"Eef Hartman" <E.J.M.Hartmanmath.tudelft.nl> wrote:
> In alt.os.linux.slackware Asa Rossoff <asalovetour.info> wrote:
> > * "Extension GLX Missing" error starting some app (in Gnome I think)
> Look at _this_ section in your XF86Config file:
> Section "Module"
> (several lines skipped)
> # This loads the GLX module
> Load "glx"
Thanks. I think I'm taking a vacation from working on my Linux setup until
I get the external modem I ordered in the mail.

I tried your suggestion. Actually, I had to use a 3.3.6 X server with my
video chipset, and the XF86Config generated by 3.3.6's XF86Setup din't even
have a module section. I added the module section from the default 4.3.0
XF86Config, and with a minor change (remove the subsection), 3.3.6 didn't
report any errors reading it. However, still no GL support.

I appreciate your suggestion.