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  1. Forking
  2. PERL concatenating directory names
  3. iterating through hash of hash references
  4. Reformatting the Date
  5. links in POD
  6. remove '\' with new-line
  7. interacting with table layouts using DBI
  8. How to capture pid
  9. Only reading even lines in file -skipping odd ones!
  10. Why did it print a happy face?
  11. Passing array as First argument
  12. Inserting strings into a file
  13. OO Programming
  14. Checking filenames?
  15. ENV variables and custom 404 error page
  16. Inserting chr(27) at the beggining of a text file
  17. trouble with writing to file
  18. print a 3D array
  19. Assigning elements to array (U)
  20. non-OO module problem -> other packages variables
  21. Dynamic loading of values (Tk::JComboBox)
  22. Ternary operator question
  23. Any way for Perl to write RTF within email as the body of an email without attachments
  24. Digest::MD4
  25. Help with Radio_group
  26. showing all matched text string possibilities
  27. Running a Perl script on windows xp
  28. Reading elements into hash
  29. Tool Like TOAD
  30. Automatically write in uppercase
  31. Fun module of the Month
  32. Changing file output format
  33. subroutine definitions
  34. Trainset - initial release
  35. subroutine call weirdness
  36. Perl Installation
  37. Array question
  38. target practice -- lottery numbers
  39. how to remove an element in an array
  40. Module to pull Netstat summary information?
  41. DBI Problem
  42. Recursive Archive::Tar?
  43. Regular expression with lookbehinds question
  44. Merging Hashes
  45. subroutine placement (Layout conventions)
  46. newline or CR with join function
  47. JPG images problem in Perl/Tk
  48. Reg. 'repeated pattern' matching
  49. Count the number of lines in a file without actually iteratin g through the file
  50. Count the number of lines in a file without actually iterating through the file
  51. Splitting html into body and header...
  52. Is there an etc. command in perl?
  53. Testing for STDIN
  54. 1 liner question
  55. Changing directory and running a program
  56. RSS aggregator
  57. tranfering in binmode
  58. Pattern matching problem
  59. PERL on 9.2 and XP Prof.
  60. Perl or Bash error?
  61. get external process's output *and* return value
  62. finding Process run time
  63. Frequency of words
  64. Counting frequency of words.
  65. Perl / Tk Gui Toolkit?
  66. listing prime numbers in a range (Beginning Perl exercise)
  67. Perl: regexp
  68. File name comparisons?
  69. Perl Games
  70. cool project ideas
  71. default value for input
  72. Browsing and capturing with perl in X
  73. Rounding of floating point numbers
  74. Perl Newbie
  75. scanning module
  76. Eval Reasons?
  77. substitution
  78. can't bind a reference using Tk
  79. Eval Errors
  80. \r -Option
  81. error msg : can't use string as an ARRAY ref
  82. conditional use clause
  83. how to push a double dimensional array
  84. Loading a has from a text file
  85. newbie question about chomp...
  86. Network Sniffer Module
  87. struct as an argument of a function
  88. converting array to hash
  89. Help with end of line charaters
  90. sleep under windows cmd
  91. Newbie that needs some help
  92. Reg. Net::Pcap
  93. quotes in pattern
  94. Checking about gif
  95. File::Spec::no_upwards(), Absolutes, Alternatives?
  96. parsing Makefiles
  97. question plz
  98. all confused about a hash
  99. Shebang line
  100. lc
  101. list of strings to array
  102. using substr... is this efficient
  103. Exiting out of eval block...
  104. algorithm query
  105. all matches of a regex-continued
  106. bless
  107. $self
  108. Digest::MD5
  109. Help! Perl Substitution
  110. switch statement
  111. FTP Errors?
  112. An Old Question on Sorting Hash of Arrays by Array element an d th en by key
  113. YA Win32::ODBC question: script hangs on 16th table.
  114. An Old Question on Sorting Hash of Arrays by Array element an d th en by key
  115. arrays/hashes
  116. Could I put commands in a variable
  117. ways I might p data in perl and give it to a telnet sessi on
  118. question about select
  119. For NULL values. Getting "uninitialized value" error msg., d on't know why (Win32::ODBC)
  120. An Old Question on Sorting Hash of Arrays by Array element and th en by key
  121. capture a website and process its data
  122. Problem with LWP::UserAgent
  123. Can anyone reccomend a good online perl tutorial
  124. how do modules work?
