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  1. Why does black come out gray in PDFs and EPS files
  2. Adding Points to a Circle
  3. Freehand Won't Launch
  4. altering position of stroke on object
  5. Freehand MX Tiff Resolution Problem
  7. Preview of process colors
  8. New EULA again
  9. Do FH MX users get a price break on Studio MX 04?
  10. New EULA
  11. PNG import problem using MX
  12. Export a fh11 file to Word
  13. Critical! Printing CMYK tiff to inkjet
  14. cannot open freehand files in macintosh version
  15. Fonts in FreeHand MX
  16. creating a backgound
  17. Grid of hexagons radially diminishing in size (Tutorial link)
  18. Losing toolbars
  19. Which one of these things is not like the other...
  20. Organized FH protest?
  21. I just wanted to know...
  22. PSD Export Layers Problem
  23. Urgent..EPS export failing
  24. A good FHMX book?
  25. controlling number of prints
  26. Attn: John N: What ver of FH in Studio MX 2004?
  27. cmyk gradients
  28. Freehand is dead... long live Freehand!
  29. MX Studio 2004
  30. Printing custom line screens
  31. FreeHand MX not an ``anchor product'' in Studio MX update
  32. Change default font and text size
  33. Any new unlimited time freehand progs on CD's this last year or so ?
  34. missing toolbars in freehand mx/osx
  35. FreeHand-Gradient (Repost)
  36. Freehand 9, inaccurate preview in Quark
  37. Converting large numbers of files...
  38. freehand mx to fireworks mx
  39. MX and Alpha Channels
  40. A fast way to draw...
  41. does anyone understand FHMX Crash Logs?
  42. "true" eps
  43. 'automatically embed images' as default
  44. Getting a JPG or GIF into a verctor format
  45. SVG output
  46. Corrupt FH10 Files
  48. freehand 11 update now!
  50. ?snails pace?
  51. restoring tranform panel
  52. cut and paste from Freehand 10 to Photoshop 7
  53. FreeHand MX and Mac Font Management
  54. advanced color picker
  55. Update imported image
  56. RGB to CMYK
  57. Setting default magnification on all pages
  58. Creating multipage manuals on Freehand
  59. how to export to dreamweaver
  60. Creating a specific size .gif
  61. Panels that disappear!!
  62. Effets in FreeHand MX
  63. Hebrew Settings
  64. Importing Photoshop EPS
  65. Same jpg on second page prints faded
  66. problem importing image with transparent background...
  67. Multipage plugin for Illustrator
  68. Tiles
  69. Freehand MX Menu Fonts and Extensis Suitcase
  70. FontCard
  71. Arabic fonts
  72. Got freehand 10 with Studio MX, update to mx?
  73. Transformation panel
  74. Grids and Crash
  75. FH 10 printing problem
  76. FHX and OSX and EPS
  77. Problems with "save as" and export.
  78. FreeHand MX Won't start
  79. Fonts not listed
  80. Question re import of Picture from CDR
  81. At last. Font Reunion!!! (OS X)
  82. Font Reunion
  83. PDF problems
  84. Freehand 10 / MX ?
  85. export FHMX to FH10
  86. 3d logo from 2d gif
  87. can I import tables into FH?
  88. jpg quality
  89. Silly question I presume about versions
  90. Clip rectangle moves but contents don't
  91. Blank doent when switching to FH w/o a doc open
  92. Does anyone know how to input chinese characters in freehand10 english
  93. Bitmap Transparency
  94. MX crashes when layer panel is selected
  95. can't start freehand MX in winXP
  96. new to FH: can somone answer question
  97. Tiff import problems
  98. Tiff impost not working on the MX trial
  99. Making Fonts?
  100. Printing multiple freehand pages to a single page of paper
  101. Logo on Website to Letterhead Logo
  102. Open Dialog typedown
  103. fill 3d objects
  104. using FH10 for DTP like work with lots of drawings and pages
  105. I need help with drawing lines
  106. Closing elements
  108. Solving Color Management problem once and for all
  109. viewing ai files in FH MX
  110. connecting lines in a frame
  111. FHMX moving small objects is a drag
  112. DataTypelPTC
  113. Apogee ppd
  114. Importing images from Powerpoint
  115. applaying effect to eps files
  116. how to select 1 textbox with applescript if there are many of them?
