New to MySQL ....InnoDB?
  44. Query using integer date string
  46. how to swap two fields bertween two rows
  47. help please!
  48. Installing MySQL on MAC OS X
  49. Create Table of Sequential Hours
  51. I have sub-categories but want to display full category path
  52. A few questions from a newbie for someone who knows there stuff
  53. simple questions but please answer me
  54. SELECT average of everything
  55. How to assign NULL instead of 0 for numeric INSERTs?
  56. a newbie question(network question)
  57. created new user but mysql refuses him access
  58. Linking two recordsets together
  59. Syntax frustration
  60. How to suppress ".00" at the end of my datas in a column???
  61. Help with Store procedure
  62. using the result of conditional statements in where
  63. Are there any overhead in using MEDIUMTEXT over TEXT
  64. SELECTing a fixed number of entries per day
  65. ERD tool
  66. Need some advice - Developing Integration Module
  67. How to write a query for each days sales, even if no sales on that day?
  68. Problem with foreign key referencing key on same table?
  69. dynamically handle the table
  70. getting months from days
  71. Happy medium for extended inserts
  72. INSERT problem
  73. Newbie: JOIN verses additional queries
  74. Newbie SQL question
  75. Inconsisten Backup with mysqldump
  76. Database structure decision
  77. insert into...select
  78. Speeding up massive (millions of rows) insertions and adding new INNODB indexes
  79. Does a MySql database get padded out?
  80. Can you do this in MySQL 4.1 scripting?
  81. AES encrypt/decrypt Key Parsing
  82. Connections in OOP
  83. Splitting(?) data into a new table?
  84. Need help with a sql-statement
  85. LAST_INSERT_ID() performance??
  86. Tricky Join Query
  87. Work around ERROR 1235 (LIMIT in subquery)
  88. newbie: I got problems with this SP
  89. mysql and remote access...
  90. mysql_query("SELECT... / returned value
  91. Is this possible?
  92. newbie: What is wrong in this SP?
  93. INSERT .. SELECT syntax
  94. storage engine
  95. newbie: error 1005, cannot create table
  96. can error log show entire query instead of just excerpt
  97. Select, count(), group by and order by
  98. Mysql Subquery question
  99. o/t mysql query
  100. Table locking on full text search '%..%'
  101. Distinct SELECT to query multiple table
  102. Mac OS X keeps deleting my /tmp files (mysql.sock)
  103. Support for multiple languages
  104. Select distinct
  105. comparing two tables
  106. Halting a SELECT statement
  107. Suggestions for backup utilities
  108. Server Machine or Dedicated MySQL Server Machine
  109. Special query with multiples fields
  110. Security of MySQL Userid/Password in Apache CGI-BIN
  111. MySQL Error #1093
  112. How to implement a counter?
  113. graph network structure with relational DB
  114. storing result in array
  115. UPPER & LOWER don't work in UDF
  116. Slow query problem
  117. Database locking
  118. Can not start mysqld on Solaris 9
  119. MySQL + LARGE innodb = thrashing HDD
  120. Very strange problem
  121. Grouping and returning rows
  122. MySQL Data Truncation error???
  123. bug (or not) on the curdate function ?
  124. First table name
  125. How can I select first record in a table?
  126. MySQL + ASP + SUM = problem
  127. sorting by the closest date
  128. Problem with MySQL (somewhat PHP related, MAYBE)
  129. Secure MySQL connection authentication?
  130. Current row number whenm using INSERT...SELECT?
  131. need a help in DELETE syntax
  132. plz tell which website to download mysql5.0.27 source file
  133. Is this file corrupt?
  134. Trouble using SYSDATE()
  135. Max. no of database in a server?
  136. SQL Needed to Detect Married Households
  137. Forum query without subselect
  138. UNICODE and special characters in MySQL & Python
  139. Error 1064 on 'SET PASSWORD'
  140. Bulk inserts with update
  141. ERROR 1064 in mySQL 5.0.27
  142. CREATE TABLE default data question
  143. Lost ability to logon .. how can I recover (revised)?
  144. Two MySQL database moddeling questions...
  145. Missing Table Entries
  147. How to do a select on a column with no repeats
  148. Problem with "=" sign in varchar field
  149. FULLTEXT Search
  150. Diffrence in 'add index' question
  151. Search through ALL fields?
  152. Connection of Coldfusion to a database MySQL
  153. column name suggestion
  154. insert question
  155. MySQL dilemma - Appending and Deleting certain data from one column
  156. MySQL Host
  157. only dos type menu avail?
