I am trying my hand at CSS layouts (no tables), and I've run into a problem.
The page that I have been working on can be found at:

On this page, I have a container DIV which is centered horizontally on the
screen. Within this container DIV are two more DIVs: a side bar and a
content area. The side bar has the "float: left" property set while the main
content area is positioned using the "margin-left" CSS rule.

When this page is viewed with a standards-compliant browser (e.g., Mozilla
1.4) the sidebar flows over the bottom of the container area (as it should).
Internet Explorer 6 resizes the container to include the sidebar, which is
incorrect (according to the W3C CSS spec).

What I would like is the "wrong" method. I want the sidebar, in both IE and
Mozilla/Netscape, to be contained within the container DIV. How can I resize
this container with the floating object? If this question makes no sense,
take a look at the page I specified above in both IE 6 and Mozilla/Netscape,
and you will see what I am talking about. Of the two, I want the IE

Jonah B.