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  1. download SWD_Exp.dle
  2. preload 3d member problem
  3. ray under loc
  4. pick n delete 3D model
  5. Thorenzitha - adventure game
  6. Drag Model Grouped
  7. Texture question
  8. RTRE
  9. draw wires in a 3d space
  10. Save a w3d
  11. Making billboards
  12. Does Maya for Mac OS X Export W3D Now?
  13. Error exporting from Maya?!
  14. HAVOC Still usable in MX2004
  15. skycube and visible edges
  16. particle real time change
  17. Problem interaction 3d city
  18. MovieClips in 3d max
  19. Delete button to delete 3D model
  20. Updated Shockwave Player Installer Released Today
  21. 3D and MIAW
  22. the nightmare that is loadfile()
  23. cloneModelFromCastmember - error message help
  24. save the coordinates of the camera location to avariable?
  25. rotating a vector
  26. Trying to use the Macromedia's OBJ exporter
  27. lightmap question
  28. Coordinates change when with w3d imported objects
  29. undoented particle features ?
  30. optimizing 3d scene
  31. creating nice sky
  32. rotating,scaling from different origins
  33. good 3d lingo programming
  34. Go to movie from within 3D world
  35. messenger msn gratis free emotions avatar fondos fundos 026
  36. Reflection maps from Maya
  37. Exporting Maya 6 to Director 8.5
  38. New Anark 3.0 pricing and SW3D thoughts
  39. click on model to resize it
  40. modelsunderray not detecting some models
  41. About Drag model behavior from library
  42. ** URGENT Calling a shockwave app with a string **
  43. How do I make my avatar shoot? #fire
  44. Background to specific camera
  45. Newbie question - can i resize the 3d object??
  46. make model ignore collision from modelsUnderRay
  47. modelUnderRay with one ray
  48. Cloning 3d models error
  49. Shader Support for Shockwave 3D
  50. Can't get background to show
  51. max/plasma lights... always imports as #point?
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  53. Internal vs External cast
  54. modelsUnderRay Help please!
  55. Interior mapping of panoramic on to a cube..
  56. remove texture
  57. LOD newbie question
  58. colorbuffer.clearatrender
  59. Camera to follow mouse movements
  60. Error in 3d max 7 and collisions slow down
  61. Action Script For 3D Animation
  62. Canoma Scenes
  63. Havok qestions (car physics)
  64. Opportunity a Director 3D developer
  65. [OT] looking for demo/screenshots
  66. what's better: yon or removefromworld with respect toprocessing power
  67. Collision when moving fast
  68. Rotating Problem
  69. 3D collision event handler
  70. Creating cameras when needed v All in one go
  71. DART
  72. drawing lines in 3d space? possible?
  73. Shockwave error....
  74. i want a link for m3d exporters form 3DS max 7
  75. Need help assessing the level of difficulty
  76. Rotating Back To Start
  77. deleting things and all that comes with them...?
  78. Creating a room - confused..
  79. Havok Rotation
  80. bone[boneid].transform
  81. Help - Strange Collision
  82. Havok - Draggable Rotation Behavior
  83. Realtime shadow mapping
  84. True 3D Rotation and Movement
  85. forum question: marked as "answer"?
  86. adding objects to a scene
  87. Door Interaction
  88. Help....3D in Director for web application
  89. 3d axis(xyz) runs wild
  90. Have you heard the GOOD NEWS?
  91. camera like in 3d shooters
  92. From Director to Shockwave 3D .w3d
  93. How to import big scene and work well
  94. to many rotating objects
  95. How to get imported model properties
  96. your impression about anark?
  97. apply UV texture
  98. Draw inside 3D world using passed vertices
  99. newbie Qstion on keyframePlayer + 3dMax
  100. cloneMotionFromCastmember with Bipeds
  101. newbie help required for 3d game.
  102. Click Model Go To Marker
  103. 3D sprite ink
  104. Varying the 'blend' for different models
  105. newMesh in Javascript
  106. Can Chrome Lib behaviors be combined?
  107. exporting into shockwave with animations?
  108. worldSpaceToSpriteSpace not working
  109. Loading w3d file from a external folder
  110. shockwave interactio with web page
  111. create text inside a 3D world
  112. Using GoTo URL with cloned object?
  113. Does Director recognize IK chains?
  114. drag object within XZ plane
  115. Javscript, getPropRef and model.count ?
  116. 3D newbie - some general questions
  117. Get active camera
  118. Old Director 3D tutorial
  119. Flex modifier in Director
  120. problems with translate.rotation.y
  121. Keep focus on shockwave in browser window
  122. Imaging Lingo with Director 3D
  123. How to calculate texture memory
  124. object disappears from certain angle
  125. 3D Navigation
  126. shockwave3d.com
  127. Lights on ground texture
  128. preLoadNetThing
  129. Camera problem
  130. export vertices color info.
