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> I finally found it! After months of searching, I found the flash that can
> accompany my Minolta Dimage Xi (in my pant pocket). It handles cameras
> or without preflashes. The only problem is that it's available in Asia
> [url]http://www.morrisccc.co.jp/Contents/midislaveDi.htm[/url]
> [url]http://www.photosara.co.kr/mall/detail_prod.asp?prod_id=1364[/url]
> Can someone translate the Korean page and tell me how much that is in US
> dollars?
> Thanks,
> Hoa
Live mid-market rates as of 2003.07.11 13:52:39 GMT.
110,000.00 KRW South Korea Won = 93.9280 USD United States Dollars
1 KRW = 0.000853891 USD 1 USD = 1,171.11 KRW

Also if you use a Vista or MasterCard to buy from a foreign country, Vista
or MasterCard will charge you 1% plus your bank will charge you 2% for total
of 3% for the currency exchange.

Rates change hourly. The rate in effect at the time of your purchase may not
be the rate that is posted to your account. (voice of experience).

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