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  1. Mysql and binary data insert
  2. Removing duplicates in arrays
  3. how to extract data in specified format to another file
  4. Trivial 'unless' Question
  5. IO::Filter::gzip question
  6. Parsing pipe delimited file
  7. Newbie needs to read CSV or TSV value and display in a web page
  8. javascript Parsing
  9. call one perl script within another
  10. Apache::Session vs CGI::Session
  11. How do you find out the size of a file
  12. Beginning beginner needing references help
  13. CPAN, perl, dependencies, apt-get?
  14. Aliases in Perl?
  15. matching help needed
  16. Tokens??
  17. Antwort: array of arrays
  18. array of arrays
  19. Changing file ownership
  20. Modules for XS.
  21. How do I search multiple newlines?
  22. Text encoding reversal.
  23. PostgreSQL and Customer Database
  24. Mod version
  25. what is time?
  26. File sorting by a specific date
  27. making a variable execute
  28. easier way to list email addresses for multiple recipients
  29. Problem in Mail::Bulkmail 3.09 module
  30. Persistant Filehandles.
  31. printing same type of files from mutiple subdirectories of a directory
  32. previous element in a list
  33. alias in the shell
  34. Nested quantifiers error?
  35. email (HTML) pushed/pulled into web page
  36. Description Search
  37. file conversion script
  38. win32 percent CPU used?
  39. Gathering info from a website
  40. What is the best way to set options in a constructor
  41. Comparing file dates with current date
  42. easier way to search and append in a file?
  43. Style question: print v. printf
  44. Module location
  45. PerlTK: using place to place the same widget twice
  46. DNS text record?
  47. Txt Fle Cleanup
  48. join question - maybe map
  49. Run one process and get the stdout and stderr
  50. is next implied in a set of if elsifs?
  51. DNS text records ?
  52. Split multidimensional array into 4 multidimensional arrays
  53. how to read from more than one files at a time
  54. How do I escape shell commands?
  55. Segmentation fault - probably Zlib.pm module problem
  56. Parentheses
  57. web-based application question
  58. Excel/Word to HTML
  59. seperate file for constant definition
  60. finding a blank line
  61. How to get fields from a SQL DB one by one
  62. Another sub clean up
  63. clean up sub?
  64. Searchable Perl Newsgroups
  65. Filter::Decrypt2
  66. How to glue Net::Server and readline ?
  67. Perl 5.8.1 and Installing Modules
  68. A trouble
  69. adding an array as a hash value
  70. How do I convert strings to floating number?
  71. Which action button clicked?
  72. SHOW TABLES and related options for SQL are not working
  73. help float to string
  74. Help w/Class::Date Date.xs
  75. array inside an array
  76. Is there a better way to?
  77. sort w/o using an array
  78. malformed header
  79. DBI::XBase not finding table files
  80. design - help
  81. Problems with Storable versions
  82. hex2ascii
  83. Problem with installing PPM
  84. fflush stdin
  85. Perl Regex and Arrays
  86. Perl Debugger
  87. behavior of semicolon on return line
  88. Declaring sub at top or bottom matter?
  89. NET::FTP problem w/CHMOD
  90. 2 newbie questions
  91. Beginner Help Please- Oracle How To?
  92. CPAN install failure...
  93. Error while installing PPM
  94. Hash Print and Delete
  95. perl install on redhat 9
  96. traversing a variable with regex instead of a file
  97. working on time
  98. Trouble with subdir search
  99. File::Path question
  100. finding a spot in a file
  101. regex require a period
  102. how do I pass null arguement?
  103. grep argument list too long...how to get around it?
  104. Form creation and parsing
  105. uppercase strings
  106. cat \u with a string
  107. Handling Dates Suggestions
  108. Exponential numbers
  109. Adding nat to cisco
  110. What is hash randomization in 5.8.1?
  111. An extra space?
  112. mapping files
  113. Inplace edit regex fun
  114. undefined subroutine
  115. standard out returns "nothing", how do I print?
  116. threads in perl
  117. if (-d .....
  118. regex, is this possible?
  119. Best Token Char For Template
  120. :SSH::Perl remote change directory
  121. Net::SSH::Perl remote change directory
  122. Holding File handles in a {} anonymous hash
  123. (OT) Microsoft Word Creation // CSS
  124. Chopping off first&last character in a string
  125. M$ excel creation
  126. Microsoft Word Creation
  127. Regex apps
  128. another how to regex ?
  129. embedding perl in C++ program
  130. make changes to a file, then reading in those changes. . .
