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  1. NFS/SMB storage solution
  2. UConn - Online Teaching Opportunity
  3. I got access denied on a unix server
  5. datacenter monitoring tools
  6. Unix SAN Storage
  7. netbackup
  8. Unix with most jobs
  9. hang-up..Extracting..Extracting
  10. Best Practices on setting clock?
  11. VTOC
  12. Specialize in Solaris or HP-UX?
  13. DTrace in AIX UNIX doesn't work.
  14. "Transparent" privilege delegation?
  15. New Internet Forum for Unix Support
  16. nfs question
  17. root user specific commands
  18. mbox mail archiving utilities
  19. X windows from Sun
  20. No VTOC
  21. for tutorial purposes.....network
  22. stdin ot stdout
  23. Help: Program to read from EOR end of last read?
  24. bizarre goins on - libgcrypt & libgpg-error
  25. probabilistic cron implementation
  26. Bad sectors detectors ?
  27. guideline for devices names
  28. Manual layout of Sol10
  29. Port 80 ownership change to non-ROOT
  30. NFS and RPC confussion
  31. ls behavior ???
  32. not entry for man pages ?
  33. Best Layout
  34. solaris dtlogin banner
  35. a tty issue
  36. lwps; how many are too many?
  37. (Semi-OT) CS refresher for a Unix sysadmin
  38. WHat is more secure by default?
  39. kernel options
  40. text login to X
  41. Solaris 10 on PIII .9 MH
  42. fink selfupdate problem
  43. installer and creating new partition
  44. unisone thru fink
  45. mksysb failure
  46. dump, tar or cpio?
  47. Is Windows with Cygwin Unix?
  48. i couldn;t found NIC
  49. Exclude one file from copy folder
  50. FreeBSD vs. Solaris 10?
  51. passing variables from on script to another
  52. Re-Direct To Null In A CronTab?
  53. sftp script for application promotion
  54. How is the root password stolen?
  55. open a huge file
  56. Rookie needs some help
  57. Senior Consultant/ Unix Systems Administrator
  58. What is controlling my number SSH failed login attempts ?
  59. Health Question
  60. When to use a null model cable or adapter?
  61. rsync help
  62. how to show symbolic links in window environment?
  63. please help me understand..
  64. To find Halfduplex or Fullduplex.
  65. one question
  66. Urgent opening on UnixShellscripting
  67. Program-wrapper to avoid multiple running instances
  68. using find command
  69. pulling a 100 Mb/s disables the Gig interface?
  70. user to a single group
  71. visudo and NIS. Trying to add a group with a space in the name.
  72. Directory size of 96
  73. Job Opening in US for Valid H-1B Visa Holders With Any Skillset 4+yrs
  74. sh: line 1: /bin/cp: Argument list too long
  75. [Q] Can RedHat Intel32 compiled app run directly on RedHat AMD64 ?
  76. Need assistance getting internet access with Solaris 9
  77. Interleave factor performance impact
  78. rename all file extensions
  79. awk to find next column in sequence
  80. Redirecting the output of an inner process in a shell script
  81. Delete email - crons job
  82. HELP: pppd won't answer/authenticate my dial-in
  83. nagios
  84. Tool to compress a bunch of install files on Linux
  85. what command to show number of folders
  86. linux admin books & resources?
  87. adding up field columns in a file
  88. rookie question: test -n not the opposite of test -z?
  89. Remote Execution Through FTP
  90. Check older files, their size and compress using either gzip or compress
  91. UTC Time setting?
  92. 'kill' does not reclaim the process' resources, causes memory leak
  93. May be away for a while...
  94. Getting free and used space for a filesystem in a generic Unix flavor
  95. Weird Script behavior
  96. Problems deleting a large directory
  97. crontab related
  98. Shop-Host.com - Compare Web Hosting Companies & Save. comp.unix.admin
  99. Command line to print a page in Unix
  100. ABout Netapps Filers....
  101. IDLED Replacement?
  102. Position in Database Design/Administration and Image Processing
  103. Suggestions for networking book
  104. What provides default router via DHCP?
  105. Disable IBM AIX firewall
  106. rescue damaged tar file
  107. mapping an httpd PID with a domain name
  108. Question about the date calculation
  109. Partition map is wrong...
  110. Veritas Software License Information
  111. $PATH for regular user
  112. How to set up to allow local root login in Linux ?
  113. Need some comments on a Unix script to remove file and compress
  114. separate /bin and /usr/bin - is this just legacy?
  115. Beginner's annoying questions...
  116. Task-tracking software for admins?
  117. sshd and sftp
  118. Looking for HP-UX support engineer in TEXAS
  119. [Q] batch FTP program under CSH error ??
