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  1. thank you
  2. unlink and big files
  3. Code Help
  4. Problem with CGI:Session
  5. max of cardinality
  6. subroutines return values
  7. CGI parameter question
  8. binary dist calculation
  9. Upgrading perl and module use
  10. Problem with changes to referrenced object
  11. Checking environment variable existence
  12. Style question: map versus foreach
  13. searching for null in pattern
  14. Breaking out of loop if nothing pending
  15. Perl features
  16. count of 1s in a binary number
  17. Accessing PHP variables with Perl
  18. repetition operator on a list of references doesn't work?
  19. Code to generate random file names
  20. Perl Module DBD::ORACLE
  21. bit sequence match
  22. Republicans can't even run a web server much less the country.
  23. Regex that matches anything except a specific string
  24. Bug in 5.8.0?. op is very slow
  25. nested loop.
  26. how to access a (global) variable across files
  27. Bug in 5.8.0? . op is very slow
  28. Speech recognition!
  29. Subnet / Subnet Mask ---> IP calculation
  30. embedding perl within perl....
  31. equivalent perl for sed command ..newbie question
  32. Converting a list join to a scaler/string
  33. "pack" perldoc error?
  34. math operations
  35. Problem with a string
  36. Insert file date created into a variable
  37. I think what I need is a backreference but it doesn't ever match
  38. Tool to embed images (or other binaries) in your PERL source.
  39. what language is this?
  40. Pls point me in the right direction - hide e-mail address
  41. problem with if-else assignment in text database
  42. Perl localtime strange behavior
  43. Split problem.
  44. Need Some Error Help
  45. wolk a byte code tree
  46. Splitting an array into "even" parts
  47. MIME::Lite on ActivePerl
  48. Logical Xor
  49. Changing from capital letters to small letters using perl
  50. printing characters
  51. using a hash as condition selector
  52. Problem Connecting w Perl/DBD::Oracle as SYSDBA
  53. Perl can't locate a .pm in INC
  54. Net::SSH::Perl
  55. perl regex: stopping short when using .*
  56. simplify this if loop
  57. Big problem with array and Chomp ... I think :o
  58. Newbie gets Internal Server Error, among others
  59. what is $?
  60. Renaming files
  61. Newbie question - create a file
  62. testing for 'undefined subroutine'
  63. grab the last few itmes of an array
  64. Parsing Large Files
  65. Windows binary with debugging support
  66. Making a range from numbers
  67. Verbose warnings
  68. How can i execute "cal" of UNIX in .pl ?
  69. if/els statement within perl script - newb
  70. Rookie: Accessing specific element of excel->range array
  71. Something like JSP tags
  72. derefing a nested table full of refs
  73. apache and perl
  74. sub confusion
  75. Help a non-Perl user update an older program...
  76. Help using Getopt::Mixed
  77. Stupid regex problem...
  78. How big can an array be ?
  79. how to automate webpage interaction?
  80. Newbie to perl, need help
  81. extracting properties of companies with a tag for company number
  82. Unable to acces "$?" environment variable
  83. neuronal pattern / network
  84. is there the simplest way to do this: logon to my email account and delete bulk emails?
  85. Export of environment variables
  86. How to find a word in wordlist
  87. substitutions using a string variable
  88. Uploading multiple files
  89. User Security
  90. Newbie: Difference between $array[0] and array[0]
  91. Human verifiable image of numbers, for CGI
  92. newbie ?: expand variable within a variable
  93. Can someone explain this to me?
  94. Watching The ...
  95. function modification
  96. Get Windows Task-Names?!
  97. Projects
  98. How to prevent connection string from being public?
  99. Aps and Linux
  100. newbie pass variables on CGI
  101. mldbm error
  102. Anybody using PERL to control their house ?
  103. How Do I Use CGI->System Call As CronJob?
  104. Logic Flow Question
  105. Script Help
  106. How to tell what modules are installed?
  107. File test operator (-r) returns 'not exist' rather than 'not readable'
  108. Perl Cut Command
  109. Need help with OCIDefineObject
  110. UNIX domain sockets
  111. calculate an average
  112. Equivalent of "ls -t" ?
  113. Parsing of blocks (e.g. foo { bar })
  114. difference between defined & exists
  115. Parsing results of ps?
  116. iteration number
  117. In search of elegant code: inverting a string
  118. sourcing a file from perl
  119. Sort two dimensional array with multiple keys
  120. Probably a FAQ, recursivly creating a directory tree?
  121. converting text data
  122. array reference expected
  123. tie problem
  124. Java with apache from perl script?
  125. fork process to handle fifo input
  126. job: perl script for authorize.net AIM (advanced integration method)
  127. What am I doing wrong?!
  128. Resetting //g
  129. DOS window.
  130. Video::Capture example?
  131. Repost: Conditional look-ahead?
  132. Conditional look-ahead?
  133. DHCP client tool
  134. cksum module
  135. Call Perl Scripts from Other Dir in Linux, Path Messed Up
  136. Avoiding multiple cgi instances
  137. Using 'crypt' command in perl script giving Insecure depedency warning and error.
  138. help... this perl is different... null values are crashing my script.
