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  1. W3D tutorials for gaming etc
  2. Live panning of sound
  3. parent/child exports from 3dsmax
  4. Anark in Director
  5. Director 11 will have no 3D improvements...
  6. Sound panning
  7. want to get into havok?
  8. Launching full screen movies
  9. Set World Up Direction?
  10. Importing W3D model in to existing 3D world
  11. Setting Flags
  12. Animating Characters
  13. Converting 3D worlds to .W3D format
  14. Havok problem
  15. Problem: Empty Stage after Export
  16. XPost: Google Image Search, and view in 3D gallery
  17. help needed with havok
  18. Brisbane Shockwave 3D Developer required
  19. Thorenzitha - Impetuous growth: Episode 4 - story/game
  20. Problem with export model from 3ds max
  21. Script Error Help
  22. Maya toshockwave 3d interactions error
  23. OpenRT
  24. Using Keyboard keys
  25. Recognising what 3D model the mouse pointer is under
  26. Navigate a 3d world
  27. Shockwave turns 10 - Content Contest Announcement
  28. ModelUnderRay tutorials??
  29. Alternative to havok???
  30. creating a link in a shockwave 3d world
  31. Need Xtra help with new 3D Xtra
  32. flash wolfenstein fun :)
  33. Mouse Drag W3D objects
  34. Movement points from ray
  35. Drag objects from different 3D worlds to one.
  36. 3d textures from video
  37. Problem with cloning W3D
  38. directx7 rendering problem
  39. safari offset bug FIXED!
  40. Example of arcade game for kid
  41. POSZUKIWANY: Programista Lingo (telepraca)
  42. WANTED: Lingo Programmer (telework)
  43. director player error object expected
  44. Here a fix for Shapeshifter3D .OBJ import
  45. Plane only shows texture on one side
  46. Setting up 3D world
  47. Model Rotation Problem
  48. Aaaarrrggh! Texture/shader nightmare!
  49. rotation slider using #self axes
  50. Texture in faces
  51. why the overlay is Blur?
  52. looking of an example with code how to take a boody for example and to "wrap" it with a shirt for example
  53. nextCamera() - just won't work!!
  54. meshdeform
  55. Initializing in director with 3d
  56. How do i affect a live 3d model????
  57. javascript / particle emitter help please
  58. help - Problem with exporting from 3dsMAX 7
  59. backdrops
  60. Offsetting a model's worldPosition in modelsUnderRay
  61. POSZUKIWANY: Lingo ekspert (telepraca)
  62. WANTED: Lingo Expert (telework)
  63. Mesh Deform at Runtime?
  64. Help, tips and ideas!
  65. Lens Flare tutorial
  66. Crashes when playing flash sprite after 3D
  67. step and havok physics
  68. Change the length of a bone via Lingo
  69. controlling and movable sprites
  70. cellshading/ink n paint effect in shockwave
  71. 2147196928 on loadFile
  72. how can save a texture to image?
  73. 80% transparent mesh
  74. 3d world avatars?
  75. server queries in 3d game
  76. timeout controlling model
  77. Loc Upper Model
  78. how to reset #burst particle resource?
  79. Platformgame character control
  80. Controling a 3d sprite
  81. 3d max 5 w3d exporter
  82. a box with six different images in each side.
  83. load director file inside flash
  84. cargar fichero director dentro de flash
  85. 3d world tutorial???
  86. modelsUnderRay() working really slow?
  87. Cloning delay gets worse and worse
  88. Determining node type
  89. Need a bit of a push...
  90. using rotation property
  91. timeout and startmovie/stopmovie
  92. importing models
  93. using cloneModelFromCastMember
  94. Transparency Problems with Character Model
  95. shockwave palyer xtras
  96. Some errors when starting the movie in some machinesbrowsers
  97. Macromedia ed us
  98. Camera rotation conversion to SWF MC Arrow
  99. which version of 3ds max?
  100. Warcraft Reloaded
  101. Problems animating a camera at first run
  102. 3D sound OpenAL Xtra
  103. 3d soundproblem
  104. Walkthrough
  105. how to make the movecursor xtra download?
  106. bones motion names
  107. Director for Car Driving SIM
  108. Windows Vista and web3D: new future for Director 3D?
  109. build a one person shooting game
  110. Collisions detection
  111. Shockwave Demo
  112. Parent/Bone
  113. Edit parts of a mesh (without bones?)
  114. 3ds Max Exporter
  115. HKE - must with havok behaviors?
  116. Havok Gravity/Friction Question
  117. limitation to numer of overlays
  118. movecursor xtra
  119. remotely link .w3d content
  120. model.userData returns nested property lists
  121. head and body together?
  122. chemistry samples
  123. 3d cursor?
  124. Question from a Newbie
  125. havok explosion demo
  126. modelUnderLoc
  127. Bonesplayer cloning
  129. Hyperlinked models slowing everything down
  130. 3d book?
