We upgraded our NT 4 domain to an AD mixed until we get
rid of the NT 4 BDC;s after completing this upgrade users
began complaining about how long it takes to login to our
terminal server. The area where it hangs is where is
says "Applying your personal settings".

I know what you are thinking this is a DNS issue. Well
that is what I thought. However If I place a use in the
domain admin grooup the login process flys by with no
delay. This is why I did not see a problem because I am
in the domain adin group.

As soon as I thak the users out of the domain admin group
it goes back to a snails pace. I can browse the network
with speed. I also created the user as a local user and
there is no problem logining in there either. Something
is awry with the domain login process for non domain

The server is has
quad xeon 2.8's
Fiber Gigabit NIC

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Greg Glenn