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  1. "walk over," and XPath-based substitutions?
  2. Imager::QRCode-ing octet sequences vs. zbarimg(1)
  3. Net-FullAuto
  4. [RFC] A daemonizing module
  5. XML::OPML::LibXML module, installing problem.
  6. Perl IPC Sharable : Carp/Heavy.pmc not present..
  7. Differences with manual and auto Tk download from PPM ?
  8. win32::ole PowerPoint Method "SaveAs" Returns Unspecified Error
  9. Semi-random sentence generator
  10. Module name proposal for new ordered hash implementation
  11. how to do a reference to a func in Math::Trig
  12. TeX subset into MathML conversion? (as a Perl module, ideally)
  13. printable characters
  14. looking for a hexagon tiling module
  15. New module name (Eclipse::PHPMe)
  16. naming modules
  17. Net::FTP: No password == no pass
  18. How save files Using WWW::Mechanize
  19. HOT List REQS (1. Perl developer, 2.Data Modeler, 3. DataManager-Reporting Services)
  20. Code Generator module?
  21. Harcopy/book on Moose
  22. Math-Geometry-Planar-GPC-1.04
  23. New to creating modules
  24. Is LaTeX::PGF::Diagram2D a good module name?
  25. File::Slurp .16 is on cpan
  26. Writing a new module (Finance::Bank::Halifax::Sharedealing)
  27. File::Slurp 9999.14 is released
  28. Extracting Value from the Complex Hash
  29. Text::DAWG (was Hashes are good, but not good enough.)
  30. suggest module name (http client)
  31. problem installing gd library and GD.pm OSX 10.6.5
  32. i don't understand 'context sensitivity'
  33. Finding packages with ActiveState
  34. Suggested Module Namespace ( themes, design Tk widget)?
  35. Getting plain text out of a spreadsheet
  36. Is Perl the way to get laid?
  37. RFC Wookie Connector Framework implementation
  38. install module from CPAN in VMware
  39. Replacing characters in a CSV file using PERL
  40. How to start an other program
  41. Suggested Module for Venn chart Module (Namespace) ?
  42. Par-Packer exe file question
  43. Problem installing Perl:tidy with stawberry perl
  44. Gui small application for directory synch
  45. How to Prepare for CPAN upload
  46. Are there any MySQL queries or software packages for "findingsimilar items"
  47. SDBM_File limitations
  48. Log4perl question
  49. Suggested Module Tk::Canvas::GradientColor (Namespace) ?
  50. Suggested module: Data::History - Facilitates reconstruction ofresults by storing inputs and scripts alongside output
  51. disallowing a specific perl version
  52. Cygwin porting issues, DynaLoader, minGW/GCC?
  53. Repository for old Tk?
  54. unable to install XML::Sig
  55. HTTP request with data
  56. Trouble with Time::HiRes
  57. Detect X-events in an xterm ?
  58. how can I install perl Module From The CPAN in windows XP ?
  59. FAQ 9.16 How do I decode a CGI form?
  60. Getting message from XML
  61. use Data::ICal $calendar->add_entry($event) fails
  62. pdl on win32
  63. fputs() in XSUB modules broken (on Win32, or always?)
  64. passing a FH to a module then writing to it
  65. like File::Fetch but not to filesystem?
  66. Crypt::SSLeay and the C runtime
  67. Module for storing hash of strings to a file. Tie:...?
  68. about doc module
  69. Class::The::XML::Pr
  70. How to install module to a specifc Perl?
  71. perl script execution take a long time
  72. waMedizin Effexor billig online bestellen.
  73. Can't locate Term/ANSIColor.pm
  74. XML::SAX::ExpatXS
  75. _PACKAGE
  76. newbie question: prerequisites missing: going in circles.