  139. Can't do setuid and file permision denied errors
  140. building a e-commerce site
  141. Finding out if a string has a trailing slash
  142. system() rc hosed?
  143. regex for stripping HTML
  144. Checkbox - database checkbox, if checked gives value of 1 .. how to sum ?
  145. Singleton process
  146. multiline regular expression, is it possible?
  147. Expanding a perl regex to a list of files with full paths
  148. runtime load of code
  149. OO Design <- Newbie
  150. perl -ws and "used only once" warnings
  151. Guide for dealing with alternate character sets?
  152. Perl module for yzing log files?
  153. array of hashrefs (nested)
  154. Running system() commands in background
  155. Sorting case insensitively
  156. Problem with printing hashes using dynamic keys
  157. Printing folder contents
  158. error from - eval "do script"
  159. Rounding a float in Perl?
  160. A global has among threads
  161. Installing Module on Remote Host
  162. Question
  163. Help with script to move email files based on date field in header
  164. Fastest Perl Interpreter
  165. SendMail Problem
  166. how to do something
  167. exec() gives output??
  168. Portable INC
  169. Cygwin and Microsoft SQL
  170. Is there a VAR to count the number of occurences of matching
  171. generating html from perl
  172. Outlook email headers
  173. Accessing C struct members via T_PTROBJ
  174. About Expect.
  175. /o regex question
  176. Awk commands in perl
  177. matching ??
  178. Balanced Text??
  179. Regular Expression newbie help/question
  180. calling Korn shell from Perl script - changing oracle db passwords through web
  181. Problem using Archive::Zip !
  182. Undefined array values
  183. GD module
  184. Increment a string and write it to a file after each result.
  185. strange effect with [:lower:] in perl
  186. How to catch runtime error?
  187. Regex Help
  188. How to use a web broser as GUI
  189. Fill up HD fastest way
  190. Is there a better way than using $+ ?
  191. Referring to a 'column' from a reference to an array of array references
  192. help to understand a broken script
  193. Newbie Regex Help
  194. newbie perl - html question
  195. Simulating case sensitivity for win32 files
  196. file redirect within back ticks not working
  197. Pattern match over mutiple files is slow - Help Needed !
  198. All possible combinations of two lists
  199. Oddity with the x and . operators
  200. while each hash, why not array
  201. c programmer in need of perl advise
  202. Client/Server Help!
  203. Rows not being returned ?
  204. Regex to extract row data from text
  205. First Perl/CGI need critique on current code before further developement
  206. Stale data in DB_File?
  207. Further on Taint - exact code that has the problem
  208. -w
  209. Taint - having some real trouble here, taint/perl experts, please help
  210. PGP in perl?
  211. Regular expressions when searching for string containing brackets or parans ..
  212. rsh & perl -Directory creation not possible
  213. Perl and IIS - script runs but 'The page cannot be displayed'
  214. commands, which is better
  215. performance arrays vs hashes
  216. chmod 666 not working from perl script
  217. DBI & primary keys
  218. Use in if..elsif
  219. Directory Structure.
  220. Arguments to CO:pipe?
  221. PAR and pp problem
  222. regular expression question
  223. IO::Socket::INET - Listen on exactly two IPs the same time?
  224. storing values from file into an array.-newbie
  225. using perl on the command line, like sed or awk
  226. Odd Perl bitwise-AND & MySQL problem?
  227. some help
  228. Mason pipeline style
  229. <$fh> question
  230. Quick Perl question
  231. Displaying variables-list
  232. my first perl script!
  233. Perl & Apache: modifying index.html while it's used
  234. Installing DBD::Sybase on MAC
  235. Rookie: Constructing a large SQL INSERT statement
  236. retrieving info from file
  237. C vs Perl
  238. How do I make a standalone WIN32 executable from Perl?
  239. Newbie dumb but quick question
  240. Manipulation binary files
  241. HTML whitespace/commnets cruncher
  242. character mapping functions and UNICODE : remove accents, case, etc
  243. Help me with is code
  244. Any thought on "Perl Database" based on "Tie:File"?
  245. How do I do this without database?
  246. Finding all used fileno's ?
  247. how would i handle this?
  248. how to keep database connection persistent
  249. Perl security guru needed for a quick, 2 hr, job.
  250. Perl 'system' Creates Program That Dies When First C Program Dies