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  1. Shading Shapes
  2. tints/shades
  3. Illustrator shuts down abruptly
  4. Adding a new custom colour to the Default Palette
  5. How DO I Do This? Photo/Illustrator Image
  6. Drop shadow offsets underlying BMP by 1 pixel (when printed). Bug?
  7. Saving File For a .jpg
  8. 45 hatch fill
  9. Layer locks printer
  10. adobe illustrator 10's character pallet has all of sudden dissapeared.
  11. edit and paste
  12. Can you copy 3D effects?
  13. Cleave items along a path?!
  14. Homemade Patterns
  15. more latten transparancy woes
  16. move objects to new layer
  17. 3D Bevel and Extrude Question
  18. Illustrator +brush +wacom = crash
  19. icons missing
  20. layer box disappears in AI 10
  21. Pen tool glitch?
  22. Substitute a color in an EPS
  23. Circle snap options
  24. Gradient transparency on a brush stroke
  25. UGHHHH!!! Vectors!
  26. 3 Spot Color CD Face Starting with Photoshop Image
  27. Transparency not working
  28. Default Page Size in v8 for pc
  29. Align
  30. I Need to Restore the Blur command undet the Drop Shadow Effect
  31. Save / Export Transparent .gif to .jpg with specific background color
  32. Restoring Blur command in Drop Shadow Effects
  33. Programing code for the Reset Page Origin command
  34. Please help me.. cant print accurately
  35. Knockout and trap
  36. Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop for Web Site Design
  37. GillSansMT error on save
  38. Can't use spot color in gradient?!
  39. Exporting editable text from Illus 10 to Photoshop 7
  40. rgb images in CMYK doents
  41. Symbols and Layers palette do not open when clicked on
  42. easiest way of selecting a colour
  43. Removing a gradient mesh
  44. Artboard Problems
  45. flatten transparancy
  46. Anchor Points and handles not visible on a path
  47. File and windows disappear
  48. eps file sent through e-mail
  49. Upside down gradient from Illus CS PS file
  50. BinHex 4.0 PC to MAC
  51. Illustrator 9.0 EMF in Power Point NO LONGER DISPLAYED in Win2000
  52. >>>>> Please help I am running out of time
  53. Problems with exporting Illustrator CS file to (*.psd) format !!!
  54. Process colors not adjustable
  55. Save for Web: low contrast
  56. Can't export vector to png.
  57. Placing 2nd object apart from 1st object accurately
  58. Size different when opened by my printhouse
  59. printable area in a page size
  60. Duplicate Invisible Paths in Illustrator Files
  61. Illustrator 10 partial screen
  62. Rasterizing Text Illustrator CS
  63. Major design forums on the net ???
  64. scale drawings
  65. Tutorial for the creation of Hand artwork or graphic
  66. BIG file sizes with ICC included
  67. Sending Illustrator Artwork to printer
  68. Wher do you get a Copyright symbol?
  69. CS pathfinder palette won't expand
  70. Illustrator CS Spell Check?
  71. Filtering Stroke Weights
  72. Unsmooth smoothed paths for converting AI to DXF
  73. Control Palette like in InDesign CS?
  74. illustrator 11 multiple copies on Canon LBP-2460
  75. Drawing Freehand: Illustrator vs PhotoShop
  76. transferring type from PS to Illustrator
  77. ai 10
  78. Windows XP and Illustrator 5
  79. Layers combine & rasterize when saving - why???
  80. Install and/or Startup Error
  81. AI 11: Funky tab leaders
  82. I need some help closing these gaps (CS)
  83. problem with justifying text...
  84. Exported Image cut off on the side even though within limits of Artboard.
  85. Artwork cut off when printing to Epson Stylus Pro 4000
  86. Leme guess!!! The layers in Illustrator cannot go into Acrobat unless they are some drafting files??
  87. ragged lines
  88. altering text path
  89. Is there an EPS viewer?
  90. Difference between Outline stroke and Outline Path
  91. thermometer anybody?
  92. Flatten an appearance layer??
  93. path, stroke, and ??? issues.... help...
  94. Printer marks not showing up in Acrobat
  95. Arrowheads
  96. Super Elipse
  97. Adobe Illustrator file formats specification
  98. flatten or rasterise?
