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> I have a 400mhz Powerbook, Firewire and am running 10.2.6 with a White
> Airport running on DSL. I'm up to date on most things but have had to ftp
> download my updates because Software Update just seems to hang after
> partially downloading. This system worked fine for most of the time I've
> been using it, but just within the past 2 months this has become a problem.
> I understand the "work arounds" but I wonder what could be causing Software
> Update to malfunction? Could I have installed something out of order?
> Any ideas as to what I could check. Some friends in the local user group
> have had similar problems lately but had no solution.
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You've not told us how much RAM you have. Trying to run the 10.2.6 upgrade
with 128 MB will definitely caust it to hang...and twist in the wind.


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