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  1. Access NSF to PST migration
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  4. Question Making a memory game on fxruby
  5. What is Ruby?
  6. Concerting a Date Object into a UNIX Timestamp
  7. String startswith/endswith in Ruby?
  8. substring: to the end of the string
  9. XOR operator?
  10. How to p a date? (strptime problem)
  11. running background (daemon) processes in Windows
  12. Search string in a file
  13. Getting a list of the files in a directory
  14. Operator overloading
  15. Removing "nil" entries from array
  16. How to alias a class method
  17. print out a variable's name and value?
  18. Memory consumption of Ruby/mod_ruby combo on Apache [memory leak]
  19. File, relative path handling.
  20. Printing in Ruby
  21. Tanaka Akira's PrettyPrint usage? Are there any examples?
  22. optp doentation and/or examples
  23. How to end script execution mid-script?
  24. readline.dll problem
  25. Line Noise (was Punctuation as noise)
  26. Punctuation as noise
  27. $VERBOSE=true returns warnings from standard library
  28. uninitialized constant Myclass (NameError)
  29. Does Ruby 1.8.0 improve in file I/O speed and pattern match speed?
  30. Gtk2: stange problem with notebook ?
  31. ruby curses doentation ?
  32. Read character from keyboard
  33. p format - ruby bug? - dumb program?
  34. common constructor idioms
  35. UTF-8 question
  36. Nested class/module namespace
  37. NaN and Inifinity
  38. Why does Ruby have callcc?
  39. Class variables, module inclusion and instance_eval
  40. format number with comma separators?
  41. Fishing for ideas: Ruby-talk for Java coders
  42. How to rescue any exception in 1.8?
  43. Confused about locking a file via file.flock(File::LOCK_EX)
  44. Aliased setter methods behave differently than other methods?
  45. More OSCON stuff
  46. Ruby talk from LL2
  47. Getting my IP address
  48. How to generate sound of given frequency and duration ? (fwd)
  49. Integrations tests and $:
  50. Array#filter is Array#collect, yes?
  51. Ruby Code Snippet: Array.count
  52. Millisecond in time.
  53. Editor like Textpad on Linux?