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  1. W3D file size
  2. Mouse look + WADS movement
  3. Once Upon A Time
  4. importing 3d models
  5. Wire/Cable look and feel
  6. Using generateNormals after deforming a mesh
  7. Checking state
  8. Interacting within 3D stage (walking around rooms)
  9. Not perfect physics in Director.
  10. 3d fullscreen view for stereoscopic display
  11. macintosh compatable 3d software ?
  12. beginner: w3d import
  13. building a room with changing walls ad colors
  14. shockwave3D.com for sale !
  15. Havok with DMX 2004.
  16. Max Conference
  17. textures from max to shockwave
  18. collision dectection problem
  19. model.name
  20. VRML Xtra?
  21. ::: W3D iPIX File Format :::
  22. Max render to texture
  23. W monografia monografias dissertações tcc W
  24. Join us for a Director Get-Together at MAX!
  25. w3d exporter in 3D Studio Max 6
  26. How to get rotation vector when given end points?
  27. G monografia monografias dissertações tcc G
  28. Got 3DS Max skills? Testers required for driving app
  29. 3d Coordinates to Effect RGB values, Dual Monitor
  30. more transparency problems
  31. director tutorials
  32. importing particle effects from 3ds max to dir
  33. new shockwave game
  34. advice from max/plasma users please
  35. Setting up a FP shooter type camera behavior
  36. Max to Director Export Problems
  37. 3D cable movement
  38. Problem in loaded w3d medias
  39. Can 3D sprite be put behind?
  40. How to dismiss the time in beginning of a sprite?
  41. Help on Shockwave 3D - 2D / 3D object planner
  42. UV textures in Shockwave3D objects
  43. HELP making a zoom in button
  44. var theSocket:XMLSocket = new XMLSocket();
  45. Pointer disappear in 3D shockwave movies
  46. New shockwave 3d driving combat game
  47. havok-car
  48. lightmaps
  49. javascript: a method for referencing model by nam
  50. figured out how to get model count using javascri
  51. staggered performance as textures are loaded
  52. water effect using reactor plugin
  53. relative movement
  54. Exporting 3dsmax vertex colors to Director?
  55. Please help with camera rotation
  56. Layering Mutiple Shockwave 3d Images
  57. model visibility in javascript
  58. Use Lingo or Reactor?
  59. Shockwave 3D Developer Jobs in NC
  60. Render image of 3D View, and load save feature
  61. transparency problem
  62. NEED HELP member().model() DOESN'T WORK JAVASCRIPT
  63. Which 3D app to use with Director
  64. Streaming Content in W3D
  65. mouse look behavior
  66. 3d text. noob question
  67. Flash Input Form in 3D World
  68. Select model by click
  69. 3DS Max export: simple vs complex objects
  70. picking lingo problem
  71. example of moving an object using code
  72. 3d converter
  73. Estimating our work
  74. Model visibility
  75. Importing Director into Flash
  76. Strange blank browser problem
  77. organic thing test
  78. using maya and director
  79. changing 3D object color
  80. vertex colors
  81. 2D to 3D relative coordinate system...
  82. publish error with DCR
  83. publish error with DCR
  84. objects disappear behind transparent glass - why?
  85. decal system
  86. animating camera along path - suggestions?
  87. Mars Loaders by Shockland
  88. Havok Xtra Update
  89. Is W3D exporter gone!!?
  90. sorry noob question
  91. message display in this forum
  92. using the CloneModelFromCastMember
  93. How to make reflection effect
  94. great examples
  95. collision.mode=#mesh does not work??? HELP!
  96. object leave the collision
  97. How to let Shockwave link to database?
  98. Changing the texture on part of a 3D model
  99. collision detect area
  100. colorList export
  101. shockwave, anark or anyother?
  102. generating 3d text from a text database?
  103. Controlling 3D with Buttons
  104. polygon count delema
  105. auto scaling a model in a viewport
  106. auti scaling a model in a viewport
  107. Announcing Director/Shockwave Player 10.1 Update
  108. [DIRMX] Invert a normal
  109. 2D sprite over 3D?
  110. Particles Direction
  111. never seen this done before
  113. found a great 3d tool!
  114. printing pictures part 2
  115. W3D animation
  116. ActiveX Crashing Out
  117. How to use 3D animation
  118. 3D Labrat Project
  119. undoented lingo ShowNormals
  120. enable vs disable a object in my model by click ?
