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  1. Structure of MySQL tables for message board
  2. ORDER BY with special order scheme?
  3. Pimp my query
  4. mysqldump encoding
  5. MySQL Crash
  6. tion on the fly?
  7. website-cluster, cost-effective hardware?
  8. Best Practice for 3NF
  9. unable to connect to mysql database in Wamp5
  10. DB Recovery
  12. Help in querying tables
  13. newbie needs a pointer
  14. How to combine "regular" fields and fields with references in one row?
  15. how to create OUTER JOIN (non trivial)
  16. problems with 'insert' command...
  17. Primary index issue
  18. New record not populating with default values
  19. How to use distinct
  20. Recommended cht?
  21. how to order, then limit, then order?
  22. problem with cht
  23. how to get shell promt for Mysql in linux server
  24. Add values from multiple tables
  25. Use of IFNULL in SELECT query with subqueries
  26. Selecting 1 most recent item from 3 categories
  27. Cant create InnoDB tables
  28. is there a way to 'insert and fetch value'?
  29. select with count, group and where condition
  30. Stored Proc Question
  31. Retrieve INNODB data after moving folders
  32. Users creating databases
  33. Can't connect '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (13) - but not the usual suspects
  34. Can't get SHOW TABLES to work !
  35. Question about reading data I've created with , delimiter
  36. How do I escape parentheses in a mysql query?
  37. Create VIEW from multiple tables
  38. Extract worm from MySQL db
  40. Insert images into a table
  41. Problem with subquery and LOCK TABLES
  42. Recommendations for a good host?
  43. Return rows present in one table but not present in another
  44. additional table (for languages purposes)
  45. Trigger problem
  46. Need help with query
  47. Separate locations for innodb databases
  48. One to many relationship question
  49. Erase a text file
  50. SELECT date ORDER BY question
  51. BUG in Union Implementation??? Please confirm or explain if possible
  52. I know this involves LEFT JOINs somehow
  53. help with complex query
  54. simple sql multiple-table select question
  55. select query question for MySQL 3.23
  56. Finding number of months between dates
  57. Finding lowest free key in table
  58. Compare record in two tables, return fields that don't match...
  59. Help on query for report
  60. fulltext search using different collation
  61. Need help with a query
  62. Rows being matched during SELECT but not UPDATE
  63. debugging queries....
  64. Setting LAST_INSERT_ID gives error
  65. can't understand, it works or not
  66. difficult query?
  67. Remove entries recursively
  68. Possible to "sum" based on 2 different criteria?
  69. phpMyAdmin - error 1045 - Access denied for user 'root''localhost' (using password: NO)
  70. search on first name or last name, or both
  71. Column Number in Where Clause
  72. stuck with SQL query, could someone help?
  73. MySQL Administrator Error
  74. To generate the file on the client host
  75. Select .. WHERE lang="nl" or lang="en"
  76. select on two fields referencing one table
  77. Industry Standard Database Schemas
  78. mysql download on ubuntu
  79. mysql 5.0.37....datediff... problem
  80. speed penalties?
  81. Index corruption in MyISAM tables
  82. Indexes not showing
  83. uploading audio/video into mysql and play without Downloading
  84. php insert command failure
  85. How to restore a single table?
  86. FULLTEXT Search Problem
  87. Reverting to an older version?
  88. Moving data from one table to another, (existing), one.
  89. Hung processes
  90. Select unique based on 4 field values
  91. Aborted clients - Got an error reading communication packets
  92. Oracle Apps Techno Functional - CRM - Hot List from Prime Software
  93. DB Design and Query Question
  94. Problem with upgrade 4.0 to 5.0
  95. blocking mysql to read
  96. Slow query, yes, but it is such a simple table.
  97. Need Suggestions
  98. [newbie] not a very auspicious start
  99. modify manually the content of a column
  100. How to treat 'show tables' as Select?
  101. Best way to optimize this database?
  102. PHP for Windows
  103. 1st letter querry
  104. Joins versus Sub Selects - converting multi table sub select to join query.
  105. Remove variable amount of characters from a string
  106. Help query
  107. MySQLdump and restore on very large DB
  108. Copying Table Data For Archive
  109. union and count
  110. SQL Server 2000 to MYSQL
  111. Remove left hand characters from a field.
  112. sorting on grouped results?
  113. mix myisam and innodb tables
  114. adding record w ID=0
  115. handle no data found in function
  116. MySQL and PHP Help
  117. How to DELETE the root password?
  118. Hosts with MySQL outside connectivity
  119. Is UPDATE Atomic?
  120. Out of memory (Needed 6693225 bytes) problem in mysql
  121. HELP needed: SUM SELECT TOP 5
  122. send mysql hash over client?
  123. newbie question--1 table's columns to link to other tables' primary keys
  124. Finding highest value for a set of columns
  125. Trigger
  126. info query
  127. Is Left Join faster than Inner Join?
  128. Find records either side of the record found
  129. update from different tables
  130. ordered tables
  131. How do I p a comma separated field?
  132. speedest way to handle a select table1,count(table2) where table1.idtable1=table2.idtable1 ?
