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  1. lost+found recovery
  2. Copying a HD to another in stages
  3. About scanning IPs
  5. Renaming file within zip archives
  6. Netbackup script to show totals of backed up data?
  7. Finding all e-mail addresses in files on server.
  8. System rpt
  9. crontab condition
  10. The Greatest News Ever!
  11. How to write to stdin of another process?
  12. Script to give performance report of Solaris ?
  13. (",) Do You Want To Know For Sure You Are Going To Heaven?
  14. Access a remote directory with a different name
  15. How to backup ReiserFS based RAID using amanda on Fedora FC3?
  16. Tru64 w command reports an idle user which doesn't exist ? Is utmp corrupt ?
  17. Guest account setup using NIS
  18. in vi, / to search
  19. Router Question
  20. Storage Enginer Needed
  21. touched files
  22. Some clients can't see NFS after re-boot
  23. mv swap to other partition
  24. Firewall/NAT question
  25. IPlanet 4.1 jdk 1.3 problem
  26. find and list
  27. SUDO - sudoers syntax
  28. tcp connection fail
  29. How could I backup 200G data on one LTO-1 tape?
  30. how to send mail to multiple recipients
  31. cron job with pid: x Failed
  32. SUDO - can't execute chmod command
  33. SUDO : how to authorize all Unix commands but just for a specific directory
  34. Sco 5.0.5 TCP/IP
  35. exportfs: Can't export /home - public file system already exported
  36. Iinformation about NETBACKUP of VERITAS
  37. netwrok speed 10mps/half dupx and 100mps/full dupx
  38. unix riddlee
  39. NFS problem with showmount -a
  40. SSH/SFTP Connection Forwarding
  41. Share a scanner in a network server with Debian Linux
  42. Ldap question
  43. securely access to application logs
  44. send email from an IP that is aliased
  45. disk space remaining
  46. rsync with ssh and a different cipher?
  47. Version Control for conf/rc/... files
  48. Monitoring a binary
  49. shell scripts and cron
  50. Number of Admin's per Server
  51. getting back into the job market
  52. Are FTP Clients on unix boxes turned off?
  53. Odd NFS directory behavior
  54. restricted commands
  55. Installing Solaris patches in single user mode
  56. Comparing two files
  57. mail alert depending on output
  58. Tons of Free Software on FreewareTown.com
  59. Help: tip hardwire problem between SunFire 6800 and SunBlade100
  60. How long does it take to become a good sysadmin?
  61. Help. Unix Password
  62. How to auto-reboot a SUN, then auto-login, then auto-start a
  63. copying an old Idris floppy image
  64. xml reader?
  65. Usage/Applicability of IP Alias for Single Node machines??
  66. Solaris Task Question
  67. lvextend: Not enough free physical extents available
  68. Help - Resources to create a web hosting company
  69. UNIX Newbie
  70. Enabling SSH on AIX and Solaris
  71. [Q] TEE does NOT put screen messages to log file???
  72. Rate of Critical/Security Patches
  73. Day-to-day administration tasks
  74. file permissions--something is changing it
  75. [Q] need script which can check day and copy files to other location???
  76. Proftpd transfer log file format
  77. BackupExec 9.1...
  78. error after installing switch...
  79. Need script to extract from /etc/security/lastlog -> list of users and their last login time in human readable format
  80. Job Schedulers (preferably Open Source)
  81. HTTP 1.1 Request Headers sniffing router
  82. The history of the name 'Root' (as in superuser)?
  83. Advice sought on old SCO Unix system
  84. May have Holy Grail >> Need unix pro
  85. UNIX Source Code?
  86. configuration for network speed
  87. having trouble booting Ultra 30 over network
  88. quota broken on solaris 2.5.1
  89. Please excuse. Don't bother, just having a problem with comp.*
  90. intermittent cable connection
  91. How to disable login after too many attempts
  92. Find command
  93. Urgent Requirement for Iplanet Admin ( Santa Clara CA)
  94. where is the Apache HTTP server in Red Hat Enterprise Linux?
  95. non-admin help needed
  96. Recover dead HD with Linux
  97. Where is history of the free software ?
  98. script which removed a directory unknowingly
  99. Redhat Enterprise Linux failed dependencies
  100. Patch management
  101. Problem solving, in general, on *ix
  102. build libwrap into openssh
  103. how to enter BIOS setup program?
  104. hardware configurations where?
  105. how to find out gateway
  106. sudo as another user without password prompt
  107. how to remove the spaces from a unix file.
  108. Non-root account break-in cleanup?
  109. UPS on DEC Alpha 2/100 OSF 3.2C
  110. Syslog replay script for centralized syslog data
  111. Strange issue on Redhat 3 WS installation
  112. HELP: tar extract, but "Member name contains '..' "
  113. need help with ln command.
  114. Changing root's password
  115. A perfromance measurement tool for AIX
  116. Solaris Life(CCCL)
  117. What prevent a user process from writing to arbitrary memory locations
  118. What kernel tuning typically needs to be done to optimize or enable a server to handle production level loads?
  119. what is the command & syntax to search a file on Unix ?
  120. SAN Disk Allocation
  121. Searching text files
  122. Changing password of Unix System non interactively and without using expect
  123. Kill script(CCCL)
  124. ibm regatta, hp serviceguard
  125. ps full output
  126. testing imap locally
  127. sp files
  128. inetd not running on solaris 8
  129. msgid missing from syslog messages
  130. split by regex?
