The conversion process needed to make our tree acceptable to recent
versions of slapd not being something I am going to embark upon on a
Friday evening, downgrading to version 2.0.27-4 seems the most
reasonable course of action. After having wiped the partly upgraded
setup and installed the various 2.0.27-4 packets I loaded my backup
LDIF, relaunched postfix and everything is now fine. On Monday, I will
take a look at what the conversion process and try to understand why the
fix_ldif script barfs on it.

Well, that was the short story. Here is the real story for the benefit
of other clueless users like me who want to know what actually happened.
The truth is that I'm a telecommunications marketing consultant with a
very superficial understanding of proper systems administration and a
clueless LDAP newbie to boot, and I ended up taking care of the damage
control today because all the really competent people are either staffed
200% or on vacation, so I had to learn LDAP administration basics in the
process and get to know the tools along the way with a fair bit of trial
and error. And I started with downgrading just slapd to 2.0.27-4 and
found myself wondering why slapd kept on dying and the tools would not
talk to it, only to finally understand after a bit of hair pulling that
the system was not going to work unless everything was 2.0.27-4. But I
succeeded, had fun along the way and now find myself with a nice varnish
of LDAP skills. So let that be an encouragement to the other clueless
newbies around : don't let that stuff intimidate you too much, you only
need to know how to read, and some degree of patience...

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