  121. Printing 3d rendered objects from director
  122. add the lod modifier to a lingo model
  123. Plasma 3D lighting, and exporting to Director
  124. Bests keys to use?
  125. Bests keys to use?
  126. Getting the world position of my model
  127. resolve collision with moving models
  128. my shockwave viewer got some problem
  129. 3D model z-index problem
  130. removing a child from a parent
  131. 3d beginners question
  132. Plugin woes for all web3d, shockwave3d included!....make noise- get MS to fix it.
  133. terrain follow
  134. Bitmaps in a shockwave3D texture
  135. chiptuning tuningchip conversao gasolina alcoolarrancada turbo remapeamento economia o gratis empregosdinheiro
  136. Rendering Options
  137. Model property
  138. The future of 3D (Please Read)
  139. New 3d gallery from ArchitecTour
  140. smooth changing camera with ChromeLib
  141. cloning particle systems
  142. How do I check if the media is ready?
  143. number of messages
  144. creating animated cloth
  145. Run a script when a dynamic model is clicked?
  146. No duration on animation displayed in playlist
  147. Export HTR motion in 3DS MAX to Shockwave ?
  148. Export HTR motion in 3DS MAX to Shockwave ?
  149. Export HTR motion in 3DS MAX to Shockwave ?
  150. Director Projector
  151. [X-Post] SW3D game with (Morph + bones)
  152. request: 3d space ship game
  153. create polygon on the fly
  154. Invert normal of polygon mesh
  155. web3d next generation- theX3Dxperience.com
  156. moving a model forward WITHOUT translate?
  157. Overlay and low quality text
  158. S3D Samples
  159. call event Flash button
  160. Orientation
  161. Multiple Job Opportunities
  162. list of models?
  163. Request for Shockwave 10 Content Proposals
  164. number of textures/shaders
  165. How to flip polys orientation and Y-Z axis?
  166. Interaction of 3D Architectual Work with Director
  167. Shockwave Player Public Beta 10.0.2 Available
  168. Setting the Regpoint of an overlay
  169. max texture problem
  170. How to create a mesh with double-side faces?
  171. URGENT HELP! Selecting Models with the Mouse
  172. exporting to W3D
  173. what is javascript syntax of 'member("world").model.count'?
  174. 3d action comportements
  175. shockwave3d no crash with sp2 on xp
  176. Where can I get a model to do some tests
  177. Using Director and 3DS to build this app
  178. Remove model from scene
  179. how do i import .hke files into 3ds max 5???
  180. How can I stop an animation?
  181. How long is a piece of string
  182. vertex keys
  183. Lights & performance
  184. Shader Issue
  185. Newby Question: hither and yon?
  186. Alpha or zbuffer problem ???
  187. Camera rotation
  188. making this game multiuser game
  189. What happended to the speedport Xtra
  190. getting Havok to work in MX 2004
  191. rotate just the axis of models
  192. Print the stage of the 3d member image
  193. 3D motion object exporting from Max
  194. Opel Signum showcase
  195. Check these out :)
  196. Dynamic Streaming of Quicktime Movies in 3D
  197. What's going on here? - new to Shockwave 3D
  198. Collision Detection-Please check this script
  199. Where is Director going with it's 3D
  200. [DIR] Need newMesh() example
  201. Best 3D Programs for Director?
  202. ArchiCAD and w3d
  203. Shockwave survey
  204. how to stop camera at certain point?
  205. Can you make water in director?
  206. Motions in sequence
  207. Director 3D Future?
  208. First W3D uploaded!
  209. From 2D to 3D
  210. Where to get help to reverse a .W3d file?
  211. changing the renderer in projektor
  212. include Xtra..
  213. include Xtra..
  214. Most likely a totally stupid question....
  215. BAD NEWS AGAIN !!!
  216. 2 views on the same 3D-object
  217. You have to read it to know what it is!
  218. Water in space!The final frontier!
  219. How can I create a 3D game with 3dsmax6 ?
  220. Good rule of thumb for polygon/vert count
  221. Animated texture
  222. cloneModelFromCastmember and addChild
  223. not to read
  224. Simple Q: how to move scenery
  225. Link to external files !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  226. HAVOK 1.2 for download
  227. Reverse/ fast-forward a .w3d animation?
  228. Applying Textures to 3D objects
  229. help!! object see through
  230. havok HELP! Tips on solid objects please!
  231. Control an automatic action's variables form a button
  232. setting shaders - why doesn't this code work ?
  233. .OBJ Lingo pr
  234. How to fake Real-Time reflection?
  235. HERETIC Reloaded
  236. Importing bitmaps to cast member
  237. i monografia i
  238. Bones motion
  239. Control an automatic action's variables form a bu
  240. Grab Image from camera to cast member
  241. How to get the center of an object?
  242. "webforumuser"
  243. 3d Speedport and and WinXP
  244. 3D sprite visible problem on Mac
  245. Blender/vrml into Director
  246. vrml into Director
  247. importing jpg files for use as textures
  248. Mixing Maya with Director, Anyone?
  249. Mesh textures
  250. exporting from 3ds texture problem