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  1. How to change the playrate...
  2. 3DS Max 9 doesn?t export shockwave
  3. model under ray tutorials
  5. RE-rotate
  6. Make camera zoom and rotate around object
  7. ExternalEvent not getting through in 3D courseware
  8. sw3d Plugin for 3ds Max 9
  9. multiple views without instancing
  10. havok behaviors
  11. Universal Binary Shockwave for Mac? Is Director on itsway out?
  12. 3ds Max 8 - Making several objects one
  13. Director Survey - results are out
  14. A fatal error has occured. Director will quit now.
  15. shader and reflections
  16. .w3d file texture size limits
  17. Director and Next Gen Game Consoles UI
  19. Constant speed in Director
  20. moving 3ds max model in shockwave (URGENT)
  21. error with havok
  22. chromelib Walkthough with collisions
  23. bones that stretch without programming
  26. 3d car game - open source
  27. web uploading problem
  28. Texture quality
  29. Help needed with collision
  30. director export to avi - animation not playing during export
  31. loadFile don't work??
  32. Use hidden models in havok
  33. models simply not appearing; site check please
  34. colour models
  35. How do I get a rotation from a normalized vector
  36. ModelsUnderRay - show direction?
  37. Director Games Survey
  38. Rotation between two transform.rotation vectors.
  39. havok based animation without plugins
  40. open/close 2 doors at the same time
  41. Background Transparency of a W3D
  42. Handle 3D Quicktime Movie
  43. Background Problem of Bitmap set to W3D
  44. how to tell if an object is a model or a camera
  45. Define projection plane
  46. lod modifier with auto = false causing debris in 3dworld
  47. Adding a light in Lingo
  48. newTexture errors?!
  49. ChromeLib - Fade/Blend behavior
  50. Director Xtras
  51. TAPER effect like 3dmax Modifier
  52. Repositioning camera to wanted distance
  53. Collision of two objects goto frame or marker.
  54. 3D Interactive to Display and Back
  55. 3D export 'rules'
  56. Modeling vegetation
  57. Cloned models
  58. Script does not get called
  59. Text overlays
  60. HA! We've found a bug!!!
  61. Help with video and particle system
  62. Background Issue with printing of 3d object
  63. skybox01 textures
  64. Best wishes for Tom Higgins
  65. 3d Sky
  66. 3D cast member access
  67. help me with repeat while
  68. Creating Proxy Concave Meshes through Director
  69. Hm this is gonna be a tough one..
  70. Bad Parameter ! box
  71. W3D & textures in 3ds max
  72. Easy camera question for the you guys!
  73. Havok Character Floating
  74. How to find a DWORD in whole registry? (No specificpath)
  75. gravity help
  76. camera help
  77. Terrain
  78. dragging a small texture around a HUGE plane
  79. ShockWave 3D Tutorials
  80. Dynamic W3D textures
  81. Moving a texture layer around a plane
  82. Multiple texture layers
  83. Problem of edge of texture
  84. Can't dolly.
  85. Exporting "Render to textur" from 3Ds max 6
  86. AVI as a texture?
  87. Freelance Shockwave3D programmer wanted
  88. Can you Manipulate 3D object in Director Dynamically?
  89. substituting Havok's linear velocity
  90. havok collision detection problem
  91. BSQUARE ports Macromedia Shockwave Player to AMD?sPersonal Internet Communicator (PIC)
  92. Adobe says Director will continue
  93. XSI-W3D converter 404
  94. Triangulation in Lingo
  95. Chrome Lib 4.0 release
  96. 3D character camera control
  97. Getting a vertex point
  98. 3DsMax behaviors
  99. does modelresource need to be in same member as model
  100. earthquake effect on 3d world
  101. 3d world gravity
  102. using newTexture with javascript
  103. different way of ratating the camera
  104. transform.rotation.y in javascript
  105. level of detail, rendering polygons
  106. Export 3D World as a JPG
  107. Yet Another modelsUnderRay Problem!
  108. Reset World problems
  109. How to stick texture to a mesh object?
  110. Help with Linear Dashpots
  111. Getting worldPosition of group of models
  112. 3D models
  113. How do you create different anitmations on same object
  114. Camera issue
  115. 3D Pathfinding without a grid or nodes question andsuggestions
  116. Missing geometry
  117. How to interpolate 3D shapes?
  118. Check our cool 3D chat made With Director 3D and Softimage XSI
  119. ModelsUnderRay not working
  120. 2 Havok problems
  121. Converting scale to world measurements
  122. What is the maxium number a vector can handle
  123. at my wits end
  124. Creating Linear Dashpots in my scene
  125. Online modifiable 3D
  126. Using ModelsUnderRay Collision detection
  127. HANGAR 3 released
  128. Shockwave compatible biped animations in max 8
  129. i want to display all the data in the database to the text field
  130. Why arent the wheels connected to Havok
  131. Wipeout style engine source?
  132. Grouping objects
  133. Help texture
  134. Controling 3D
  135. Adds multi. cynlinder without delete the prev. one
  136. Particle Systems
  137. How "tough" is it to develop in Shockwave and Havok?
  138. engine acceleration
  140. gmax exporter for shockwave?
