Hello Everyone,

I am fairly new to Linux and I have run into a bit of a problem. I
successfully configured openldap and slapd on a redhat 7.2 box. I was
able to add/delete/change/search the ldap database just fine.
Yesterday when I was attempting to add another user using the same
ldapadd command I used successfully in the past, it never completed
the operation. I had to ctrl-z in order to get back to a prompt.

When this happened, the slapd proccess died. Since then I have been
unable to get slapd to run successfully. The slapd service starts but
I am unable to search the ldap database. The error I get is "can't
connect to ldap server (81)". When I run "top" the slapd proccess is
using 98%-99% of the CPU.

I can kill (9) the slapd proccess but restarting it doesn't help. The
status of the slapd process is "running". I noticed some zombies when
I was trying to get it to work, but they have since disappeared.

I hope I provided enough information.