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  1. Timing out without alarm function
  2. using grep in perl
  3. "<table></table>" and "<frameset><frame></frame></frameset>" in perl/tk
  4. Default VAriable
  5. [PBML] script problem
  6. WinXP copy-paste, was A little help please?
  7. Help with files
  8. comparing array value...
  9. What is this piesce of code doing ?
  10. uploading fiels from one unix server to another server usin perl cgi script.
  11. tty settings
  12. splitting / unpacking line into array
  13. Need help sorting by specific fields in file.
  14. (U) Oracle clustering on Linux/Intel based Platforms with a SAN ....
  15. upgrading perl to 5.6 from 5.005_03 question?
  16. IPTC Captions
  17. WinXP copy-paste, was A little help please?
  18. where should perl create a file for user download?
  19. Different results Command Line/CGI
  20. Perl 6
  21. Writing to file
  22. I did it!
  23. How to tell if subroutine param is filehandle
  24. How can be the return value from a subroutine saved in global array
  25. Perl Style
  26. column dumping
  27. map?
  28. understanding code
  29. uploading fiels from one unix server to another server usin perl cgi script.
  30. Spamassassin and Razor: razor2 check skipped: Inappropriate ioctl problem
  31. A little help please?
  32. Can't use global FILEHANDLEs?
  33. Running Perl CGI from Windows
  34. RESOLUTION: Using CPAN.PM on Win32: How Direct to Proper Perl Location
  35. perl editors
  36. Shell script build Config.pm file
  37. logrotate and perl file handles. How do I know when to reopen my log file? (fwd)
  38. SNMP.pm
  39. multidimentional hash that has both two and three keys
  40. sort from the smallest number to the highest number
  41. Array subtraction, like sets
  42. style of functions with complex arguments
  43. TokePr and get_trimmed_text question
  44. New Perl User needs help with POST in perl
  45. Perl regular expression
  46. logrotate and perl file handles. How do I know when to reopen my log file?
  47. Net::SSH::Perl public key issue
  48. Use and Require
  49. goto command
  50. how to use output of one class into another class.
  51. Obtaining file data
  52. Build multidimensional array from arrays
  53. How to use output of one class into another class
  54. Regarding Text Widget in Perl/Tk
  55. [OT] Linux VPN server / Mac windows clients | perl on a Mac editors
  56. error but code works
  57. Formatting the decimals
  58. undefined reference to 'boot_DynaLoader'
  59. Regex command to remove deleted emails
  60. Real dumb perl CGI question
  61. How to import symbols and semantics from one namespace into another
  62. procedure entry point slcvs2ptr message
  63. change modified date?
  64. Subroutine interaction
  65. using Perl to auto-login to capitalone.com
  66. function that reads line numbers?
  67. How to calculate elapsed time ?
  68. Help with options
  69. rm $( locate Maildir | grep ,ST ) will not work to remove deleted emails
  70. Possible logic issue
  71. Best Encyption module for this task/goal
  72. help on regular expression
  73. Two-liner to one-liner
  74. print outbut being buffered...
  75. Passing several arguments
  76. Automated script to connect to a web site and change the Password
  77. WinNT perl scripts - adding modules on all machines
  78. [Q] How to eval an EXPR once and make it stick
  79. dns servers in Perl?
  80. why "Bad file descriptor at line 94 "
  81. Time::Format
  82. Slices
  83. regex question "match everything that does not include the string '<br>'
  84. Dump Excel File to Database table
  85. Placing handmade modules
  86. hash of hash of array slices
  87. array push
  88. Can Perl run on Windows CE or Palm?
  89. Perl code
  90. How do I check to see if an open filehandle is still open?
  91. HTML reports via email
  92. How to put a variable value into a text file
  93. Benchmark's cmpthese results - how to read
  94. How to call perl programs from ASP page
  95. Objects and Arrays...
  96. Using CPAN.PM on Win32: How Direct to Proper Perl Location
  97. the same script, the final step, and again does not do what I wnat it to do
  98. how to construct 2 consecutive if conditions?
  99. simple probability problem using PERL
  100. Top-of-the-page format
  101. Why is this not a match?
  102. installing Tk on macosx 10.2.6
  103. netadmin & change password
  104. Undefined symbol?
  105. interfacing with Python using Perl
  106. binary perl
  107. String concatenation qn
  108. From 5.6.1 to 5.8.2: how preserve installed modules?
  109. porting to windows NT
  110. can i do it with perl ?