  125. DBI and MS Access
  126. Why does this keep happening?
  127. array assistance needed
  128. Regex to find group of image files
  129. Flushing FileHandle's Buffer
  130. Extracting data from html structure.
  131. Chdir doesn't work under Apache?
  132. [OT] Apache internal server redirects
  133. Import oddity
  134. How to su in a script if su needs a pswd ?
  135. subroutine parameter validation
  136. connecting to a mail server via IMAP
  137. manipulating X clipboard
  138. List running applications on Win32
  139. another directory search, yet many subdirs
  140. getting in between dates in a hash
  141. Help with array, hashes and objects
  142. LWP Logging or the such..
  143. shorten code
  144. Checking prototype with objects
  145. data filtering
  146. How i can get info about CPU ?
  147. String to unixtimestamp conversion.
  148. New Perl Geeks
  149. Looking up values in arrays?
  150. Updating a text file
  151. all matches of a regex
  152. Extract Data from Excel-files
  153. Checking for calling context
  154. Searching through a directory.
  155. perl and application server..
  156. How to call perl with in-line contents?
  157. basic explanation on code
  158. Data::Dumper trouble
  159. Including files to pick up variables
  160. Handling error with exception
  161. Unique file names.
  162. Reg. length of anonymous array
  163. ActiveState installation question
  164. Local Scope Variables
  165. NDS user and group query
  166. help on picking up key & values
  167. Response goes back to another script
  168. Maybe Stupid RegEx Question
  169. Recurse over a hash without knowing any elements (except top level)
  170. Which is better, opening and closing, or a massive file opening and a massive closing?
  171. Manfred Beilfuß/DVAG ist außer Haus.
  172. formatting the loop
  173. Email text encoding
  174. Archiving folder containing folders (was - Using archive::tar for archiving a folder)
  175. Problem using Getopts package
  176. Check names of variables
  177. Perl Doentation like Javadoc
  178. bad code, needs work...
  179. Perl Executable
  180. Program close
  181. Always Timing Out in Net::Telnet :(
  182. Getting croak or carp into variable ?
  183. can't use CPAN with Mandrake 9.2
  184. Developer Tools & iTunes
  185. How to interrogate array cell?
  186. Using archive::tar for archiving a folder
  187. Formatting output
  188. my ($var) = <IN>; and my ($var); $var = <IN> different ?
  189. Where to ask
  190. Array containment
  191. RFC - implementing callbacks
  192. Regex..
  193. getting rid of space at beggining of variable
  194. Cursor moving in one position
  195. Updating an array within a hash
  196. problem with Multipart module
  197. Problem compiling Perl 5.6.1
  198. Uploading large files thru HTTP
  199. Trouble with -T switch
  200. HTML::Mason and Dreamweaver
  201. Introduction/Tutorial for Perl/Tk?
  202. get_uid sub critic
  203. Method invocation arrow (LPORM)
  204. Reg. string matching using reg-exp
  205. skipping lines of input from another program...
  206. How to Implement a BNF syntax in perl?
  207. Script to p files
  208. Script Kiddie issues
  209. Search Replace in multiple files
  210. Perl, Tk, and RPMS
  211. Bouncing mails
  212. my in the perl syntax
  213. Knowledge of Win32::SAM aka SAMIE?
  214. Using Perl to change information contained within a shortcut
  215. How can I debug perl-xs code?
  216. need help executing scripting
  217. * CSV to HTML * zero reads as empty space
  218. Your vendor has not defined SGI::FAM macro new
  219. Using compression on Win32 systems
  220. Remote script execution
  221. removing all elements in an array
  222. ANSI(?) characters from perl debug are unwanted
  223. Make this into a script to p?
  224. (U) What are the best Perl books out there ... More than 1 is fin e ... list as many as you like
  225. sort -- following question: How to rearrange columns
  226. RE : How to reinstall CPAN?
  227. RE : [Perl-beginners] How to reinstall CPAN?
  228. [Perl-beginners] How to reinstall CPAN?
  229. symbolic references
  230. How to reinstall CPAN?
  231. $PATH/expect_scripts/script.exp | $PATH/perl/script.pl
  232. Delimiter for string..
  233. formatting and syntax
  234. Module for Country/Country Codes Lists
  235. How to use the arguments to use() in the package being used
  236. In what order does a program run..??
  237. Is it a perl Bug?
  238. Uploading a CSV file to a Database Table
  239. Fwd: Is it a perl Bug?
  240. reference ?
  241. Perl on WinCE
  242. DBI realted queries
  243. FW: special vars
  244. Program to reformat Perl code?
  245. XML p - hash of hashes
  246. How Am I?
  247. :Writer beginner problems
  248. Error: Use of uninitialized value in print
  249. XML::Writer beginner problems
  250. Library use question