  158. MySql on W2003 64 bit?
  159. Stored Procedure Syntax error.
  160. Math BUG??
  161. select rand() returning unexpected results
  162. MySQL Query Browser URL Handler for Windows
  163. sorting alphanum colum ..
  164. Java connection to MySQL
  165. Write Intensive Application?
  166. UK collation sequence
  167. How to order SQL statements
  168. select .. where ..in TOO LONG
  169. is limit 1 needed on a query on and auto_increment or unique column
  170. Bulk load performance
  171. When will 5.1 become production use?
  172. select * performance question
  173. privileges for creating databases
  174. Question about aliasing
  175. Can't find 'boot_DBD__mysql'
  176. SELECT...LIMIT that does a partial select?
  177. needing a count field
  178. concat problem
  179. many-to-many relation with descriptive column
  180. Does anyone know how calculate the total value of all the results of a selected field.
  181. Create table question
  182. Problem with slow mysql after 5 days
  183. ANN: Linq to MySql (prototype)
  184. Conversion of a dump file
  185. Updating a select statement.
  186. Privileges problems
  187. How to distribute mySQL as part of a shareware app?
  188. Best mySQL front-end for an Access/VB person?
  189. REGEXP Clarification
  190. Application that generates 162 million records per day
  191. Query optimization suggestions
  192. MySQL group indexes
  193. create database
  194. Multiple databases or just one...
  195. Querys seem to take ages
  196. hard returns
  197. Marketplace: Yellowfin reporting 3.1 with BIRT Integration
  198. New User
  199. Automatic date setting
  200. varchar(8) but want to group by only first 4
  201. mysql GUI. Very silly question
  202. Connecting to mysql via Java
  203. select a column with a condition
  204. After moving database queries are very slow
  205. load data assistance
  206. Inner Join Query
  207. Problem with a query
  208. connection MySQL (on the web) -- Access
  209. A simple "HOW TO" question;
  210. Please help: need ideas on database adaptors
  211. query assistance
  212. Moving a mysql database on a different partition on the server
  213. HELP with SQL subselect
  214. Question about alias using select
  215. Transactions in version 3 series of mysql
  216. max_connections?
  217. Proper way to design this problem
  218. MI5 Persecution: their methods and tactics
  219. MI5 Persecution: Bernard Levin expresses his views
  220. Updating multiple Records - Error Msg
  221. Help with mySql License
  222. installing and accessing mysql from a shared drive
  223. Best way to use subquery?
  224. create view permissions
  225. Question on SELECT ... WHERE... sql statement
  226. question about relation on E-R diagram.
  227. Is there a way to do that without cursor ?
  228. VARCHAR COLUM with Numeric DATA and leading ZERO
  229. auto_increment to get default value, then adjust afterwards?
  230. Why Is This Query A "Select_full_join"?
  231. need some special key
  232. select rows that span column alternatives
  233. Convering mySQL 5 to mySQL 4 - tool available?
  234. where concat is case sensitive!?
  235. Help with 0 / N query (users/users_photos)
  236. mysqldump interrupts our service
  237. One-to-Many Relation Question
  238. how to copy indexes to a new database
  239. Intersection of two lists
  240. Access -> MySQL Problem
  241. Trying to use a unique index on a large varchar field.
  242. Question to the MySQL guru's
  243. Lots of small queries vs one big query
  244. To query SUM of multiple row of the same key id
  245. 'Cached' Views
  246. Uploading a local .CSV file into a MySQL Database
  247. Database "read-only" on slave help
  248. MySQL dual license policy
  249. Any experts with help?
  250. Recording votes.