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  1. MI5 Persecution: Fitted up 26/4/96 (85)
  2. Streams
  3. System Architecture Question
  4. TCP/IP port exhaustion - Unable to connect to the remote server
  5. Stupid Question
  6. Web Service Pound sign encoding
  7. File transfers
  8. Need some help reading instructions
  9. can't access a webservice setup as a file share in IIS
  10. Start, Stop, Console
  11. Web Services client software has substantial delay on startup
  12. What <Field Name> does webservice accept?
  13. How to call a .NET WS from Java??
  14. Application.Lock()/UnLock() or lock(Application)
  15. webservice servicing multiple object instances.
  16. How to send up a multi-dimensional array in a property of type system.object?
  17. rising process time of a webservice
  18. IXmlSerializable.GetSchema creates mutiple schema elements in my wsdl
  19. Good Soap Client
  20. .Net 2.0 : Soap client : reusing http connections ?
  21. Returning Bare Type
  22. First Try Failing
  23. Asynchronous Call Pattern Problem #2
  24. interfacing WS with EDI
  25. Base WebService Page and Event?
  26. Client side jscript issue
  27. Include Verbose Description?
  28. PageMethods
  29. Pocket PC - Unable to read data from the transport connection
  30. Native Memory leak? (Private bytes increases resulting in worker process recycling)
  31. how to consume entity object from web service
  32. Asynchronous Call Pattern Help Needed
  33. How to make SoapHttpClientProtocol instance send each request on different TCP connection?
  34. Webservice becomes unresponsive
  35. i want get London time in others country....
  36. Why is the first request to my web method slow?
  37. Extract client certificate info...
  38. Disabling Keep-Alive
  39. SOAP Header in a Dot Net 2.0 Web Service Client Consuming a WCF 3.0 service.
  40. Webservice converts Datetime from one timezone to the other
  41. Current directory for Web Service
  42. Using SOAP XML files
  43. Initializing static variables
  44. Starting exe application on server side using web services doesn't work.
  45. Web service with open db connection
  46. csv file
  47. Set timeouts on IIS or Web.config
  48. value of type "" cannot be converted to ""
  49. Newbie, VIN Number decoder help
  50. HTTP 400 Bad Request inside get_DeclaringMethod() in mscorlib?
  51. MTOM!
  52. Web service instance still alive?
  53. SoapExtention on Ajax callback
  54. WSE 2.0 is not invoking AuthenticateToken on my userNameTokenManager
  55. Newbie question - how to use Web Service function in Access
  56. How to Consume a web service that returns an arraylist
  57. Recommended Web Method Output for Unknown Custom Object?
  58. c# web service causing Internal Server error on remote machine
  59. saml in .net
  60. hi
  61. Getting communication interface's IP
  62. System.InvalidOperationException
  63. clipboard
  64. What that site is running?
  65. don't get response at dynamic IP address?
  66. Maximum number of allowed requests?
  67. Download Free SoftwaXsteel,autocad,catia,archicad,wilcom,x ,delcam,ugs!
  68. setting a timeout when consuming a WS
  69. Creating multiple namespaces on proxy
  70. Email Validation inside webservice.
  71. 2.0 framework calling WCF service
  72. Transferring data to heterogeneous clients
  73. Consuming NOAA XML web service
  74. Recommended way to pass identity to web service
  75. How to return XML/XmlDoent from a web service?
  76. WebMethod Times Out
  77. How to Pass NULL Eelment Value back to the client
  78. IList deserialization
  79. Download file with in a web service and use it for furthur processing
  80. Publish Failed (Why???)
  81. SQLParameter array in Web Service
  82. Consuming ColdFusion Web Service
  83. providing progress to client
  84. Web service client behind a firewall
  85. Why custom (config) files are not copied in Web Site / Webservice bin folder
  86. X509 and UserName/Pass in SOAP header?
  87. C# ASP .NET (VS2005) - how to obtain caller's IP address
  88. HTTP_REFERER is not workign in web services
  89. Web Service Debugging
  90. Client code w/wsdl.exe
  91. Calling an HTTP server
  92. Transferring large binary files to web service-How to
  93. Difference between SoapDoentMethod(OneWay=true)] and OneWay Att
  94. SOAP Message sender info
  95. Authentication and Web Services
  96. "Underlying connection was closed. Could not establish trust relationship" error
  97. is WSE wise?
  98. How do I get session state
  99. Webservice suggestions
  100. Binary Serialization!
  101. returning strongly typed dataset from web service
  102. Database Connection
  103. contacting secure webservice behind loadbalancer
  104. Operation time out while debugging XML web services
  105. Dynamic Web Service Reference
  106. Unrecognized element 'add' after <clear></clear>
  107. Error Adding WebService
  108. Manually Send SOAP Envelope?
  109. Parsing HTML
  110. MSDiscoCodegenerator Failure with Java Axis
  111. Undefined Value Parameters
  112. WSE 3 error in InitializeSecurityTokenManagers
  113. Web Service Requests Processed Out of Order
  114. Attachments in webservices without using WSE
  115. Webservice can't write a file.
  116. Can Web Service modify SOAP Header parameters?
  117. Architecture Help!!
  118. Custom response from dataset
  119. How to return XML Doent from web service.
  120. Web Services and SSL
  121. Can a Web Servive send it's status to a client?
  122. ting text files using web services
  123. Dropping carriage return characters from web service
  124. best way implement web service with authentication.
