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  1. Oracle Connection using Perl DBI
  2. Question Format a string containing wildcard chars . and *
  3. Question about the HTTP::Request POST question
  4. strict & getopt()
  5. IO::Socket - i can't get it to read the data
  6. Perl equivalent to the unix 'cut' command
  7. re-format database file
  8. counting gaps in sequence data
  9. time manipulation
  10. array assignement
  11. Creation of file
  12. emacs and perl
  13. form content passing
  14. What function to get a file thru HTTP
  15. Regex to match valid host or dns names
  16. perl's equivalent for jpgraph (www.aditus.nu/jpgraph/)
  17. $_. and $_,
  18. HTML indentation not fine
  19. Email Address Arguments
  20. cannot call a process via telnet
  21. Need help in File::Stat
  22. usage of xerces xml pr
  23. How to find the current page?
  24. help on comparing lines in a text file
  25. how/where to install xyz.pm from CPAN (no perl Makefile.PL; make;make test; make install)??
  26. could not find PrDetails.ini in /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.3/XML/SAX; also need some advice about XML parsing modules on CPAN
  27. in a regex- re-arrange $1..$n
  28. How to process blank line delimeted blocks of text?
  29. Problem using Mailer
  30. trying to create a daemon
  31. Line replace
  32. why can't getstore function overwrite the existing file?
  33. Can do in 1 while loop?
  34. Variable scope in wanted function
  35. Variable name substitution (probably a question on references)
  36. How to reinvent grep with perl? (OT: Cygwin grep)
  37. A problem of pattern matching
  38. Map out a directory heirarchy
  39. How to reinvent grep with perl?
  40. Logical order to read perldocs
  41. global matching
  42. Global variables / special variables / variable identifier with just one character
  43. Extra newline characters.
  44. Simple OO problem ...
  45. Copy image from one web server to another
  46. Perl Doentor
  47. Grep Weirdness
  48. Question to use SOAP::Lite
  49. Tcl/Tk training class
  50. Re Finding file
  51. Finding a file
  52. Open file with default application software on Windows ?
  53. auto dial
  54. Registry Search Pattern & Replace String
  55. getting one hash out of multiple files
  56. could not find PrDetails.ini in /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.3/XML/SAX;also need some advice about XML parsing modules on CPAN
  57. pass a filehandle then use it in grep{}?
  58. Matching repeated lines.
  59. Passing shell variables to PERL
  60. DBI hashref with multiple db rows
  61. Email syntax validation
  62. Reg Exp
  63. smtp support attach?
  64. Problems installing IPC::Run on Mac OS X 10.3.5
  65. convert to uppercase?
  66. Serial Port Access
  67. speed of grep{s///} vs ??? or am i asking the wrong question?
  68. OT: Email syntax validation
  69. Net::SFTP and different port than 22
  70. perl regex to array
  71. array of hashes looping prob
  72. Removing many files and subdirectories under a folrder
  73. Becoming Disenheartened - Everyone talks about Python andsays Perl is old news.
  74. Passing options to command in a system call
  75. Problem with subroutines with hash and var as input
  76. newbie problem with Mail::POP3Client;
  77. substitution and assignment fun ( was Becoming Disenheartened )
  78. Becoming Disenheartened - Everyone talks about Python andsaysPerl is old news.
  79. sum a column
  80. Configuration File
  81. Check for valid email address
  82. difference between "_" and "shift"
  83. How to aculate Hashes of Array value with the same key?
  84. how do i describe a perl user?
  85. Help needed: urgent
  86. Trouble with m///g
  87. GetOptions problems
  88. Regex:: using variables to hold replacement text
  89. printing block of text
  90. How Can I rename File using Perl?..
  91. OR in a regex
  92. (when) is the ; required?
  93. clear contents of array
  94. Create hash from MySQL field headers
  95. Converting special characters?
  96. POSIX module
  97. How to access first key of "Hash of Hash"
  98. Creating a word doent
  99. Need help with script
  100. current directory
  101. UNIX Process List (U)
  102. How to find if a key exist in hash?
  103. How to track the success of insert
  104. how to open a file with 666 permission
  105. Problem iterating over diamond (while<FILE>)
  106. Becoming Disenheartened - Everyone talks about Python and says Perl is old news.
  107. Becoming Disenheartened - Everyone talks about Python and saysPerl is old news.
  108. Opening file($ARGV) with Getopt - failing
  109. server is numb?