  131. AS2 to EDI?
  132. Add text to beginning every line
  133. Regular Expressions and the sub command
  134. Problem with the Perl System command
  135. required help
  136. odd perl & linux socket query problem.....
  137. "stty -echo" replacement for windows
  138. Text file separators
  139. storing values non-globally
  140. testing for substrings
  141. is it possiale to regex this
  142. a big problem
  143. pretty printer
  144. Pattern Matching Operators
  145. cgi mail script anyone?
  146. Sort Text File
  147. How to read url with perl
  148. editing mail spool file
  149. Packaging my stuff
  150. initialising a list of variables
  151. Validate String w/required period
  152. How do I RegExp Match a ? without using \X{3F}?
  153. show job status
  154. using 3 arrays
  155. Testing Uninitialized Vars
  156. Excel to HTML
  157. explain regex statement?
  158. Redirect perldoc to usb printer
  159. easiest `cat` in perl
  160. uploadfiles
  161. OT: Redirect perldoc to usb printer
  162. perl -v produces different output each time
  163. Group list elements
  164. explicit vs implicit syntax
  165. invoking sub/methods shortcut
  166. problem with date routine
  167. Is there a way to print out the contents of a variable in hum an readable format?
  168. Is there a way to print out the contents of a variable in hum an readable format?
  169. Is there a way to print out the contents of a variable in human readable format?
  170. Why is Perl's Object System Set Up This Way?
  171. Look At This Package
  172. Apache Log files
  173. Getting started in Perl for OSX
  174. www::Mechanize through proxy
  175. owner's name of a file
  176. Why is unlinking a directory bad or worse then rmdir
  177. how to know if a module is "stock" (i.e. comes with Perl install)
  178. script+file format
  179. A question about writing to specific columns
  180. vaiables global and local
  181. Pattern matching username
  182. Is there a function to see if something is an element of an array?
  183. Is there a function to see if something is an element of an a rray?
  184. Is there a function to see if something is an element of an array?
  185. Net::SCP::Expect
  186. Recall: ARGV
  187. ARGV
  188. grep text by line....anyone pls?
  189. patches
  190. validate chars for a string
  191. building module/package
  192. remove blanks
  193. Question on handling files.
  194. Is there a *nix shell variable for the path to perl?
  195. who's the master????
  196. Regarding Mail::Bulkmail 3.09 module
  197. How to draw lines with different line width?
  198. Generic database access?
  199. extending modules
  200. slice and dice them
  201. Hylafax - Windows Client
  202. Objects, threads and so on
  203. Get email adress from AD or exchange?
  204. To quotes or not quotes parameter
  205. Perl Beginners Portals
  206. Passing a variable to a package function vs. a local function
  207. matching the pattern (strings)
  208. How to sort 2 arrays and keep indices ordered?
  209. problem with Net::SSH::Perl using dsa key authentication
  210. Replacing variable data between fields - Revisited.
  211. Beginner parsing filename
  212. RH/debian regular expression weirdness
  213. Perl Newbie - Need good book recommendation
  214. PERL DNS Lookup's using "Socket"
  215. perl query
  216. Newbie Question! Can Someone help?
  217. assigning a multi-dimensional array (mda) to an mda?
  218. how to reuse sub
  219. substr parsing mask
  220. Problem installing Image::Imlib2 module
  221. Are package and module the same?
  222. subroutine problem
  223. Is -w deprecated?
  224. What is the best way to handle errors?
  225. Help with Win32:FileSecurity
  226. Help needed on File manipulation
  227. Reg. Perl script to read comma seperated file.
  228. Unicode Patern matching
  229. Order of Command Line Options
  230. Pop3 to SMTP
  231. selectdb in DBI
  232. How to autouse Statistics::Descriptive?
  233. How to pass parameters to a module
  234. Do BEGIN blocks and END blocks have priority?
  235. How do I<STDIN> to a stack until a pattern is matched, How do I
  236. Should loops return a value?
  237. How do I<STDIN> to a stack until a pattern is matched, How do I
  238. Passing parameters to a script
  239. Tie::StdHash
  240. unzipping a record at a time
  241. PDF content extraction
  242. env vars using perl
  243. Basic question...
  244. Adding attributes to xml root element.
  245. Please Help: Perl-TK: how to get a double-click in one Listbox?
  246. XML - add an attribute to a file and remove it.
  247. OT: Can anyone recommend a good list where CSS talk would be acceptable
  248. Parsing fields in a log file
  249. hostname for LWP
  250. Writing a daemon in Perl...