'On DVD' is an application that I got free with a (useless) Dazzle
([url]www.dazzle.com[/url]) ogue video to USB connector (DVC80). It allows you to
make a slide show of up to 200 pics, add music etc, AND it stores the hi res
photos on the CD. It is downloadable on its own:

Eddie B.

"Andy-J" <andy-j1959mchsi.com> wrote in message
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> I want to be able to put a bunch of digital photos on a CD and give
> them to someone and have them be able to pop it in their computer and
> have a slide show run for them. Windows XP does this if you ask it
> to, but not everyone knows how or has XP. Is there some program that
> you can put on a CD with the JPEGs that will just run a slide show
> PLUS allow them to take the CD to a photo finisher for printing? I
> am sure there are programs you can buy, but certainly there is
> something simple and free that will just run a slide show, right?