  125. File protection between webservice calls
  126. Web Service fails to authenticate to SQL Server 2005 (Sometimes)
  127. How do I catch unhandled Exceptions in Webservice (2.0)
  128. Distributed transactions in Webservices.
  129. Sending existing XML doent to a doent-literal web service
  130. Duplicate class definitions
  131. Redirecting an ASMX page to a new server
  132. Compression
  133. Non-negative number required. Parameter name: byteCount
  134. XML service publishing problem: Server Error in '/' Application
  135. Web Service max out at 20 SQL connections
  136. how to pass a value in this webservice?
  137. XML over GPRS - Is this a good idea?????
  138. Installer for deploying webservice
  139. HTTP status 401: Access Denied
  140. "Is anybody from Microsoft reading this?" you ask?
  141. Web Services questions
  142. Web service References.cs not updating???????? I am going made. I think?
  143. Login
  144. Problem deserializing XML (I think) from remote SOAP service
  145. Override the generated soap:address in WSDL
  146. Impersonate user for webservice status 401
  147. minFreeThreads error
  148. ASP.NET Refirect with POST
  149. membership/role providers - transactions and integrity!
  150. Unable to create a new file in my web site
  151. WSDL web reference problem
  152. Please help!!!!!
  153. Web service error - Client found response content type of text/html...
  154. ICollection default accessor
  155. Where is Reference.vb in VB 2005?
  156. What is the difference of web service
  157. Web Service Help C# VS2005
  158. use SOAP header for asp.net session state
  159. Method XX cannot be reflected
  160. Making 10 POST requests from ASP.NET asynchronously
  161. Serializing custom business objects
  162. Calling Web Service Asynchronously
  163. ERROR: Request format is unrecognized
  164. How to add SOAP header to a SOAP message?
  165. Web Services over SSL ┐How?
  166. How to catch message before it's sent to the Web Service
  167. 1.1 client to 2.0 web service
  168. VS2005, How do I Connect to a WS?
  169. Security in a Web Service
  170. File IO error
  171. Web Service stops responding randomly
  172. Basic Profile 1.1
  173. IIS Workerthread
  174. Asynchronous call question- app isn't doing what I expect.
  175. Webservices namespace- What does it do?
  176. webservice error - ...was not recognized as a known doent type...
  177. Bad performance on SOAP call
  178. Inheritance / Override problem - I think !
  179. wsdl.exe error
  180. Webservices, Interfaces and Polymorphism in proxy classes.
  181. WSDL/Web Reference and Classes
  182. Spaces in UNC Paths
  183. Fighting WSDL.exe
  184. Upload/download progress
  185. Static Variable Reference in Web Service?
  186. FramingFormatException (WSE306) on Soap/TCP receive
  187. wsdl.exe problems
  188. Null value node is causing deserialization problems
  189. Access web service through proxy server
  190. Soap Fault from within a class - no Detail
  191. Force Field to be Mandatory
  192. helloworld comes up with 404.
  193. Dynamic web service call
  194. WSDL does not show correct return type information for C# web service
  195. POST info to website from web service
  196. SoapException - Fault Element - Compatibility
  197. SQL Query by login
  198. Server response with header attribute mustunderstand="1"
  199. XMLHTTP Status 500
  200. Transferring the HTTP Error Codes
  201. problem uploading large file with webservice
  202. "The operation has timed-out" happening intermittently
  203. Help
  204. WSDL doesn't validate the incoming messages
  205. A client application with all logic accessed via web services?
  206. Complete novice question - do I need a web service for this?
  207. Unable to pass paramter to web service
  208. Acessing same class instance from 2 seperate webmethods
  209. Trace.WriteLine and Web Services
  210. problem to generate .NET test client from WSDL
  211. Legacy Asp & .Net 2.0 Web Services (Will Atlas help me?)
  212. web exception error
  213. The type initializer for 'MyClass' threw an exception
  214. IIS ASP.net Web Services Disconnected
  215. Confused and dissapppointed about ASP.NET tutorials
  216. Having the darndest time trying to install and run at client
  217. Having a hard time trying to open a text file
  218. Need to test a .Net dll using data that was sent to a WebService
  219. Using DNS name verses Machine Name causes 403 error
  220. Asp class at technical college
  221. Need advice on which technology for web consumer
  222. Deadlock when constructing a Web Service!!!
  223. You are not authorized to view this page HTTP Error 403 - Forbidden
  224. Webservice and MySQL
  225. Problem in calling a webservice asynchronously
  226. SOAP request returns with HTTP/1.1 405 Method not allowed
  227. old asp and webservices?
  228. Accessing Web Service from Windows forms app, Permission Exceptions
  229. Soap header with prefix
  230. Cannot access Soapheader in SoapExtension
  231. Obfuscating attribute from WSDL.
  232. no envelope??
  233. Problem changing password
  234. membership/roles create user problem
  235. Timeout on spawned thread within IIS
  236. Two-way Communication /w Web Services
  237. Finding out actual TCP/IP address
  238. Manipulating roles remotely
  239. Debugging an ASP.Net application
  240. Loading XML in C#
  241. Windows Service DefaultCredentials are empty?
  242. Remote web service
  243. Cannot access webservices from windows application
  244. Secure access to my hosted web service
  245. XML Data Validation - Referenced By WSDL File
  246. Web Service Calling Windows Service
  247. avoiding deserialization
  248. Webservice - Object┬┤s property don┬┤t return value
  249. Generate pdb's for web service
  250. Receice Soap Exceptions