  117. Export Transparent Gradients to flash
  118. softening a freehand drawing
  119. page origin
  120. Using Punch on lines PART 2
  121. FH MX crashes converting FH 9 'Paste Inside' tif
  123. Using Punch on lines ?
  124. Color Management again and again
  125. PC/Mac compatibility for Freehand
  126. Changing objects in the Links Management window
  127. set metric rule
  128. Drawing a Gear
  129. Character spacing is huge even when Kerning is set to 0 or less.
  130. "In Computer" Printing Error
  131. font management
  132. saving freehand graphics for autocad
  133. save/export
  134. Can't open new doent in FHMX
  135. Xtra Operations toolbar
  136. Hola! proportion problem
  137. Where is Paste Behind?
  138. Move to Illustrator?
  139. Can FH MX create TT fonts?
  140. Problems with freehand 11
  141. Gaussian Blur in Freehand MX???
  142. That white rectangle
  143. Gap when using Divide
  144. Install problem--Entry Point Not Found
  145. Postscript Type 1 fonts don't print in Mac OSX Jaguar
  146. Export to AI from FH11 on Win2K
  147. Contextual Menus
  148. FH, alas, is in a 'mature market.'
  149. Disturbed Customer
  150. text to vectors looks broken in the exported pdf-file
  152. Trouble with FH 10
  153. text and links
  154. Macromedia, just make sure...
  155. Opening FH11 with FH10
  156. overprint?
  157. image to text
  158. Object Manager
  159. tiff exports as cmyk not spot colors (vector vs raster)
  160. exporting art
  161. Freehand MX & AutoCAD LT
  162. Postscript file to pdf?
  163. Fuzzy drop shadows
  164. FH10 + OSX = Pure Crap?
  165. Deploying to multiple OS X Macs
  166. Not Enough Memory - Blame it on.....
  167. Freehand 10 osx out of memory error ...
  168. Is there a way?
  169. skew (and rotate and reflect) in MX
  170. Font Problem in OS9 FHMX
  171. working in RGB
  172. Transparent objects
  173. how do I get a coreldraw 10 file into FH10
  174. guides:is it me or is it a bug?
  175. tiff exports as cmyk not spot colors
  176. how do i find the cmyk / rgb of a imported png?
  177. Macromedia WILL lose money. Period.
  178. Help with Coding Passwords
  179. Freehand 10 Colour Fading on Print
  180. Convert Freehand 10 File into DXF
  181. Basic Geometry of polygons?
  182. DXF export
  183. Scripting for Freehand
  184. Fuzziness on screen
  185. How do I bring a pattern fill into flash - Please Help!!!
  186. Convert swf to FH vector
  187. Dictionaries for FH-MX
  188. Creating tables
  189. Submit feedback today!
  190. Performing Freehand MX Full Uninstall
  191. HELP: converting gif or PSD to vector image
  192. Imported images pixelate if printed from FH10/MX
  193. Crash using color palette or eyedropper!
  194. FH MX, Where's the rotate tool?
  195. Extrude w/ an egg shape?
  196. Lack of Tool Palette in MX
  197. FHMX crashes on launch in Mac OS 10.2.6
  198. Make Vector Handles Larger?
  199. Printing problem in OS X
  200. Lost stroke
  201. New Bug: Radial Gradients and Anti-aliasing
  202. Not a whole lot better on the 'other side.'
  203. Epson 1280
  204. Recreating image
  205. freehand black frustrates my printer
  206. WMFs again...
  207. Can sum1 plz HELP ME!??!?!?!?!
  208. Color differences in FH10 with imported Photoshop image
  209. Large files, Memory, Printing. Egad. Insanity.
  210. Petition
  211. lost tool palette
  212. Importing DXF into FreeHand 9.0
  213. pdf
  214. Macromedia's SHAMEFUL upgrade policy
  215. disappearing print options
  216. HEADLINE: Macromedia sees $6.7 million profit for quarter
  217. Error 15 (Mac) when moving floating tool palette windows > Solved
  218. linked images black&white in .ps & PDF
  219. The mystery deepens
  220. ACD/Deneba release another updater for month old Canvas 9 Pro
  221. MX File crashes Freehand
  222. FH MX bug with large text blocks?
  223. Hhyphenation problems
  224. Error type 15 while moving toolbars (FH 9.0.1, Mac OS 8.6)
  225. Transparency issues and more.
  226. What's 'Image source' in FHMX object inspector?
  227. Dissapointed with freehand gradients
  228. fill group fhmx su_cks* or....?
  229. any australian designers out there?
  230. While we're bug hunting (you're going to love this one)
  231. Color Management Broken???
  232. disappearing print job
  233. FH MX and Suitcase 10.2.2 (OS X 10.2.6) - fontlist not OK
  234. Why are my TIFFs shifting when opening FH9 files in FHMX?
  236. poor quality eps format & squashing
  237. Bitmaps are displaced when opening FH9 file-I need a test file
  238. Linked Image files not updating
  239. Editable EPS
  240. OSX quicktime and TIFF error
  241. FHMX Redraw Prefs, image update bug
  242. Open fh8 doent in fh9 not working
  243. Ian Kelleigh's Tutorial FHMX Button Logo???
  244. Halftone setting for raster effects?
  245. Tell me how it was easier???
  246. Customizing toolbar icon greyed out ?
  247. restore corrupted FH files...
  248. MX crashing when adjusting contents of clipping paths
  249. Is there any way to "jiggle" all existing points on a path so they all snap to the grid at once?
  250. Options in Print Menu not consistent