  133. hierarchy information
  134. client side: using load balancing and tion of mysql
  135. Untangling nested views
  136. possible to have an id=0 with auto increment ?
  137. Recovering Database
  138. n00b DB design question: Gigantic tables
  139. MySQL server compacting
  140. Can I create an alias for a database ?
  141. help required with join..
  142. Load testing question
  143. Ordering a list with reference to child elements
  144. 'trigger int(5) default NULL
  145. Joining multiple rows into one row
  146. Throwing away a column in subquery
  147. Free tool for Reporting (and forms)
  148. Bad? id int(11) DEFAULT '0'
  149. overwrite/don't overwrite data...
  150. INSERT SELECT with multiple databases
  151. updating db with csv
  152. How to trace statements executed in a procedure called by a client?
  153. Advanced MySQL books??
  154. GUI for MySQL with constraints
  155. default values: can have empty string?
  156. how to migrate databases from 3.23 to 5
  157. What if two or more users run the queries at the same moment?
  158. Commercial use
  159. Looking for best way to sync data structure
  160. Joining Tables
  161. Stored Procedure und insert on a variable tables
  162. ORDER BY does not sort
  163. truncate within stored procedure?
  164. Need Forms Gui (like Microsoft Access) for MySQL
  165. Mysql querry
  166. faster/less intensive way of getting a random row from db?
  167. GUI Tools - Server host (newbie)
  168. Mysql performance over internet connection
  169. NULLs and column re-ordering
  170. Help Requested on "order by"
  171. mysql_fetch_array
  172. unwanted insert delay
  173. Quite a dilemma...
  174. Joining tables on highest entry only
  175. how to not write password in code for using to mysql?
  176. Stored Procedures: INSERT VALUES string as a parameter
  177. Encrypt a field for tion over public network?
  178. Mysql and PHP local with Windows XP pro
  179. select * from bigTable, with JDBC
  180. jdbc mysql timeout error - prepared statements?
  181. Excellent Consultants Available
  182. Suggest for MySQL Configuration
  183. position in ordered results
  184. Innodb and auto_increment; BDB engine?
  185. Searching a DB
  186. Pulling data using NOW() and BETWEEN
  187. Factoring Enum Out of Code
  188. Looping through array string in a stored procedure
  189. How to get a current session's host(ip and port of the client) and user name in a select
  190. how do I retrive pswd?
  191. error mysql when I clean all the other null account in mysql database that located in table user
  192. Modeling Group Membership
  193. nested set: algorithm for testing the integrity
  194. get max/min of subquery
  195. league standings database
  196. display neighboring records?
  197. PHProjekt Groupware
  198. how to get 3 or more connected dates
  199. find a date range between current date and 1 year ago
  200. distinguish between "-" and "_"
  201. Checksum Table producing different results?
  202. Error 1172 with stocked functions in view
  203. Help with GROUP BY
  204. quick join question
  205. How to schedule non-interrupt OPTIMIZE commands?
  206. MS SQL .BAK file to mySQL
  207. Multiple unique keys and handling duplicates on inserts
  208. Cannot connect to MySQL while its running. (Windows)
  209. duplicate a row on a table with autoincrement
  210. ODBC call fail - Union Query
  211. exploding strings
  212. disk usage of mysql db
  213. Error 1305 : function does not exist for starndard function.
  214. latin1 to utf8 with phpMyAdmin
  215. Help me to limit queries or data bandwith on MySql
  216. Pulling in data from system ODBC
  217. Quick MySQL question
  218. MYSQL TIMESTAMP Format - DOS / Linux
  219. database programming security
  220. SET SQL_MODE = ''; does not work
  221. Order in the row!
  222. lost autoincrement and keys on several tables
  223. Generic MySQL/PHP Tree Schema?
  224. Calculation in a view
  225. importing mysql data from text file format [Please help me urgent need]
  226. updating records
  227. many (empty) fields or many entries?
  228. Caret problem
  229. Strange error: Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes
  230. Q: Sorting by the sum of columns?
  231. Optimizing by replacing INTEGER with SET
  232. Where in does not work for this
  233. Implementing an history with a limited number of entries with MySQL
  234. restore does not restore auto increment fields
  235. So you think your database is secure!?
  236. MySQL quey working on SQL5 but noMySQL4
  237. Better to login/out for each query?
  238. phpmyadmin with visual queries and nice results?
  239. many to many
  240. Can I charge people to use a website that uses MySQL? (GPL)
  241. fill column with external file list
  242. Indexes And Sorting
  243. MS Access query in MySQL
  244. concat strings in stored procedure
  245. Viewing records
  246. how many of a kind
  247. How to re-attach database after crash
  248. Show zero totals - do I need a crosstab query?
  249. Tried distinct but does not work ...
  250. ODBC Connector very slow, Win XP Firewall