  110. Is there a module to manipulate NTFS permissions?
  111. Remote execution & FTP
  112. Out of Memory! error on large tied hash
  113. Perl editor you preffer
  114. connect through socks
  115. SIGZERO
  116. Help with putting a subroutine into a variable?
  117. import from text file to mysql
  118. How to slice a split directly?
  119. XMLin() not finding XML::SAX or XML::Pr modules Problem
  120. Daemon that starts other Daemons
  121. How do I get rid of ""
  122. Optimize Problem
  123. speed up string matching
  124. Run a process in the background
  125. how to change values of INC
  126. Inline Edit -- File name
  127. use perl to inquire database and send email automatically
  128. easy module installation
  129. [Perl Downloads for Windows OS: IA64 and AMD64]
  130. starting position of RE match
  131. array rotate question
  132. PROTO in sub NAME (PROTO) {
  133. Delete all hash entries except for a specific list
  134. CSV type data into hash?
  135. simple windows process list
  136. calling Perl Script from JSP?
  137. Two easy questions.
  138. truncate word
  139. time function
  140. Mime Lite attachments
  141. entering text in perl/tk
  142. Copy folder using Net::FTP
  143. Moving between hashes 2.
  144. adding hash to a hash
  145. perl_mod
  146. bundle install fails
  147. SMTP
  148. Conceptual questions about 'pack'
  149. How to dynamically taking the multiple input arguments?
  150. Removing a tempdir's on Windows
  151. Reading input and Word completion
  152. Copying files from One PC to another.
  153. "CC" will not send any mail :-(
  154. CC mit Mailprog funktioniert nicht
  155. perl crashing at $image->Read (file=> \*ARGV);
  156. How I do replace part of a string
  157. Printing GET parameters
  158. newbie question about regex
  159. canīt call method "xyz" on an undefined value at...
  160. Inserting short strings into longer strings -- strncpy in Perl?
  161. screensaver prevention
  162. System or Backticks?
  163. gmail api
  164. Array - how to access and display??
  165. general question about variable and array
  166. Is my DB code bad?
  167. Regexp problem
  168. A simple way? A Perl way?
  169. How to get config file via http
  170. Perl Script for accessing XML file
  171. Questions regarding use: "optional" modules, and "refreshing" modules
  172. How do i run shell command
  173. delete all lines in a file save it come out
  174. Could this be made shorter and cleaner?
  175. How to update perl5?
  176. iterate over the fields of a struct?
  177. using regexp to substitute - problem
  178. Creating hash with multiple keys for an array
  179. How to avoid writing files that is used by other programs?
  180. Testing whether an array has any elements in it
  181. Sorting an array of hashes
  182. cryptic error messages in modules
  183. Testing for empty value
  184. How to pass two arrays as arg in a subroutine?
  185. doubt in Definition of sub routine.
  186. Number formatting
  187. Sorting HTML tables
  188. use vs. require in modules
  189. C Compiler
  190. DBI Install
  191. E-mail Parsing
  192. Choosing only numbers from the output
  193. Browsing a site and checking/posting webmail using perl...
  194. question about ( () if () ) while ();
  195. finding out what is uninitialized
  196. Determining Odd and Even Numbers
  197. Unusual Exporting
  198. Trying to understand this piece of code
  199. string extract from email body
  200. __DATA__ Token Question
  201. parsing HTML
  202. question about strict
  203. Serving up a pdf file
  204. Efficient Formatting
  205. Problem with compiling a script
  206. Isolating a word with a certain pattern
  207. Dot not string cat?
  208. image magick problem on free bsd
  209. Using a CGI form for editing a freeform hash structure
  210. where does IO::File come from?
  211. Problem with highlighting a word
  212. Processing files in Multiple directories (Bash or Perl?)
  213. Another Perl datatype headache ( scalars $, hashes %, and arrays )
  214. Could anyone please help with Line Extraction and Emailing Question
  215. Help translate into Perl
  216. Pattern Matching records from a table query.
  217. find out who was online at a given time
  218. keeping the file name while checking w/ LWP
  219. symbolic references in perl module help
  220. Help with deleting hash key?
  221. !$state
  222. grep in perl
  223. How to Sort on a substr
  224. not sure what I did ?
  225. Still getting warning for "Use of uninitialized value in join or string " (Please Help)..
  226. Expect prog. doesn't work in background !
  227. foreach (from a file)
  228. Perl <-> Expect
  229. TIP: Use local when assigning to $_
  230. passing files to functions
  231. Need to write a pop3 attachment fetch program
  232. search text
  233. Help a newbie to pick best version of Linux for Perl and perl/TK.
  234. how to extract digit from a line in Perl
  235. 2 Socket questions
  236. [The Subroutine...revisited] What is "Use of uninitialized JOIN" error?
  237. [The Subroutine] What is "Use of uninitialized JOIN" error?
  238. use module only if it exists
  239. Proc::Fork
  240. What is "Use of uninitialized JOIN" error?
  241. new window on redirect
  242. Reading a variable file name
  243. memory allocation in perl
  244. Clearing up Google history
  245. How to speed up processing two big files
  246. garbage errors when number of characters in script exceeds somenumber
  247. Pop up calendar
  248. Could you please help with a PERL/TK question.
  249. EOF and library question...
  250. My first perl script