  77. Difference between two variables
  78. Getting value
  79. How to create a patch to a CPAN module ?
  80. Filter mime/multipart E-Mail message to text/plain
  81. name suggestion for Tk module
  82. Perl PPM NTLM module problem
  83. authentication
  84. XML::DOM and ID/IDREF?
  85. Console output on Win32?
  86. Namespace Tk::ForDummies::STDOUT
  87. How to install XML::LibXML ?
  88. Portability of sinl() etc - with -lm present
  89. HTML::SimpleLinkExtor 1.22 links method returns a list of blanks
  90. replace data interactively..
  91. Perl INC
  92. Calculate CDF
  93. INC directories that depend on the perl version
  94. ptrdiff_t in Perl modules
  95. Namespace advice for VMware Modules
  96. Name suggestions for perl logging module
  97. Suggested Modules Tk::ForDummies::Graph (Namespace) ?
  98. Help with :memory: SQLite3 databases through DBI
  99. Where to get Sleepycat::DbXml?
  100. XML::RSS does not support XML "Extensions" ?
  101. LWP::UserAgent vs. WWW::Mechanize
  102. installing module with cpan on win32 will not work
  103. POE-1.003 - make test issue
  104. Suggested Modules... Namespace:Tk::TkDesigner?
  105. Turning off mod_perl
  106. HTML::TreeBuilder and Can't call method "look_down" without a packageor object ref
  107. HTML::TreeBuilder & Data::Dumper
  108. CodeBase-0.86 install fails
  110. roguelike perl module namespace advice
  111. Ogre.pm
  112. Bootloader-like message module?
  113. Is it possible to unload a DBD driver from DBI?
  114. How to join a list which has null elements
  115. Need help in choosing a suitable name for the space module
  116. perl-critic test failure; magic variable '5'
  117. lwp, http::request mystery
  118. Crypt::SSLeay for Activestate
  119. how to send RTS with Device-SerialPort
  120. Want to generate Excel charts inside Excel files by Perl CGIgenerating Excel files using WriteExcel.pm
  121. looking for module able to p dot-key configs
  122. does archive::zip support extracting large zip file, such as 12G?
  123. Dumb Mail::Header question: getting the header
  124. LibXML on Redhat 4 x64
  125. Strawberry perl: use Win32::Process ; ?
  126. how to know that the process is idle ?
  127. LWP::Simple getstore problem
  128. namespace for iTunes Connect client module?
  129. namespace for PostgreSQL related modules?
  130. Data files shipped with modules?
  131. How to fight PAUSE indexer on DOSISH systems?
  132. How to conditionally use a module
  133. Math::Pari in turmoil
  134. Expect - "sleep" executed at the wrong time (before an expect(...send...) instead of after)
  135. How to avoid multiple Inclusions of perl modules.. or how to detectmutliple inclusions.
  136. Net::SSLeay make failure - openssl error.
  137. Representing duplicated data in XML
  138. IO::Socket::INET hanging if packets are droped
  139. Using Regular Expression
  140. How to solve the issue that \. is interpreted as any character insystem("sed ... "); ?
  141. How to deal with "{" in system("...command..."); ?
  142. POOF - Yet one more OO framework.
  143. Any chance CGI.pm will get fixed... ever?
  144. XS PM needs big data file (~80mb) to operate
  145. Module to trap undefined subroutines at compile time
  146. Module to spew bootloader-like messages?
  147. Using a DBI connection in many places (in the code)
  148. XML::Simple XMLIn() and odd chars
  149. CPAN Lies!
  150. Database issues with SOAP::LITE
  151. how to install multiple modules with one Makefile.PL
  152. kill process when file count reached,,.
  153. Errors when Installing Modules
  154. Decoding Chinese metadata in mp3 files
  155. lwp-download http://..--how do I use it to download pages?
  156. Attaching files with exe.
  157. Problem installing DBD-Oracle
  158. Error calling Win32::Printer from a perl script hosted in IIS onWin2k3
  159. Win32:Printer Windows x86 build with FreeImage.dll support buildissues
  160. Apparent bug in Win32::API if function returns a float or a double
  161. Writing VB macro script in xls
  162. Spreadsheet::WriteExcel new($var) not working
  163. Simple problem with Email::Address
  164. test fails
  165. Convert MS-Word to plain text
  166. Use CPAN or CPAN::Shell for LOCAL ONLY install from tarballs?
  167. lvaluable AUTOLOAD (help! Abigail! someone!)