  111. modules and _DATA_
  112. Loading and using modules using eval
  113. Array creation with a existing variable
  114. Convert Date to week number
  115. Simple Perl code/syntax question
  116. Use Strict Error
  117. Haiku Activestate Slashdot
  118. reading a httpd.conf file
  119. Usage of Net:Telnet
  120. Reading tab delimited File & sort everything according item 5 of every line
  121. Need help with a regex
  122. Need help comparing lines in two files
  123. How to take command line argument and use it to run an upgrade script.
  124. Query on the telnet module
  125. Is it necessary to set the headers when using LWP::UserAgent->post
  126. Referencing Control Operators
  127. Covert Date to week number
  128. complex data file parsing
  129. Survey : Max size allowable for slurping files
  130. Simplest File::Find Was: Help with fileglob: Unix vs. Windows?
  131. Backup scheme
  132. Calling SUPER::constructor in the constructor
  133. Upload files and directories (MORE INFO)
  134. Learning to use map and grep
  135. Getting data from hashes
  136. Upload files and directories
  137. Program to write code
  138. Join strings problem
  139. format localtime()
  140. Loading libraries into a static Perl
  141. capturing f1,f2, key presses instantlly
  142. tie STDOUT to TextUndo
  143. Help with fileglob: Unix vs. Windows?
  144. Book review: Network Programming With Perl by Lincoln Stein
  145. Sub not working as it should
  146. Sub not working as it should
  147. IO File Problems
  148. Filehandles stored in hashes
  149. File::Copy
  150. Reg Ex help...
  151. Loop Runners
  152. Writing custom cookies using LWP::UserAgent
  153. Use of "System"
  154. RadioButton question
  155. Perl C module compile fails
  156. Delete multiple blank lines
  157. File::Repl help !!
  158. counters for lines
  159. CPAN question
  160. use strict and filehandles
  161. How to send results to more than one recipient
  162. How t o sort haskeys by numbersize??
  163. usage of Net::Telnet
  164. Day of the week by accepting date from User
  165. poweroff remote PC
  166. How to sort hashkeys by numbersize??
  167. packing array of binary (1 and 0)
  168. Terminating script if file does not exist
  169. for loop not ending
  170. passing arguments to functions
  171. Search and replace pattern in a file
  172. looping through (a lot of) files
  173. Adding a second email address to form recipient
  174. Saying an item is empty
  175. p email
  176. name of calling function
  177. Passing Hash table to function?
  178. Regarding unless in Perl
  179. String manipulation
  180. variable FORMAT in printf?
  181. exit perl script and cd in bash?
  182. Calculations with date
  183. C# on linux
  184. Proof reader please
  185. On import v. Just Do It.
  186. Matching and general expressions
  187. Building Perl 5.8.2 for distribution
  188. Search replace using 2 lines for pattern
  189. Perl/Tk on Windows (XP)
  190. Use strict inside module to apply to entire script?
  191. Why isn't perl used more in business and industry
  192. Suggestions for Submitting to CPAN
  193. Redirect stdout, stderr to file and stdout
  194. perl grep..
  195. Data File, turn fields on mulitple lines into records on one li ne.. .
  196. Creating My Own Escapes
  197. Data File, turn fields on mulitple lines into records on one li ne.. .
  198. Data File, turn fields on mulitple lines into records on one li ne.. .
  199. Data File, turn fields on mulitple lines into records on one li ne.. .
  200. check protocol
  201. Data File, turn fields on mulitple lines into records on one li ne.. .
  202. AUTOLOAD error in a module
  203. Net::Scp
  204. unscribe
  205. what is this data structure?
  206. Connecting to the Netware Server using ssh
  207. the file is there.. I know it is.
  208. problem with CGI::Session
  209. Sending commands and viewing replies from a serial-attached appliance
  210. Client system variables
  211. here-doents
  212. Data File, turn fields on mulitple lines into records on one line.. .
  214. CGI: Premature end of script headers
  215. deprecated
  216. multiline matching
  217. error.
  218. RE : Apel of VIM was Emacs Wizards
  219. Question about CPAN
  220. Dumping values of all vars
  221. omg, spelling
  222. is this sound?
  223. DProf and Win32
  224. logrotate on Win32?
  225. perl loan scripts/software
  226. STDIN and STDOUT on Windows
  227. Emacs Wizards
  228. == eq > gt
  229. check whether file is ascii or ebcdic
  230. upload script
  231. strange sort order
  232. mod_perl error
  233. error on finding email domain
  234. redirect with cgi.pm
  235. remove log files on win 2000 by date
  236. Upgrading Perl linux 5.6 rpm to 5.8.2 source
  237. Problem with dereferencing of $_
  238. Using Getopt::Std
  239. no digest
  240. decoding MIME:Base64 question?
  241. Oreilly's "Learning Perl 3rd Edition"
  242. RFC: Prototyping, do or don't?
  243. Mysql.pm
  244. Question about subroutines....
  245. Problems with Text::Iconv
  246. New to PERL and Need Help
  247. beginners Digest 10 Jan 2004 18:25:16 -0000 Issue 1962
  248. Perl modules on Mac OS X
  249. decoding a base64 file?
  250. tai64 timestamp