This post was previously added as a supportive comment to somebody's thread with the same problem. But since he has a different OS (albeit the problem is exactly the same) it was thought I should start a whole new thread of my own about it, so here goes, once again:

He said:
"Just recently while working on a site DW has slowed to a crawl when performing simple things like bolding, cutting and pasting..etc. I've had the CPU Monitor Utility open while doing these things and it shows that DW is taking a lot of processor power to execute these simple manuevers. I've tried other programs like Photoshop and InDesign and these are running as fast as normal. Has this happened to anyone and if so how did you fix it?"

Well, it HAS happened to a lot of us it seems, if reading this forum is anything to go by. And NO, there isn't any fix for it. (Could try going back to version 4 which didn't have this problem, I suppose.)

I did my own experiment today and here's what i found:

I watched the CPU and memory usage while I worked in Dreamweaver, doing simple tasks. I never work on anything fancy, and don't use extensions. I was working in plain HTML.

I had only two web pages open in DW, and no other programs running on my system at the time. (As I explained before, I don't allow TSRs to run unless they are vital, and I have turned off realtime virus monitoring too. And yesterday I defragmented all my drives.)

I noticed that almost anything I did used 80-100 percent CPU, and in addition the memory began to be eaten up at an alarming rate. The graph was spiking all over the place, as I did cut and paste, changing into bold text or almost anything else that should be routine for any program.

I then closed DW and tried the same operations in MS Word, without these problems.

I do have a lot of physical RAM and no swap file (although I did have a swap file until yesterday so THAT by itself makes no difference.) But at the rate the memory is being used up, even my system could run out of memory quite fast. Most of the memory was returned to the system when I exited the program, but not all. This by itself could account for the stories of people having to close the program to get rid of some of the slow-down problems.

Just one tailender - and this may be sheer coincidence or related to the problem. I will leave it to better minds than mine to say. While cutting and pasting I suddenly had an error message that read:

"While executing DWMenu_Edit_Paste command in menus.xml, the following javascript error(s) occurred: At line 33 of file {path to my Dw program}\Configuration\Commands CanPasteRepeatEntry.htm exception throw in native function"

I have no idea what this means, but it intrigues me that cutting and pasting requires DW to use javascript or refer to an XML doent. What is this menus.xml that Dreamweaver is using? I thought Windows simply used the clipboard? DUH.

Please can anyone explain what is going on?