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  1. Issue with EOL and serial port access
  2. TIOCOUTQ from Linux to Solaris
  3. Process ID exhaustion?
  4. malloc() / calloc() weirdness
  5. Problem closing a socket while thread blocks in read()
  6. Makefile for multi-platform
  7. ncurses Line Input
  8. implementing a firewall from scratch
  9. ncurses problems
  10. connect() ing from within server
  11. Makefile and lib dependencies
  12. [Q] send packet in PROMISCUOUS mode(Solaris)
  13. readdir_r causes coredump?
  14. CD TOC?
  15. Piping a terminal file descriptor
  16. Timeout for connect()
  17. Available memory
  18. question about fork()
  19. free() and memory usage
  20. I need a script
  21. popen()
  22. mmap vs read/write
  23. Hex to bin
  24. how to connect mssql server?
  25. gethostbyaddr returning null for CNAME records
  26. close and O_NONBLOCK on TCP/IP socket in Linux
  27. Help - a question on Unix/Linux script
  28. How to declare functions in so to be accessable to applications
  29. Several questions about uid
  30. Errno.h and EOK constant
  31. About vim
  32. non-blocking with fread or getc?
  33. replacing a binary while operational
  34. Decimal to Hex in g++
  35. possible to use korn shell with linux redhat 7.1?
  36. message queues and pthreads
  37. Reopen a partialy closed cosket?
  38. sigcont
  39. Simple Makefile question
  40. About file system?
  41. rms on the evils of closed source software
  42. How Do I Determine if a Specific Process Exists?
  43. libgc.so
  44. ncurses - convert to esc-sequence
  45. Casting structure pointers
  46. web single signon
  47. Failed to find the shared library when SUID is set?
  48. ld: fatal: file a.out; open failed: Permission denied
  49. EINTR and open ()
  50. sigsuspend
  51. Unix sockets and authentication
  52. recv returns 0; errno = EAGAIN
  53. make errors
  54. NCurses shared libs overburden
  55. is there a site, where I can login via telnet for free and try unix commands, scripts, compiles, etc,etc?
  56. anything similar to C string manipulation functions in shell scripting language
  57. Is it possible to signon to telnet using a script, so I do not have to enter userid and password
  58. Error 1254-055 with Conditional ifndef in AIX 4.3
  59. Shared Memory Programming - dynamic deallocation
  60. how do i find out my I/O?
  61. C++ streams and FILE* interoperability
  62. bit operation
  63. Bit Operation not working
  64. Segmentation fault need help
  65. Little C socket help required
  66. Help with Select
  67. pipe implementation on solaris
  68. recvmsg() Return Value
  69. Question about pipes
  70. make -q
  71. Is there any gcc option to turn off the alignment?
  72. streetgame
  73. Bash: How to expand multiple positional parameters
  74. How do I bring in ENV
  75. _exit and redirection problem
  76. Problems with kill -9
  77. Making a process sleep instead of running constantly
  78. dummy smtp server in C or Perl
  79. Inserting characters into certain position of file
  80. string concatenation
  81. Bits how to program them
  82. tracing through C function calls
  83. problem with fwrite/fread and writing a struct
  84. Function invocation using sockets
  85. Appending a string after a designated test
  86. 1 Port, listening and connecting, how to?
  87. Slightly OT: GUI builder
  88. Next Generation Server Requirements
  89. errno 13
  90. Variable Length Packets
  91. /dev/tty vs. /dev/stdout
  92. First argument to execvp always lost
  93. Can someone explain this please.
  94. The Proxy Server in C
  95. Detect child exit without SIGCHLD?
  96. GCC adding a "?" after exectuable filename...
  97. Purify problem or compiler problem?
  98. n-tier client-server philosophy/design question
  99. Signals
  100. How does nohup work? Can a program override it?
  101. can you make dbx print a stack and then exit by itself ?
  102. Not so frequent EIO on a ioctl
  103. SIGCHLD during gettimeofday
  104. Binary formats
  105. Qn regd exec() system call
  106. Context Switches
  107. Programming for Serial vs. USB
  109. Release announcement for Easibox 0.5.0
  110. Why does this segfault?
  111. Thoughts on Semaphores
  112. Help (OS homework assignment in Unix)
  113. SCCS - Way to report check-out time?
  114. simply question about struct
  115. C program inside script and in shell command line
  116. Wierd UDP server issues.
  117. process size
  118. Help on "Bus Error(coredump)"
  119. High level discussing on creating a child process with ssh and scp
  120. creating shared libraries on Linux
  121. How to check if child is done executing ...
  122. shm_open() vs. open()
  123. Little C Help Please
  124. How to temporarily lower one's priority
  125. RCS version string
  126. printf and make
  127. Displaying latin-1 characters
  128. (1) cscope & gvim; (2) ctags & C++/STL
  129. automatic compression over communication channel ?