  99. outlined ai
  100. Windows XP doesn't allow deletion of AI files
  101. How to prepare AI file for a Cutting Plotter
  102. Illustrator 9 and postscript fonts on xp
  103. Zooming with mousewheel like in Autocad and 3dsmax??
  104. Illustrator version 10 (full) to CS (upgrade) on Windows XP
  105. Newbie! Need direction to pie chart "how to"
  106. Helpfiles not available
  107. Having trouble with Texture in Filter command
  108. variable width line
  109. Silver color
  110. Color settings turning my hair gray
  111. cutting objects leaves unwanted cut line
  112. Why don't the links stay linked?
  113. Text "Cut out" look from object...HELP!
  114. Drawing Curly Hair - TIPS?-Tutorials?
  115. Illustrator Cannot Run
  116. AI Templates not installed
  117. Printer Question...
  118. Illustrator Scripting - RasterItems.Add
  119. slicing a line
  120. PC with Illustrator and PhotoShop open at the same time
  121. importing artwork message when opening file
  122. Glasswork
  123. Illustrator creates a thin light border when prepared for web
  124. Jagged edges on objects and text
  125. Error when printing to PDF
  126. Transparency Effect Causing Blurring in v4 compatible PDFs
  127. changing color on a pattern or hatch
  128. Photoshop Vs. Illustrator
  129. where is auto trace tool in illustrator cs win
  130. Newbie: How do I create transparency around JPEG images?
  131. Font that work in Photoshop but not in Illustrator
  132. (Neon) Text glow
  133. Reverse Bulge Warp?
  134. Help with Illustrator 10
  135. How do you create a silhouette of text?
  136. How to create a vector image from a jpeg in Illustrator CS
  137. I want the bounding box in the same size as the editable text!
  138. Strokes inside / outside of object
  139. Drawing lines with pen tool
  140. Illustrator Path into After Effects
  141. Missing Myriad font - where is it hiding?
  142. Batch Processing Question Converting to .ps files
  143. Plugins missing Illust. CS
  144. Macromedia Flash - can I create one?
  145. Greeting Cards
  146. Text Perspective?!
  147. gradient palette trouble
  148. eps nightmare
  149. Export to Photoshop flattens layers
  150. Illustrator 10 bug
  151. Page Layouts Problem - FIX
  152. Export to .pdf lightens colors in linked psd photo?
  153. manual unistall of illustrator 9 and CS
  154. Overprint on all the time applied to everything...is this possable??
  155. Outline
  156. First time user
  157. drawing dimension sybols and adding arrowheads
  158. compressing ai file to pdf
  159. Cannot Open Illustrator 11 File
  160. Adding Text To A Line
  161. Illustrator 8 Problem, Please Help if you can
  162. Illustrator CS DLL error
  163. Illustrator 8 problem
  164. Type in drawn circles
  165. Unwanted Vertical Lines when printing from Illustrator 7
  166. Missing just semi-bold font
  167. Variation in print output
  168. No Word, no cry!!!!
  169. Illustrator Trouble
  170. How to resize layers ?
  171. Illustrator members
  172. layers palatte help PLEASE
  173. Outer Glow Effect Not Working In CS
  174. Question Compound Paths in v.9
  175. applying one gradient to multiple items
  176. Do the Pantone Swatches show up correctly on my monitor?
  177. AI 9.01 - MPS Pr unable to p / AI 10.03 - unknown format cannot be opened
  178. joining nodes (Windows format)
  179. Stroke around a photograph
  180. Japanese Templates
  181. Layers Question
  182. Illustrator SDK 10 - swatch selection
  183. Export to PDF and JPG creates off-center doents
  184. Defining objects in coordinates - Does Illustrator do it?
  185. How to do pattern and hatch
  186. Filter Effect - Drop Shadow Blur
  187. Saving my Illustration
  188. "The operation cannot complete due to an unknown error. [PDF!]"
  189. Problem Printing Trim marks on Epson 777i
  190. Blend problems with Adobe Tutorial
  191. exporting all layers as pdfs
  192. Separations Setup is not accessable
  193. file name in illustrator printing
  194. Centre on selection
  195. HELP - CS in OSX 10.3.4 exchanging characters for question marks (?)
  196. Making text follow the inside of an oval
  197. Can't save the illustration. The file is locked.
  198. 3D Effect
  199. Unknown PDF Color Space
  200. styles vrs swatches....
  201. more than one page and converting to PDF
  202. Can't re-position page on artboard
  203. illustrator Cs Installation Problems
  204. help with gradients using 2 spot colors
  205. Help! I lost my Layers Palette!! I click F7 but it doesn't show up.
  206. no thumbail previews in CS versions
  207. need to colorize vector based grayscale image
  208. Wither twist tool in cs?
  209. Unable to Update Adobe Illustrator 9.0 to 9.0.1
  210. Cut back decimal places in input boxes Illust. CS
  211. Jitter Lines
  212. newbie ill q
  213. export as PNG
  214. Adobe Illustrator Errors : Exceed implementation limit
  215. Creating Quick Vector Images from Raster images
  217. Grid Offset Possible?
  218. Filling complex area
  219. Watermarking Native Illustrator EPS files
  220. Stretching an image?
  221. text area resizing stretches inherent text
  222. Large format printers/plotters
  223. AI10 slow downs on upgraded PC
  224. copying images from illustrator to photoshop
  225. Any use of reshape tool?
  226. Aqua/Gel Button - Does Anyone Need This?
  227. From rasterized, back to vector?
  228. overprint fill with multiple colors question
  229. Getting embedded images out of illustrator
  230. Drop Shadow - Blur Not Available
  231. Overprint not working
  232. Pantone or other fan?
  233. Can't print imbedded transparent GIF
  234. Accessing Clipart & Stock Photos
  235. Color problems: Flash to Illustrator
  236. Unable to Install Ai 8 on a computer running windows xp
  237. Illustrator EPS files placed in InDesign - Managing Color!
  238. is there any import or other ability to open micrografx designer 9 files in illustrator
  239. Registering Illustraror 9 or 10
  240. Trap Knocks Out
  241. Thinking about buying Illustrator...
  242. Problem with text splitting into separate pieces
  243. Warp effects with rotation
  244. cs editing path of text on a path
  245. How to create bulleted text list in Illustrator CS?
  246. illustrator CS and Flash mx2004 don't like each others ?
  247. Illustrator CS freeze during start-up with Win XP
  248. Resaving doent created in 11.0; so it opens in 10.0 or lower
  249. Newbie Question: Vectorizing a .gif?
  250. How do you Reset the palletes in Windows XP? Delete the aiprefs?