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    Snapping distance is 2 pts, but the direct select arrow changes from filled to hollow so you don't have to zoom in. The snapping distance is to the arrow, not the path. I prefer Smart Guides (Ctrl + U), and the snapping distance is adjustable in Preferences (Ctrl + K> Smart Guides and Slices). steve

    Addition- You can also use the Select Tool, but you can't select and then pick the anchor you are going to move, you have to select the anchor first. Guest

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    You cannot adjust the Snap distance for regular guides, but you can for Smart Guides. It is under Preferences>Smart Guides and Slices. (Smart Guides are guides that automatically pop up parallel to objects that you get near.)

    Probably, however, what you are encountering is not related to your zoom level or snap distance at all.

    In some programs when you drag an object, what gets snapped to the guides or grids are the edges of the bounding box of the object being dragged. If that behavior is what you are expecting, and in Illustrator you mouse down at some random place on the object you are moving and start dragging, then it will seem like snapping is not working.

    What Illustrator does is snap the mouse position to the guide, grid, Smart Guide or anchor point of another objects. So to move the left edge of an object to a guide, you must mouse down on the left edge, to move the top right corner of an object to a guide, you must mouse down on the top left corner, etc. (For this reason it is best to either work with the Direct Select tool or else have Bounding Box turned off, since otherwise mousing down on an edge or corner will scale the object. I hate the Bounding Box and always keep it turned off, but many users seem to like it.) You don't need to mouse down exactly on the anchor point or edge. As long as Snap to Point is turned on, which it nearly always is, you only need to get within the snapping distance of the point or edge you want to move the object by.

    Illustrator's way is more flexible and precise, since it lets you do things like take a star, and mouse down on the lower left anchor point, and drag it so that it snaps to some desired location. You couldn't do that with bounding-box based snapping, since that anchor point is not on any edge of the object. Also, if your object sizes are not a multiple of the guide or grid spacing, a bounding-box based snapping can seem y as the various edges compete for nearness to a guide.

    But if you are not used to paying attention to where you mouse down on the object you're moving, the way Illustrator works can be very hard to guess what's going on.
    Teri Guest

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    Cheers Teri,

    I think that is where I'm going wrong...

    I've had a go with object (boxes, stars etc.) and have got them to snap nicely, but I'm still having trouble with text.

    Using the Direct Selection tool, if I mousedown on corner of an object, then the cursor adds a small white square next to the arrow to show that I have picked the corner node point (or if smartguides are on, "anchor" pops up) and then i can snap this to my guide.

    With text, i don't get this behaviour, the cursor stays the same and so I don't know when i pick up the node on the end of the baseline. Unless I'm zoomed in close i just miss it.

    Colin W Guest

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    Teri may come up with a nifty trick, but what I do is use Windows- Start> Programs> Accessories> Accessability> Magnifier. It takes some fiddling to set up initially, but mine starts up as a 2 or 3X mag very small window nested in with my palettes. This gives a magnified view at a glance to work with anchor points, control handles, and so on. steve Guest

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