  131. Any recommendations on the...
  132. Reseting a shader for a model
  133. OpenAL Xtra: free Director Xtra for 3D Audio
  134. Loading W3D member...
  135. The next "Reloaded"
  136. overlay text quality
  137. copy those poses
  138. Clipping / z-index problem
  139. evaluate string
  140. set visibility property for lots of models at once
  141. double coordinates on a single object
  142. assining movies as texture
  143. 3DS to W3D in Director problems
  144. Plasma crashing because of service pack 2
  145. Director 11 !
  146. model to follow mouse
  147. repeat loop
  148. repeat with to access the modle name
  149. Using Cast Member as Alpha Channel
  150. Changin model transparancy
  151. Urgent text and 3D issue
  152. Version 1 of 3D Training Toolkit released
  153. Shader Problem Lightwave
  154. constraining the rotate axes of the camera
  155. shockwave 3D Helga animation isn't smooth
  156. Cubic Panorama Seams
  157. limited camera zooming
  158. Panoramas and texturing help
  159. Zooming in 3D
  160. Good Freelance/Part-Time Lingo developer wanted
  161. Making 3D object invisible then visible
  162. studio 8... any word on a director update?
  163. nice first person thing
  164. Alpha channels on textures
  165. camera s after each complete revolution
  166. Scaling a model not it's texture?
  167. Move model over the others model in the scene
  168. Shadow casting, bump mapping
  169. game editor
  170. Interactive overlay
  171. creating links in a 3d world
  172. demo
  173. Plane Texture Problem
  174. rotate camera along an axis
  175. Groovy Land
  176. Looking for a simple .w3d file with bones included
  177. overlay change
  178. 3D Draw Line?
  179. attaching the camera to a model
  180. repeatability of Havok simulations? Is it possible ?
  181. 3d calatlog project
  182. loading models dynamically using dswmedia folder
  183. wrapCylindrical problem
  184. Applying colour to 3D model in a 3D member
  185. Director Video Vs Flash Video [file size]
  186. interpolate()
  187. Image Object and Image Member speed
  188. Game for MSc thesis
  189. Apply 3D model to another 3D model
  190. Anyone wanting to sell a license
  191. Simple Havok Interaction in Director MX 2004
  192. Shockwave3D Dance Game
  193. Textures/Shader to Parent/Child Spheres
  194. shockwave3D sample - look
  195. Storyline!
  196. Importing Animations into model
  197. 3D object oriented lingo
  198. Get Direct xtra transition working in Shockwave
  199. Smooth camera movement
  200. Yet another texture coordinate list question
  201. I need help to create a #plane with curves
  202. Okey!! Time's up!!!! Give our new Shockwave Playerwith 3D improvements!!!!!
  203. Rotating a camera position
  204. What is the fastest way to add multiple child to aparent ?
  205. distortion of shapes
  206. Using skin modifier in Plasma
  207. how to swith camera
  208. w3d sdk : probleme with author mesh group compilation
  209. rewind Keyframe animation
  210. 3d object that triggers a sprite on screen
  211. Camera rotation around an object
  212. Triggering a backdrop on a 3D object with button/lingo
  213. Modify the Shockwave context menu [XPost]
  214. texture blend whit alpha channel
  215. rotating jaw deformation
  216. Richard here
  217. Seeking LIngo Programmer for 3D project
  218. Who's using Shockwave3D
  219. Manipulating a 3d object
  220. Side-scrolling Camera in 3D
  221. 3D jaggies
  222. move object, not world
  223. Maya Havok Plug-in
  224. w3d roll over problem
  225. How Do I Create Interactive 3D Games?
  226. 3ds Max bones to director
  227. loadfile error
  228. Hot spots in ipix, with navigation?
  229. Train Cars simulation
  230. Anyone know how to make a Fly-Trought Camera whit lingo?
  231. Can you export bones without skinning?
  232. Publishing 3D content
  233. Collision Detection and Jumping to Another Frame
  234. problems whit cameras ! Trying to set the viewport tothe position of the cam.
  235. ChromeLib Problem
  236. Axis discrepancy strategy
  237. Shockwave 3D Display Bug in Safari
  238. Loading/Saving Models in 3D wiwth FileIO
  239. Cloning motion problem
  240. y keyframeplayer motion from 3ds max
  241. The best way to use a textInput to translate a object ?
  242. w3d game on new movie site
  243. Javascript or Lingo?
  244. Dynamic 3D cloning issue
  245. Problem with #Collision Modifier detection
  246. Creating Bitmaps with Alpha Channels for Your DirectorProjects
  247. Flash as interactive texture with alpha channel viacopyPixels
  248. blend texture layers relative to camera distance
  249. measure the height of a model
  250. how to strict the movement?