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  1. problem CREATE USER
  2. 'insert into' question
  3. mySQL client without PERL
  4. "i have gone crazy mfing crazy i have gone crazy"
  5. problem with many to many.....
  6. order search results by frequency?
  7. Should I specify the CHARACTER SET & COLLATE for UTF8 contents?
  8. Best Field Type for Latitude & Longitude
  9. MySQL Error in SQL Statement
  10. Another SQL syntax problem
  11. how to block the insert on a table
  12. tweaking full-text retrieval
  13. SQL syntax problem
  14. Folders within mysql database?
  15. should I use join?
  16. Problem with PASSWORD and ENCODE functions
  17. mysql simple DateAdd() problem
  18. conditional group by?
  19. Fulltext searches, synonyms, and alternate spellings...
  20. phpformgenerator
  21. C-Language MySQL API and Dying Processes
  22. C-Language CGI-BIN Programming with MySQL
  23. using mySQL database for my PC
  24. non-tab delimited output?
  25. Weird Results (found w/LIKE, but not with exact match)
  26. Problem with very long 'create table as select' query
  27. Order By and Group By
  28. MyISAM engine: worst case scenario in case of crash (mysql, O/S,hardware, whatever)
  29. Mysql Database groupwise select
  30. INSERT INTO using PHP
  31. select only numeric characters
  32. partial string
  33. "Progressive fetch"
  34. where value in array
  35. storage optimization for read-only table
  36. Wrong sum with float and group by
  37. Query history
  38. which storage engine should I use- MyISAM or InnoDB?
  39. Converting MS SQL to MySQL
  40. NULLS first ...
  41. Make GROUP BY select entries i want
  42. Getting back set order from the IN param
  43. Query optimization or database structure
  44. Queries with multi tables ?
  45. REGEXP and MySQL Select: Retreiving What I'm Looking For?
  46. Concerned about dates [ extract vs <>= ]
  47. Should I use mysql_connect() or mysql_pconnect() ?
  48. Is shared memory a total mess or am I just being thick????
  49. MySQL command issues with an ADO Recordset
  50. transferring MySQL databases from one machine to another
  51. Selecting the 5 lowest from every group
  52. recovering frome a server crash
  53. MySQL millions row OLTP dimensioning
  54. CHECKSUM different between 4.0 and 5.0
  55. Q: MySQL on same server with MS SQL 2003
  56. FoxPro vs. SQL
  57. Changing date format
  58. LCASE() not working on columns.
  59. mysql problem
  60. leading zero removed from varchar(6)
  61. question about datetime column in mysql
  62. Can it be done better?
  63. Displaying a DB item from an RSS link
  64. SHOW TABLES and CHECKSUM TABLE statements
  65. Linux & MySQL on Intel
  66. 96 Billion records on MySQL/Linux
  67. Advice the database schema
  68. Where should I find the mysql?
  69. php/mysql hosting?
  70. Table name "case sensitivity"
  71. Website completly down due to MySQL
  72. caparing date problem
  73. Very Newbie Q:
  75. GROUP BY creation date
  76. I/O performance with Promise HW RAID
  77. order the GROUP BY visual
  78. ERROR 1064 when trying to load dump from sql file
  79. Ann: A web based tool for sql to cgi conversion
  80. deleting using temporary tables
  81. removing temporary tables from queries
  82. Features compare with db2 or oracle
  83. Troubleshooting MySQL.
  84. Seeking contribution for MySQL Quality Assurance
  85. seeking mySql 5 webhost provider
  86. nested subquery in FROM clause
  87. MyISAM vs. InnoDB
  88. Sorting text with Numbers in a MYSQL query
  89. ODBC Manager hangs while creating a DSN for MyODBC driver
  90. column alias
  91. mysql and multiprocessor machines
  92. Performance Problem When Updating Member of a Unique Key
  93. Sorting fractions
  94. Import from txtFile or excel-file?
  95. Does a normalized design lead to complex queries?
  96. relevancy
  97. display records with a 0 count value
  98. default value problem.
  99. Mysql limit for users
  100. What is the largest value that an autoincremented PK can get ?
  101. MySQL permissions
  102. creating a one-to-many relationship
  103. JOIN Update with SUM
  104. SQL Sentence count disctint
  105. Select last entries for many items take forever....
  106. Help with a query
  107. Location/Reporting Patterns
  108. Using self-joins to make a navigation heirarchy...
  109. Trouble with a simple if statement.
  110. MySQL connections over network
  111. Dubbio problema InnoDB - MyIsam
  112. Excluding data with the help of a table
  113. Connect To Remote MySQL Using VB6 On Client Machine !
  114. JOIN using LIKE
  115. Trying To Avoid Two Database Calls...
  116. Sharing one auto_increment field between two tables
  117. non sequential unique key
  118. Cannot update a table and select from the same table in a subquery
  119. Schedule scripts
  120. Convert data from MySQL DB to HSQL DB
  121. Obtaining the total number of items in a column by the item's first letter.
  122. Out of memory
  123. how to get the search result with count
  124. SELECT id:=last_insert_id() produces unexpected output
  125. Help in keep records while updating the records
  126. date problem
  127. select distinct, but order by number of occurances?