  130. Do we have any class converting binary string to integer?
  131. Opening and reading hard disk in Solaris
  132. Problems with crt1.o of SunStudio8
  133. A socket program
  134. interrupting send function
  135. Instant message server programming
  136. How to fix a 'grep' command from LINUX to UNIX?
  137. writing program from a book
  138. learning graphics in C/C++
  139. How to indicate EOF while writing data in socket?
  140. What's different between Library (.a) and Shared object (.o)?
  141. open() command failing on serial port
  142. Symbols in shared object
  143. Timeshare on Unix?
  144. What is a (shared) object?
  145. Interpreting Top output
  146. linux shared memory synchronization objects
  147. Network Programming: Multithreads (POSIX)
  148. Parsing ZIP headers
  149. "Randomzing" filenames during compilation
  150. Guardian: open source is a throwback says Jack Schofield
  151. getopt
  152. portability of integral types in C++ on UNIX
  153. cscope 15.5
  154. Select() and Beejs Network Programming Tutorial
  155. capture output of exec
  156. make (possible FAQ)
  157. Repost, can't compile the very first code from Late Stevens apue.
  158. What is wrong with pthread_kill on Redhat Linux ???
  160. Two and more servers
  161. Make: Variables expansion in recursive make
  162. (non-root) setuid and permissions
  163. file name & file descriptor
  164. Do 'fork' copies the "Code" Memory space?
  165. writing a dup2 function
  166. Problem with malloc and memcpy
  167. statically linking to libgc.so
  168. gcc issue
  169. Problems with a simple script.
  170. strange gcc compile/link issues
  171. Diassociating process from control terminal
  172. Determining if a pointer refers to an accessible region?
  173. exuberant Ctags and local variables
  174. Urgent Help Needed: Sun Linker and loader behavior
  175. Communicate siginfo_t of SIGCHLD to parent
  176. Number sequences, programming, preparing for Programming Competition
  177. dlsym()
  178. I can't see the my message and all the replies
  179. C++ fstream: close on exec?
  180. fork (UDP) server
  181. What happen if a shared memory is removed?
  182. how to tell if a file is inary file or ascii file?
  183. Capturing another program's output into current C program...
  184. get file descriptor corresponding to file pointer
  185. FIFO's on virtual file system (No atomicity of writes)
  186. msgrcv Problem
  187. Book Review - The Art of UNIX Programming
  188. [make] can make do this?
  189. Sockets: How to force recv of unknown data size (all data)
  190. fclose memory fault
  191. regex
  192. fstat
  193. readdir vs. unlink, etc.
  194. ls cmd to ignore "incomplete" files?
  195. Can 'recv' return EPIPE?
  196. "Interrupted system call", read and socket
  197. strlen() +1 in write command?
  198. looking for a specific user who is "logged on"
  199. Solaris threads hanging in _restorefsr
  200. reading/writing to first line of file
  201. Compile in Solaris9 for Solaris8
  202. UDP 4 transefer file
  203. Help: how to change indent character in VI?
  204. comparing and merging two files
  205. Finding Skeleton Daemon Code
  206. Transfering Binary Files
  207. unpipc.h
  208. make: c++: "-c" is not a valid option to the preprocessor
  209. System call to different OS using Runtime Class in Java
  210. Getting real instruction pointer in pthreads?
  211. Issues regarding the Native POSIX Thread library for Linux
  212. Localisation of an application
  213. X traffic dump
  214. I can't compile late Stevens first couple od code from apue
  215. ofstream constructor doesn't take file descriptor as an argument.
  216. small db app - what to use ?
  217. Can `ar' maintain those libraries compiled by gcc?
  218. SIGCHLD, fork() and sleep()
  219. about ELF file format
  220. Text-to-HTML processing program
  221. Finding memory leaks through ps command
  222. Utility to copy to ftp
  223. sadc source
  224. formatting float variables to fprintf function
  225. OT: Old(ish) Dilbert cartoon wanted
  226. where to put .so files ?
  227. fork() race in SIGCHLD handler
  228. delay on select()
  229. characterreading in c
  230. How to compile sources file and save object files into a separate directory
  231. Socket with TELNET
  232. signal hendlers
  233. view the symbol inside the .so or .o file
  234. Howto identify the telnet user
  235. Unseen error
  236. Determine if open(2) created or opened?
  237. Linux to emulate/act as a printer.
  238. How to I force a Data to be send out at once in socket send
  239. Programmatically move the mouse?
  240. signal 9 generates core file
  241. Shared libs versioning issues
  242. uid/gui - username / groupname
  243. the disk space restored when i kill the process
  244. Linux glibc clone(2) vs fork(2)
  245. just how random is this??
  246. fileio in c
  247. Problems with shared memory using P1003.1b
  248. race condition?
  249. volatile or what? ...
  250. DW_FORM_strp pointing outside of .debug_str section