  120. script to get downtime
  121. SUN N1 equivalent
  122. Need some help with string manipulation
  123. CacheFS Linux||UNIX Web server performance gains
  124. Unix Need Help with auto incrementing a field between delimiter. Awk?
  125. unable to send mail from UNIX
  126. How to disable ports?
  127. su and crontab
  128. number of occurences of a string in a line
  129. Help with server load/performance
  130. Enforcing password policy on Solaris 8/9
  131. solaris9 disc cleanup
  132. Full process name not appearing at console
  133. hpux 11 here doent problem
  134. <defunct> state in `ps ajx` compared to `ps axjww`
  135. netapps server is not responding
  136. Execution of script on different server
  137. HP Jet Direct Stuck Jobs Kill Printer.
  138. cron
  139. How to realize such function?
  140. restricting access to subdirectory globally accessible
  141. rsh remote to execute an applicaion
  142. x unix: NFS server x not responding still trying
  143. How to untar .tar.gz when you don't have "-z" option?
  144. Calculate percentages
  145. HPUX password change problem
  146. mounting vfat and umask woes
  147. Newbie question
  148. Help resolve an argument!
  149. netcat, tar don't work under cron/at
  150. How to break a mirror?
  151. centralizing crontab for easier management
  152. Career Advise
  153. how to enable tftp service on Linux (RHEL3)
  154. New to Unix
  155. correct term setting?
  156. How automatically to number all the files of a repertory
  157. file name and hostname in UNICODE
  158. while loop reading 2 files
  159. Cloning non-Irix disk drive on Irix
  160. How to let the tcpdump automatically stop listening?
  161. FTP connected ... but ...
  162. Crontab Linux FC 1
  163. Anti-virus on Solaris 8 Unix - Your Opinion ?
  164. How to check whether system is OS hardened?
  165. java on unix help
  166. More Unix questions
  167. Quick Mail Log Question
  168. bulk deleting users solaris 7 NIS
  170. port 587 for SMTP
  172. perl code problem (open file)
  173. How do you really pronounce WHOIS??
  174. Help: Stripping machine name from sendmail
  175. moving files
  176. Change color of key words in MAN pages
  177. Time Icon appear in the right bottom corner of desktop
  178. interfilesystem copies: large du diffs
  179. remove empty directories
  180. Software configuration management tool required
  181. UniX Sys Admin /Unix CAD Support specialist contract-Texas
  182. tcpdump & TCP
  183. new installation solaris 9
  184. mac os x ftp not sftp??
  185. WGET Problem
  186. Cron task
  187. p690 issues
  188. rotating logs and open handle (webstats)
  189. NoClassDefFoundError - Java Studio 10 Installer
  190. How to dupe a file system?
  191. nfsstat -m for checking timeo
  192. How to determine the partition for a file
  193. 1 week encryption/security course?
  194. counting number of sheets printed from a printer
  195. rlim_fd_max and 99% IO Wait - Solaris 8 Sun server
  196. CVS remote checkout
  197. Patching Systems Easier
  198. Execute a shell script from within a C-Program
  199. CVS source control tool
  200. Solaris 10 NFS problem ?
  201. Move files based on age
  202. How to limit a amanda backup level?
  203. chmod does not copy write permissions to others
  204. disallowing root to run a script
  205. Solaris server monitoring script / tool - Beginner Question
  206. Most popular Unix in production?
  207. Managing Sun Patches - Strategy & Tools
  208. Diagnosing network slowness: server or network?
  209. How do I set a cgi script in debug mode
  210. tftp server zero-ed files sizes ?
  211. SSH - Direct login without password - Beginner Question
  212. Old sun box up for grabs
  213. Headhunter calls/mails...
  214. HELP! I need to set up a fully redundant web server architecture
  215. Trees Synchronizing
  216. System, User, Application usage reporting tool
  217. VNC and multiple web hosts on 1 machine
  218. sudo and ssh pass phrase
  219. top utility doentation
  220. Need help printer setup on Redhat Linux
  221. Blocking IP services using Solaris, Sun cluster commands
  222. Line printer configuration on Fedora linux
  223. use cpio arcivhe files as jumpstart image
  224. 1K Ramdisk on Linux
  225. Unexplained lag from clients after netmask change - advice solicited
  226. Autocreate Directory with a new name
  227. UNIX command for interface uptime
  228. Putting DNS names in NIS tables.
  229. Running Dml Script in Crontab
  230. SysAdmin magazine CD of last N years of articles...
  231. Info request - Penetration Testing tools list
  232. Partition permission and owner changed after init 6
  233. How to set the path for user root
  234. Low life admins
  235. SAN performance
  236. Move all user setting
  237. Question concerning routing
  238. bootp question
  239. ioscan -fnCtape
  240. Setting my terminal to binary mode
  241. Querying run level
  242. Denial of webserving attack prevention!
  243. Mount a particular *place* on a HD at a particular point...?
  244. Question
  245. multi-second hang in getdents (Linux 2.4, x86, ext3fs)
  246. ** Sort Question **
  247. ASCII to PDF converter
  248. Hardware fish encryption?
  249. setting display for oracle runinstaller
  250. Using find / -name