I neglected to mention a fairly important detail - I am willing to pay for
the following:

I need a slideshow widget I can insert in html pages. The attributes of the
slideshow must include:

1. external storage of images and mp3 files (one mp3 for each image)
2. path to storage location of images, mp3 files, and xml or text file
defined in the html file that calls the swf (so I can insert multiple
slideshows in a project)
3. all text files will be displayed as "greyed out" in a numerical list
4. the text up to to the current slide will be shown in black on top of the
"greyed out" text
5. users will be able to click on a text descriptor for a slide to go to
that slide
6. a Play/Stop button will start/stop the slideshow
7. the slideshow will automatically advance at the completion of an mp3 file

I can provide a sample in Authorware to show the functionality I require.

If you are interested in providing the widget, or know where I can locate
one, please contact me at after removing the obvious:

john.elias REMOVETHIS shaw.ca