  128. correlated subquery problem
  129. complicated query - please help
  130. Select one field
  131. SELECT last_insert_id() not working
  132. Apache with PHP and using MySQL setup ques.
  133. Help! I can't design a decent database!
  134. Followup on my old post on bad MySQL performance
  135. Our test of MySQL vs. MS SQL Server
  136. auto-increment
  137. building indentation in hierarchical data
  138. mysql query in php: doesn't work
  139. Table heirachy and maintaining consistancy
  140. Error 1305 - trying to execute User Defined Function
  141. multiple UPDATE commands in transactions
  142. Sql Left Join Help
  143. sql problem with limit cross two tables
  144. Artificial Mind - Part One - Basic Architecture and Cognitive Structure is now available
  145. Count(*) different than record count
  146. UNION query
  147. starting point for mysql
  148. update statement
  149. need help with query optimization
  150. mysql installation on solaris using packages
  151. how to match any character or part of a word in a fulltext search
  152. merge two table's data with variables
  153. mySQL DB Database to HTML files (automatically create multiple static html files from a database)
  154. jdbc:java problem
  156. Design doubt: extra column or extra query?
  157. Error with MySql Query Browser
  158. Select records from one table where a key doesn't exist in another
  159. Fulltext Index and ft_min_word_len
  160. [Newby] help on a statement with both GROUP_CONCAT and JOIN clauses
  161. searching across multiple fields
  162. mysql gui tools
  163. Displaying entry until specified date problem
  164. Deadlock issue
  165. Subselect confusion
  166. version control for mysql database
  167. how I copy a column betwen tables mysql?
  168. What is wrong with this command ?
  169. RAMFS for /tmp
  170. what's the most efficient way to update the whole database?
  171. Delaying indexing
  172. Inserting (almost) duplicate rows! Part II
  173. how see connected user?
  174. CSV to SQL
  175. Inserting (almost) duplicate rows!
  176. how can I count enum values
  177. solution found to appearance of slash characters in sql string
  178. Access Denied error when attempting to create a user defined function (UDF)
  179. MYSQL connection persistence through an execve() syscall
  180. Does MySQL support a "true" boolean column?
  181. Administrator Options Grayed Out
  182. sort on column type enum
  183. for alexp
  184. MS Access with MySQL - Speed Issues
  185. weird results: (null!=null)??
  186. HELP: FUNCTION and PROCEDURE best practices....
  187. how to discard rows of a text file which does not satisfies foreign key constraint and continue with the rest
  188. Postgresql Vs. Mysql -- Need advice
  189. Deletes to ted table not working
  190. Need mysqldump help
  191. Won't bring back Dates correctly..
  192. Help writing a query
  193. Multiple query variables based on str_word_count
  194. Easy
  195. mySQL C API vector binding support?
  196. Accomplish 2 tasks in one pass
  197. please help - mysterious extra characters appearing in SQL update
  198. How can I make mysqld find the table 'mysql.host' on Fedora Core 4?
  199. -bin files in /var/lib/mysql-500
  200. Clear MySQL History Remotely
  201. Anonymous accounts on Windows. Where are they?
  202. Clear MySQL History - Remotely
  203. MySQL remote connection
  204. Replace localhost Unix socket connection by Localhost TCP/IP connection
  205. COUNT(*), datatype TEXT and temp disk tables
  206. insert problem....
  207. tion reconnect
  208. Newbie - trying to use Migration Tool - can't create schema
  209. error when insert an already existing entry
  210. Retrieve month portion of date column as 2 digits
  211. Matching Skillsets
  212. SQL help with COUNT()
  213. Nested query problem
  214. Joining 2 columns from the same table
  215. errant process query
  216. Trace file in MySQL
  217. Count equals to ..?
  218. strange myODBC / ADO / speed problem...help!
  219. UPDATE with GROUP BY
  220. order query results by field length?
  221. mySQL compound query
  222. Find all rows with no matching rows in second table
  223. Weird performance bottle-neck with large tables.
  224. connnecting to both mysql and oracle
  225. MYSQL graphical interface
  226. Creating an array of integers inside mysql databases
  227. Get physical record id
  228. REPOST - Wildcard aliases
  229. Problem with back-up/recover
  230. Ye olde syntax error
  231. When UPDATE doesn't work..
  232. MySQL installation on Mac OS X
  233. Pulling statistics on database columns
  234. slow query on big table
  235. connector/mxj
  236. wildcards and less/more specific matches in data
  237. Dynamic multiple dropdown population
  238. [help]create schema during installation
  239. load 38000 images into MYSQL...
  240. Update problems
  241. How do I start the mysql service with old-passwords
  242. Return count() with the rows
  243. Controlling user access
  244. group by and order
  245. Storage strategies/NAS/NFS
  246. Problem with SUM and GROUP
  247. strip non-alphanumeric of stored data while querying?
  248. Mysql Select, two tables.
  249. Most Efficient Join
  250. Assistance with Query Optimization