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>On 23 Jun 2003 14:56:16 -0700, [email]Michael.Jeschakgmx.de[/email]
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>>but on client side there are 5 machines having all the same problem.
>>The PC's are not really work around the clock. Sometimes 1/2 hour
>>nothing happens and than a bill is written, sometimes the screen
>>freeze - and sometimes not. I've worked on 2 of 5 maschines with IE/NS
>>on internet - nothing happens ... I copied files between the (local)
>>PC's nothing happens.
Actually, this is sounding familiar. Today, I repaired a network with
similar problems. Ping would work just fine to anywhere. However,
file transfers were slow, y, erratic, and would time out. Web
pages would start to appear, stall, and then finish perhaps 1-5
minutes later.

By bypassing various parts of the network (with a 500ft roll of CAT5),
I eventually isolated it to one segment. I found a wiring error in
the EIA-568B CAT5 cable. The pins 3 and 6 (GRN/WHT, WHT/GRN) were
reversed. The cable was between two Linksys switches on different
floors. The lights on the switch ports looked normal. So did my
laptop when I used it to replace one switch. Rewiring the connector
fixed the problem.

You might wanna inspect the wiring.

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