Is there anyone out there who is pretty snazzy with making kernel
modules/drivers? I use one called VICAM for a 3com webcam and it works
pretty well, but it cannot suport multiple cameras.

The best version i have found to date is here


The newer kernels dont seem to have this update even though they say it does
(trust me the new AGC support isnt in the kernel). There is a couple *small*
changes that needs but no biggies. I know the people have put in a lot of
work to try to get this cam working, and it is pretty well now and im trying
to carry it on some and hopefully find someone whos good at this stuff and
help make it better for others!! There seems to be some kernel panic when a
second cam is plugged in, and if i do get it installed, only video0 will
open with either call to video0 or video1, and when either one is open, the
other is then busy. I hope it can be a simple fix!

Thanks to those who have gotten the vicam driver this far and thanks to
those who can help to improve it!!