  131. Camera bounding sphere
  132. Property scope in Javascript Syntax [x-post]
  133. Frame Drop Issue
  134. try/catch exception with Lingo objects [x-post]
  135. director mx 2004 questions
  136. glows and blurs in 3d
  137. Looking for Freelancer w/director Expertise
  138. Indian Ocean Tsunamis: let's donate
  139. Creating overlays with an alpha channel
  140. member().model() doesn't work in JS syntax
  141. moving 3D objects from cursor values
  142. Publish Projector problem
  143. pendulum movement
  144. rotate aw3d-object
  145. Best Books
  146. Javascript performance
  147. Reference by name a texture in JS syntax
  148. How to turn a 3d object around its axis?
  149. a monografia direito a
  150. resetworld
  151. moving camera alters previously stored value
  152. Shockwave Plugin for Maya
  153. Is the Havok Xtra finally gone for good?
  154. CD Loading Bar
  155. HKE Exporting from 3d Max
  156. moving bones with Lingo question
  157. too many models affecting performance
  158. floatPrecision in Javascript syntax
  159. CD Pro xtra
  160. ShockWave plugin BUG !
  161. .w3d animation loss
  162. Replacing textures for model at runtine
  163. arrow keys fail
  164. camera trouble
  165. New W3D Exporter SDK Libraries Posted
  166. Physic Engine
  167. Models importing as nothing!
  168. Problems with Shaders when exporting to Shockwave
  169. Both side visibility in billboard trees
  170. textureTransformList with javascript
  171. selecting by name with javascript
  172. keyframeplayer problems
  173. delete mesh resource
  174. Increase mesh face number
  175. distort 3d sprite
  176. not selecting model on click
  177. cloneMotion and cloneModel
  178. X-mas Game
  179. Advice for Director team
  180. Texture in memory
  181. Missing 3D text in Classic
  182. occlusion model
  183. keypress not working with 3d content
  184. protect dcr
  185. Bounding particle system
  186. CloneModelFromCastMember : Script error: Error
  187. 3D text not displaying as 3D in .dcr nor .exe
  188. Pressure sensitive mouse
  189. Dashpot Tuts?
  190. DirectX 10?
  191. Help... need a transparent mesh...
  192. Wirklich schönes Wasser! Solltest Du Dir downloaden und dann staunen!!!
  193. Please evaluate my Project
  194. moving a models vertices along its parents axis
  195. Two models in a shockwave movie
  196. Music Game
  197. member("3D").image
  198. Powerhook Bowling (shockwave 3d)
  199. How to delay in a loop?
  200. color filter for camera
  201. texture load time
  202. Dummys from 3ds.....
  203. maya exporting
  204. how to browse in sub groups
  205. Cool tutorials
  206. render part of a model
  207. Interactive bones animation in Shockwave
  208. Pow Pow?s Great Adventure (Shockwave 3D)
  209. Create a cool sky
  210. How to protec my cdrom demo
  211. bones get name
  212. About loadfile()?
  213. first person shooting
  214. Cool 3d graphics in here.
  215. Deleting an Object
  216. DEUS EX Reloaded
  217. ANN: SPi-V, Shockwave based panoramic display engine
  218. Shader script is making error in Shockwave
  219. 3d rotation does not work
  220. importing W3D in MAX
  221. how do i interact with a 3d model in director?
  222. z position changes with y position
  223. Having a shader apply to entire word
  224. Copy models
  225. Lighting
  226. 3ds Max 7 HKE Export Gone
  227. moving bitmap
  228. Reversing the normal of a mesh
  229. loadfile
  230. clonemotionfromcastmember error
  231. How can I import 3D objects to a projectors cast.
  232. 3D text made with variables?
  233. A challenge for you navigation buffs out there...
  234. Stop Model Tool Tip When Mouse Off W3D
  235. cell shaded?
  236. Changing Image size
  237. Importing CAD files into director
  238. w3d file on a mobile device
  240. cubic vr stitching
  241. zoom problem
  242. Introduction of UltimateNet Xtra for Macromedia Director
  243. Buttons in Shockwave 3D.
  244. Sorry,Why can not my texts be typeseted?
  245. How to let objects in a cast member be a child of agroup(or a model) in another cast member?
  246. Camera zooming, general 3D model view interaction
  247. Trouble with Particle Systems and JavaScript
  248. Why can not addchild() add a child?
  249. shockwave 3d effect question
  250. 3D multiplayer game