  168. Perl Module using XS
  169. Newbie to programming, Net::Divert, Linux-Debian, autoflush error
  170. ANNOUNCE: Text-CSV_XS 0.42
  171. use modules OS dependent
  172. CGI.PM and hidden()
  173. write a new module for suffix trees?
  174. Using Set::Object - evidently I need compiled code?
  175. new module proposal
  176. RFC on module name: Music_Normalize_Fields
  177. CGI open of tmpfile: No such file or directory
  178. Increase file reading efficiency
  179. yet another xml generator
  180. creating perl binary using PAR module , execution error under unix
  181. DBI does not do what I expect...
  182. HTML::Template
  183. activestate's Tcl.pm question
  184. Mortals and refcounts in XS
  185. Can't find Module IP::Address
  186. Math Clipboard Guitest versions questions Feb 26, 2008
  187. HTML::Template not outputting
  188. Installing Curses Module?
  189. Another question to Sisyphus
  190. Net::DHCP::Packet - problems recv'ing broadcasted DHCP Offer
  191. PerlOutputFilterHandler runs twice...?
  192. Reading Data::Dumper output
  193. Delayed WEB Page Response
  194. A do-file location: how the code inside that do-file find it?
  195. Parsing function args in Getopt::Long style
  196. Finding installed modules
  197. Shebang line for modules?
  198. mod_perl2, Apache2::RequestID::read
  199. Is a hash the best method to do this?
  200. Commented lines are being shown compilation errors
  201. XML::Twig question
  202. CGI.pm and ModPerl::Registry
  203. Is there a better way to reset CGI object for AJAX POSTDATA?
  204. Questions about XML:LibXML
  205. Possible bug in XML:LibXML
  206. Namespace is changed before "package" line is reached
  207. To publish on CPAN or not? And architectural q. on modules.
  208. Batch Renaming a group of files in a directory.
  209. XML::XPath delete function
  210. XML::XSLT does not accept an absolute path
  211. How to increase performance BerkeleyDB?
  212. ISO: deep voodoo debugging tools for tracking down seriously weird module behavior.
  213. PPM Problems on Win.XP
  214. ANNOUNCE: Text::CSV_XS 0.32
  215. Problem using use CGI and LWP modules together
  216. device::serial
  217. Building Text::Iconv on Windows
  218. get all a module's dependencies?
  219. Stream filtering Module/Language needed
  220. Compile problem: Curses::Widgets
  221. Converting images with padding or cropping on left and right
  222. Is there a way to find a complied net:ssh2 module for ms windows environment
  223. Getting WWW::Mechanize to submit a form
  224. only want to install one module and the depended ones, but CPAN always install the whole Perl.
  225. Reduce CPU time while using serialport?
  226. Have any Asynchronous I/O module in win32?
  227. I don't want to write an HTML templating module
  228. Problem with DBD::Oracle in cgi-script
  229. Problem in redirection
  230. Using DBD::pNET with DBD::Oracle
  231. wsp, Firefox proxy and ports
  232. finding version number of a library
  233. Interpreting cpantester results
  234. Question on Wx modules
  235. List of all modules installed on a system
  236. mod_perl2 won't work w/ActivestateP588 V.822
  237. Can't locate object method "ymd" via package...
  238. Problem Installing Module (Email::MIME::Modifier)
  239. Win32::serialport and Windows NT 4
  240. Problem in accessing DLL function from perl module.
  241. CGI::Simple::Standard and CGI::Alert authors are unresponsive
  242. Name my Module!
  243. Simplest Makefile.PL
  244. Problem in using Win32::Process::Create
  245. It's not PHP, is it? (potential new CPAN module)
  246. Looking for modules to help downlaod web-pages...
  247. update framework
  248. CPAN module validation process
  249. Alternate option to win32::ODBC
  250. Modules Geo::OGC::Geometry and Gtk2::Ex::Geo