  131. Health checks for Solaris
  132. Upload / Download file
  133. Free Random Password Generator
  134. inetd.conf security
  135. Get User Groups
  136. root loggin in to console without network?
  137. Installing Firmware remotely in Single user mode??
  138. tar
  139. restore Unix system
  140. Partitioning Prob
  141. Unix Password Encryption Procedures
  142. Free SMTP Server
  143. On Memory
  144. /usr/local/bin?
  145. I want to log all processes when they start
  146. Cannot rsh from linux to aix
  147. Getting App to use same port
  148. Associating Unix User Accounts with Servers
  149. How to determine available system calls on a Unix/Linux system
  150. Semi-OT question Hacking
  151. SAN issues
  152. Setting Path Error - not sure why this does not work
  153. Long Usernames (over 8 characters)
  154. commands to find types of raid
  155. Inserting a CENT current symbol in a unix file
  156. I hope that this is the right group to ask questions about using Unix/Linux commands and "vi" editor as well
  157. Pls help: best way to assign and maintain root password of 100 machines
  158. Which program is running on a specific port (1830)?
  159. How to clear history of commands in unix
  160. Urgent Requirment : Unix Administrator - SFO, CA - 1+ Year
  161. centralized cron
  162. send mail from unix n rtf format
  163. Authentification on AIX4.3.3 against LDAP
  164. Remove ascii code from a certain position in file
  165. useradd with -p parameter and having to use the passwd right afterwards?
  166. Complicated Routing problem
  167. connectivity problem
  168. Boot Partition Lost in SCSI Drive
  169. Internet Access through PC installed Solaris 8
  170. Glibc 2.3 install problem
  171. Free Network Tools - Random Password Generator - Link Counter - Hit Counter
  172. fallback-reboot, a new last resort in rebooting a system remotely
  173. Can Emulex LP9802 HBA driver (5.01e) supports Clariions FC4700 & Hitachi 9980 ??
  174. Getting Veritas license information
  175. ksh script, exit status and pipe
  176. To find the model of a server through commands.
  177. PAM Tacacs Authentications
  178. standard users in /etc/passwd
  179. connectivity to unix server
  180. Help: Fiber networking
  181. unix tools
  182. SQUID - redirect to local webserver
  183. Use sa1 to sample the system info, Does it efficient
  184. Server Architecture
  185. sed help!
  186. What is the difference between command "PS" and "PS -aux"
  187. What to do to add a secondary user group?
  188. Will anytime /etc/passwd change due to 'pwconv' command?
  189. version control of server scripts
  190. File Descriptors
  191. /var/mail BOGUS files
  192. cannot read tar archive from tape: directory checksum error
  193. xterm function keys
  194. Digital Certificate Expiration Utility
  195. RP3410
  196. shell script help!!
  197. keyboard is too senstive
  198. Midrange to High-end UNIX?
  199. Needed: System Monitor App
  200. rsh problem from linux to solaris machines
  201. RedBack on HPUX
  202. Deploying mass cron job
  203. filesystem or rawdevice
  204. man command get error message
  205. Increase file system size question - exceed max LP error
  206. Newbie question on mkvg command
  207. Any way to monitor individual users traffic?
  208. unix clear-up question
  209. HP monitoring
  210. nohup stdout
  211. retrieving process- and user-informations from w2k?
  212. how to detect and block repetitive attacks
  213. admin newbie seeking script assistance
  214. php file unlink() permissions
  215. Lost volume group on aix 4.3.3
  216. Using EMC PowerPath for LUNs in Hitachi 9585 storage array ?? +
  217. Ausgehende Mails kopieren
  218. clear mcse,ccna any other it exams with 100% passing gaurantee
  219. Installing 160GB seagate hard disk, Solaris 8
  220. Cron job doesn't work
  221. Whats the best way to calculate RAID levels?
  222. Determination of OS/platform of a remote box
  223. I want to buy used machine.
  224. filesystem permissions change by themselves...
  225. set up correct ip address for mail server
  226. problems upgrading from IRIX 6.5.19m
  227. question for a column of ps reporting
  228. A script stops halfway before the supposed natural end without any error/warning message
  229. a script stop without any error message
  230. How to "ufsdump" more than one Solaris 8 fils systems to tape
  231. video driver for HP compaq d530 for solaris
  232. Configuring and tuning system to minimize i/o contention issues
  233. remeady of 3D studio Max in Linux
  234. Looking for disk usage trends over time tool...any suggestions?
  235. install 2 versions of gcc on RH with rpm
  236. REPOST + Begging: Multiple Apps on UNIX?
  237. tar archive problem
  238. Linux X console
  239. DG-UX Question - Login Banner
  240. lvextend to increase /opt size
  241. Solaris (8) username length issues.
  242. Anyone here have any experience with Veritas Netbackup's Bare Metal Restore
  243. Only execute bit - no copy
  244. lstat I/O error
  245. does someone how to do the HW configuration persistent in SuSE 9.1?
  246. Converting from NIS to LDAP under Solaris9
  247. rpc.ttdbserverd[6127]: NetISAM: read failed
  248. excel viewer like antiexcel
  249. backing up partition tables
  250. USB-UNIX