  141. load = modelResources only
  142. Shockwave export problems with Max...
  143. Exporting W3D from 3DS Max
  144. light my game
  145. Thorenzitha game update
  147. Finding the last frame
  148. 3 questions about texture sizes
  149. viewing multiple cameras at once
  150. video like texture?
  151. using more then 126 chars for naming models...
  152. vector image to 3D Mesh
  153. 3D Shockwave Collision
  154. New Director?
  155. Multiplayer online game
  156. Rotation Problem on 3DS Max 7 Scene Export
  157. Hiding/unhiding parts of model
  158. Dean on Director - Podcast
  159. Texture mapping and cloned models.
  160. Parent script calling another parent script
  161. Collision detection with dummy's?
  162. 158400 polygones and registerForEvent (read/demo/source)
  163. Advanced 3D API Support Anyone?
  164. 2d to 3d
  165. How to get xtras to download if needed xtrainfo.txt?
  166. Interaction with a 3D Cube
  167. Contrain PointAt to z-axis of object
  168. what't up with: http://nuttybar.drama.uga.edu/
  169. Efficient Lingo Tips
  170. Rotation with Rigidbody
  171. ANN: REALVIZ VTour creates Shockwave 3d scenes from photographs
  172. Dynamically rotating/zooming camera to a certainposition
  173. No more havok
  174. New Havok game. Tips?
  175. New Xtra available - B?zierCurve
  176. cross section view of 3D model in director
  177. Baked texture "holy"
  178. Non-Blinn shader error exporting form Max
  179. Sockwave Exporter for 3DS Max 4
  180. rotate object
  181. reflectionMap is only working for one camera
  182. How to rotate a sphere in 3D...
  183. 3D real Time
  184. Suggestions for shooting system
  185. Rotating issues
  186. Cheap 3D and a model question?
  187. shockwave browser publish waiting for click?
  188. Model Quality issues
  189. Dynamic 3d objects, animation and behaviour.
  190. Camera application is not using Overlays in Display Driver
  191. new and updated tutorials
  192. to Adobe Forums Admin (if any ...)
  193. expanding menu
  194. Shockwave 3D Gathering in Paris
  195. chromelib.com is back
  196. Error loading textures in shochwave from web server
  197. add the dropdown menu on overlay?
  198. Need help with stage idea
  199. Exporting lists to text cast members
  200. capturing the view from a second camera
  201. Anybody have a clue?
  202. Irrlicht Xtra Expired?
  203. transparency problems in director
  204. where's the chromelib site
  205. Model Reset - Please help!
  206. Saving 3D Mesh Resources?
  207. Can you help me get my physics right
  208. What should I use to get the same way a movie ?
  209. creating a havok in Director
  210. Newbie needs help with audio
  211. How to create a scoreboard in director?
  212. Exporting data from 3dsMax file
  213. Hakok plugin for 3DS Max 8?
  214. transform.rotation gives me headache
  215. 3d Pathfinding
  216. If you've got a bit of time can you read this and helpme out
  217. Desperate help needed
  218. Lightwave 2 Shockwave Bones Problem
  219. Boneplayer blend
  220. Gravity problem
  221. Smooth surfaces from lightwave
  222. 3D Chrome Library problems
  223. Mac texture blur
  224. quality of graphics
  225. Message for regular contributors
  226. Direcotor Podcast 3D Game Contest
  227. Remote Control Car Example by CanDo. Where does it getsome of it's information from?
  228. Rotation issues
  229. Fps problem
  230. Publishing with lightmap xtra
  231. Bounding box doesnt seem to work on smaller sizes
  232. Physics in a 3D model- I want as little reaction aspossible.
  233. Collaborative Shockwave 3D
  234. Problem with racing game using Havok
  235. Lightwave to Shockwave
  236. Shockwave exporter for 3d max 5
  237. Changing renderer
  238. director 3d interactivity
  239. Director Tutorials Testing
  240. Active Stereo
  241. A general question about multi-texturing
  242. Problems with cloneModelFromCastMember
  243. camera movements
  244. Looking for shockwave coder
  245. Reflection map problem
  246. realistic glass and gold
  247. dynamic 3d textures
  248. how to make a car move with havok
  249. collision detection in havok?
  250. Shockwave3D forum now open